Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday again?

sure came around fast this week! Well it being Saturday it's a Hollie Day, we're going to Ellsworth, at least that was the plan last night.

Nothing remarkable about yesterday, if you don't count rain, went to a meeting, WalMart and home again. We got an inch and a half of rain, and because it was raining did not go to see the second barge leave Brewer bound for Texas with 4 more modules (huge ones).

The Red Sox won last night, it was over at 11:15pm when I was waking up, they're still in first place too.

There were three moose going through Lewiston Friday night, they finally were able to find their way out, they did a stopover at Dunkin' Donuts. Here they are:

Easy Does It........feed the critters.

Friday, June 12, 2009


...years ago! That was the last time the Sox beat the Yankees 8 times in 8 tries; is this great or what? My father was 6 months old then, to put it in perspective.

Rain today, it's not here yet, it will start around 4AM, it's only 12:45AM now. I am not a great fan or rain, but we wouldn't be much without it, except maybe hungry. Well I'll go to a meeting, it won't rain enough to stop that.

Live and Let Live, feed the critters, please.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Again and again

the Yankees just can't seem to beat the Red Sox, it that great or what?

Nice meeting yesterday, it's good to meet people who share at least one interest, some more than one. Today I'll go back again.

Not a whole lot going on other than that, I really miss the walking and it was helpful to me in a number of ways, sleep was one of them.

Easy Does It, and feed the critters.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Yankees lose!, the Yaaaaaaaaankkkkkkkkkkes lose!

again! Good night for Sox fans everywhere, as long as the Sox are Red. It really makes me feel good! I seem to be back to my 'normal' 11PM waking, at least I'm consistant.

The car needs new computer parts, they are on order, and it's all under warranty, so we don't have to pay. The brake light was a crimped wire and it's been fixed (for now anyway).

Off to a meeting this morning (that's like 6 hours from now), strike morning make it afternoon in Larry-time.

Have you clicked on the "big purple button" today?

Easy Does It.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well I'll be off this morning to Newport, the car needs attention, I think it's pollution control stuff, any way the "check engine" light and the "gas cap" light are on at the same time. I think the computer for the warning lights is faulty. Saturday morning on the way back from Augusta the "brake" light came on 4 times between mile 150 and mile 174 while I was going 68mph with cruise control on.

I did start another (borrow a word from Hollie)project yesterday, actually two of them, geraniums and the other, lets just call it "mothers day" for now.

Easy Does It, feed the critters please
and push the big purple button, it's easy, really!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Whole lotta ones.

That's right, I was up at 11:11PM, right back to where I started. Did not do much, I did watch the Sox game, must have wanted to be punished!

I did finish "bluebird", I like it, how about you?

I don't know what will be next, thinking about it this morning, we'll see.

Live and Let Live, feed the critters.(please)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


One! Wow! Even though it's hard to imagine, I slept until one, it was quite a surprise. I didn't do much yesterday, just the meeting, and don't have much planned for today. The Sox are on at one, so the afternoon is spoken for.

Let's get back to the Red Sox, in particular one player, David Ortiz. They have played 56 games, or about one-third of the season (that's 54 games, they have played 56). Ortizs' salary for this year is $12,500,ooo. and that's a bundle, he has had 187 at bats thru June 6th, and his batting average is .187 (notice the match!), so 1/3 of 12.5 mil is 41.166 mil or $21,182 per at bat. He's had 2 home runs, and has been out by fly ball or strike out 82 percent of the time! Time to let him go, don't think they could trade him at this point. Grrrrrrrr.

I would like to do some more work on my "bluebird" painting too, but maybe not until tomorrow.

Easy Does It. feed the critters.