Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feeling.... believing, or something like that,
my overnight experience, and this is a fact,
woke up at nine, after four hours in bed,
had to use the bathroom, and this is where it led.

I didn't need my glasses, knew where I was going,
walked into the wall, my sleepiness was showning,
the wall that I walked into was in the opposite direction,
maybe in the dark, I was confused by my reflection?

When I turned around I walked into the door,
by that time I was ready to urinate on the floor,
but, as luck would have it, I finally made it in,
good thing I went to bed, and back to sleep again.

That was not a typical night of that I'm pretty sure,
usually I don't get lost, I just lay there and snore,
must have been real tired - or my mind just gave out,
but that's a definition of 'hitting the wall' that you may not hear about.

Now the coffee says it's ready, sputter little spout,
think I'll go and get some, see how it came out.
Ohh! That's good, pure liquid black gold,
good in any weather, even hot or cold.

Think I'll go and push some buttons, the one's you know about,
feed the hungry puppies, give kids a reason to shout,
help pay for mamograms, or teach someone to read,
all in a few seconds; please, won't you take the lead. (

When you have a job to do, don't start at the end,
always start at the begining, instructions don't bend;
step by step you go through, until the job is done,
so First Things First, will show you why it's lesson number one!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Is it....

me or is it me, but I was just thinking,
sitting here staring, eyes not blinking;
where is my coffee, or where is it not,
after all I just made a fresh pot.

Ahhh! Here it is and it's hot,
freshly brewed, right from the pot;
it's a good thing people work in Brazil,
if they don't farm coffee, few places will.

I don't go to Starbucks, there's one around here,
why pay six bucks for coffee to drink it there?
If others can sell it for a less steeper price,
don't you think they could change, just to be nice?

On the home front, the desk is all done,
right here in the house, out of the hot sun,
the TV stand too, sits here all through.
Thanks Jeff for helping, couldn't do it without you.

Before I ramble a little too long,
how 'bout those buttons, you know the song,
purple, green, blue, yellow, red and blue,
sing along please, they need me and you.

Live and Let Live - best slogan there is,
what others do ain't none of your biz;
let them live their life, you live yours,
be thankful you're able to finish your chores.

The coffee is really good.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Habit forming....

...that's what it is, this sleeping in stuff,
ten o'clock was too early, I hadn't had enough,
when I got up at twelve-thirty AM, wow!
But I'm not going to hurry, or, right now.

Maybe I was tired after yesterdays 'work',
Jeff and I put the desk together, my new perk,
almost finished when we hit a snag,
one of the drawers just wants to sag.

We'll be back at it, later today,
fix the dad-blasted drawer 'til it's okay,
then one more thing is on our short list,
a TV stand is waiting, if you get my gist.

Hopefully, then, everything will be done,
floor, desk, stand, curtain rods in fell-swoop one;
but, I'm sure there'll be something else come along,
after all, real life is not like the song.

But before I head out for my walk today,
I'll take time to push buttons, what do you say?
Will you start with the yellow or the green?
Or, maybe, just start somewhere in between.

You may have a new neighbor, or meet someone new,
maybe they're different, in some way, than you;
you can still make friends, or shake someones hand,
Live and Let Live - that's the song in this band.

Enjoy!!! (Time to make coffee, and look at the posted time)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sleeping in.......

....may not be great, but it shortens the wait,
so I'm not chomping at the bit to get out of the gate,
it's only four hours before walking, if I get up at midnight,
so there's no real long stretch of time, but rushing's not delight.

The Red Sox and the Celtics lose,
actually the Celtics were set on snooze,
if they can't beat the Knick(s),
playoffs will be over quick.

My back feels better every day,
when it goes bad, it goes all the way,
walking seems to help alot,
so I'll give it all I've got.

Before I go, Please let me say,
that I'll push buttons. I'll do it today.
Won't you take time to join me please,
it's fast, it's fun and it's done with ease.

First Things First, that's what I say,
wether you're talking work or play,
follow directions from step one,
you'll be pleased, when you are done.

Coffee! Soon!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I just...

...finished watching the basketball game,
one team had to lose, that's a pure shame;
both teams played as well as they could,
but one had to lose, I knew they would.

I cheered for the team, an underdog,
they lost by one point, that's in the log,
those Butler players can hold their heads high,
they played their heart out, and I sigh.

On the home front, there's news to report,
the floors almost finished, it won't come up short;
it really looks nice, I'll be glad when it's done,
we'll put the room back together, so it's all one.

Walking today, looks like it'll be nice,
and I'm happy we're done with the snow and ice,
the Spring feels great when I'm out and about,
if it wasn't so early, I'd go out and shout.

But before I get carried away,
let me send your way,
just push all those buttons, or whichever you choose,
you can help lots of people stop singing the blues.

And if you go out, and meet someone new,
and maybe they're not just like you;
don't be scared, give their hand a shake,
Live and Let Live - that's not a mistake.


Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Monday... promised, so that makes me glad,
meeting time and coffee, miss it and be sad.
The floor is getting started, we can hardly wait,
because when it's finished, it's going to be great.

Add in the Celtics win, barely by a thread,
and then the Red Sox on the Yankees tread,
what more could I have asked for, I wonder out loud,
there really isn't much standing in the crowd.

So, there, now I'm happy, well almost anyway,
but the weathers perfect, well okay, okay;
no need to be a grouch when nice things come around,
be very grateful you're still above the ground.

I think I'll push some buttons and some little good,
push them all just the way your mama says you should,
it doesn't matter in which order just do a few,
but really do them all, you can start with blue.

Coffees good!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's my...

....Easter present, huh dad? She said with her smile,
while trying to walk me down the last mile,
c'mon, just one more, what do you have to lose;
so, the last of the refund was hers to choose.

It all started at seven o'clock sharp,
early for some, who were still in the dark;
not for Hollie, she was ready to roll,
"holiday" is the reason, she's not out for a stroll.

She had a list, fully made out,
there was no guess work, my wallet had clout;
just six projects and two CD's,
then she found something, I said "OH, jeez!".

Inside the package with a CD,
there was a poster, "dad, it's free",
so that meant there were seven projects alone,
she was paring my bankroll right down to the bone!

And, by the way dad, so how have you been?
Haven't spent money like this - since I don't know when,
now there's a book, it's Presidents, dad,
right over a Borders, it must be had!

It's on the sale rack, the price is real good,
so I said "okay", like a good dad would.
but then all of a sudden she had a big flash,
"I found one more, dad", empty your cash.

So, after we had breakfast for lunch,
she did the last one, at least I had a hunch,
headed for home, well, we had to buy gas,
she left with her mother, free at last, free at last.

Now don't mis-understand me, we had a good time,
it's always that way, her ideas, and the money is mine,
but it's spent with caution, just don't seem that way,
easy come, easy go - isn't that what 'they' say?

Enjoy spring!