Saturday, June 2, 2012

Take a look

Well, you can see how I tried to fix the wheel, it still doesn't look right to me, but there is some improvement.  I deepened the truck bed, re-shaped the running board and made that longer.
Why don't I just tell you that the truck has a broken axle?  That would explain the leaning nature of the beast.  Wouldn't it?

Well, how about I show you some things that came out right?
1957 Ford Road Tractor
1929 Ford Model A - done with watercolor pencils
I'm guessing the problem is the project is a Dodge and not a Ford.  This is my post number 1101 to this blog, that's a lot of heavy thinking (ha ha ha) and a loud mouth.

Friday, June 1, 2012

I may have an answer

Just about the time I was going to bed, or maybe I was already in bed, I think there is an answer to the wheel problem.  Time will tell.
I did no work on the project yesterday while I was trying to think of a "fix", so there is nothing to show today.
We were not blessed with super weather again yesterday, lots of cool, wet air and some rain later in the day.  Booo, hisss.  Today may turn out okay but we are then in for four or five days of crap (cool, rain, and putrid)
Today is a "Peggy day", take her shopping and to the bank, and maybe other errands, it's not any work at all just a lot of wait time, oh, well, I'll take a little walk.
I'll be back tomorrow with "the answer".

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Needed, New wheel

Day five
  One of us can't draw, it's me.  Struggle all over the place the wheels, and the ones in my brain are as rusty as this truck.  I will keep working on it and we will see what happens, it's the best I can do.
  We traveled to Brewer yesterday to take a look-see at the house where Hollie will be living, it pretty nice with large rooms and the Charlotte White Center agency is making major renovations.  The yard is great and the deck is probably all Hollie will see of it.  The move is scheduled for July 1st.
  Today I will go out the door, after breakfast, and walk a couple of miles then have coffee, and then walk a couple of miles - - just the way I like it.
  Later today I will work on the wheels, I wonder what I'll do, I don't know yet, something to think about while walking.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making progress

Still needs a lot of work
  There you have it, still needs a lot of work. Indeed!  It looks to me as if I need to send this truck to the shop for a "wheel job".  Maybe I could say to the truck something like.."you've loafed around long enough, it's time to get a wheel job!"
  My plan is to take some time, today, to see what can be done to fix the obvious errors.  I will keep you posted.
  Today we get to see Hollies "new" house, the agency has bought a house in Brewer so travel distances will be a lot less.  Of course now some employees will have a longer ride.
  Here's a good idea of what it's like to be hard of hearing like I am.  The local hospital called yesterday for my wife.  They would like her to have some lab work before her admission for the "knee job".  I took a message and said to the woman "it's Stephanie right"  "No, she said, it's Piffany P-i-f-f-a=n=y." (that's what I heard) so I wrote it down.  I thought that's a strange name.  Then it hit, Tiffany!  I changed the P to a T and gave my wife the message.  She said something but I didn't understand her.  Just so you know, I was wearing my hearing aids the whole time.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No news is....

...much ado about nothing.  I started to walk yesterday morning, after the rain stopped, and walked about two miles.  My legs were too tired to continue since I walked eight miles the day before.  I didn't walk in the parade, which was fine with Hollie because she got to do her stuff right off.
  We only went to one store and to Staples (the Holy Place) to do her "projects".
  At least she worked on hers, I, again, didn't do anything with the "project" I've been working on.  I will do some work on that painting today and you will have results to look at tomorrow.

Monday, May 28, 2012

.....gone walking.

  No "project" work done yesterday, I was gone walking or watching the Red Sox lose again.  The walking started early, as usual, on Union Street in Bangor.  After I'd been five miles or so and did some shopping I went home.
  Linda said she would like to walk on the Bangor Waterfront because low tide was still a couple of hours away (it really wasn't) but we walked a while anyway.  Then she wanted to walk downtown, so we parked on Central Street (short and not really too central) and decided to find and walk over the footbridge on the Kenduskeag Stream Trail.  Finding the trail was easy (I already kind of knew where to look) and we just following the trail up and down along the stream and easily found the bridge.  The steam has calmed down now from a rapid flow and is clean and clear.  It's hard to believe that 50 years ago the City of Bangor and the mills and a tannery were still operating and a million gallons a day of raw, untreated sewerage was dumped into the Kenduskeag.  In the 1960's with the Clean Water Act the rivers and streams in Maine were cleaned up, or I should say the ones that were dumped in were cleaned up.
  Today, Memorial Day Observed, I will pick up Hollie and either walk in the parade or not.  I have a feeling we won't be walking.  That's okay with me after walking eight miles yesterday.
  Here's a photo from 2010 when we were on our way to walk in the parade.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

More progress

More work done
  I did manage to get some more work done on "the project".  The hood on this truck has louvers to the rear of the headlight, work on those will take some thought.  I tried using a protractor as a guide but some of the water and color slips under and I had to "wash" it out (put water on and dab it off).
  AND THOSE WHEELS LOOK TERRIBLE!!! I don't know what I'll do with those but I will come up with something.
  The morning with Hollie went okay but not as well as usual, she's getting a little nervous about the move I think.
  I am going to walk this morning to practice for the parade.  I managed to get in about five and a half miles yesterday before I picked up Hollie, will do the same today for the most part in the same places.
  Enjoy to long weekend if you're young enough for it to matter; the rest of us have one long weekend anyway, the challenge is finding stuff to do for the men, and finding time to rest for the women.