Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm going...

....crazy! Oh, my, what a mess,
what I've just done, you can only guess,
I went ahead and posted for Tehachapi Pete in the wrong place,
I put it this space instead, oh my red face!

I think it's sorted out now, and it took some time,
glad the coffees ready, now all I need's a dime;
maybe I should write just one - blog every day,
but then I'd miss that one too much - so what do you say?

Feel free to leave a comment, right here on this page,
tell me how you would deal, with the signs of age;
all of you are welcome, someone take the lead,
please, please help me, teach me how to read!

Well how you been Dad,
that's what she always says, I guess that's not too bad;
and the Hollie Day began as it always does,
She's in a day dream, of everything she loves.

First it was Tim Hortons, the one on Main Street please,
they have some new way to sell egg, sausage and cheese;
and of course iced coffee, raspberry this time,
and the obligatory donut's bought, it's on daddys dime.

Where to next you say?  You know...that's not too smart!
Of course we drove over to Wal-Mart,
and we got the magazine, Rhinna's in it Dad!
and it's a photo that I've never had!

Now...don't get all excited by what I tell you next,
Staples? Of course! I don't want my life hexed!
Laminated between two sheets of plastic every time,
I don't know how she manages, but Rhinna still looks fine.

Now over to Borders, purveyor of fine books,
there a biography of Martin Luther King, she has given looks,
and oh yes, a book she had on hold,
I wished that she had told me, this is getting old.

So there is something that must now get hot,
between the plastic sheets - believe it or not!
But now she wants to go, to the other side of town,
get in the car and drive Dad, don't let me get you down!

So the thing to laminate is too thick you see,
what is the remedy?  Easy, copy see!
Then you can laminate the copy, easy as pie,
easy for her, don't know about you and I.

And suddenly it's over, over just like that,
we've done all the stuff to do, we've got it right down pat;
so go sit in the parking lot, down by rivers edge,
careful don't step over that solitary ledge.  (I don't know either, but it rhymes)

And that's how it ended, here in the middle of the night,
but I should be happy I've got some light.
Of course I'm always thinking, that's how I've lived my life,
my brain is in motion, but I won't bother my wife.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I think...

...the coffee's ready, wait while I get a cup!
Ahhhh! That's more like it, now I can wake up,
I have to wait an hour, after I get up;
before I am allowed, to even have a cup.

Now that's all behind me, I'm on schedule as I should,
something about that first cup, is really, really good!
The scores I saw this morning, weren't very nice,
the Celtics need to put Kevin's leg on ice.

Today is a Hollie Day, a short one you know,
Friday's before her program, and it's time to go;
I'm sure she has something, a structered plan,
guess, I better follow that or the Sh#& will hit the fan!

I'm sure she'll be excited, with some project or another,
probably a magazine and a CD cover;
the way the she operates, is frozen in my brain,
but I am aware of it, so it causes me no pain.

I'll do a little walking, in Hampden for today,
before I go get Hollie, and we get under way;
and even before that, I'll push a button or two,
is there any way that I can encourage you?

Got a list, of things you need to do?
Can't decide on the order, which one is due?
Just decide to do them frontwards or reverse,
it's important to remember: First Things First!

Smile, it's warmer today

Thursday, January 14, 2010


...once in a while, it's worth an extra look,
that's what the doc told me, he's going by the book,
because I am a geezer, ain't that a pleasant thought;
there going to look inside me, and see what I've got. (or got left)

It's just a screening procedure, a simple test,
and it's going on next Tuesday, a couple of days rest.
An Ultra-sound of my gut, to check an artery,
but there's one thing I don't like, it's just part of me....

....the six hours with no food, but wait the wars not won,
if I get up at midnight, I can eat at one,
the tests at eight, so no food six hours before,
so if, by chance, I sleep in, my body will be a war.

This is a test that the give to men my age, I'm told,
just another example of what happens when you're old;
and any smokers or ones that have quit,
are being told by doctors, to go and get it.

The test is looking at the aortic artery,
looking for a weak spot, that shouldn't be,
so if you are a geezer, a former smoker too,
that this is what will happen, and it will happen to you.

So I'm going to a meeting, after coffee of course,
it's a great place to go, maybe a resource;
any way you look at it, it's the place to be,
and, anyways, there's my fiends to see.

And push those pretty buttons now,
they need help in Haiti, now;
with the food and medicine, see?,
and we can do it all for free.

And it doesn't matter the color of ones skin,
or the expressions of things, it isn't a sin,
if they believe something different than you or I,
Live and Let Live, a motto to go by.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Off to see...

...the doc today, isn't that terrific,
a morning appointment, to be specific;
no, nothings wrong, it's routine,
every six months, I've been seen.

I'll do my walking, when that is done,
it's really cold, no help from the sun;
I'll walk inside, up at the mall,
which is okay, but it's like one long hall.

But before all that stuff up above,
I get to do things, that I love,
out to coffee, a meeting with friends,
that's how the day begins and ends.

When all that stuff is done,
it's days end, before it begun;
when you're up before eleven PM,
then it ends early today, my friend.

But I'll take time, push a button or two,
and encourage the same action from you; is the place,
the tabs at the top show every place.  (that there are buttons)

If you ever feel down in the dumps,
and you're not ill, like having the mumps,
and you're feeling alone and blue,
find a meeting, there's a chair for you.

Smile - it's good for you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm not.... engineer, or industrial designer,
but should'nt coffee makers, be a little finer?
The last few that we've had at home, are somewhat out of whack,
the lines on the pot, don't match the counter units back.

If you want, what they call, say six cups,
on put the water in the empty pot, then do fill ups;
the water doesn't reach the line on the counter unit,
I mean, that's kind of funny, ain't it?

Well there's more serious stuff that's going on,
like the weather down in Florida, the crops are almost gone;
or the winters in the Dakotas, their going to freeze to death,
something's not right here, at least that's my guess.

So while the world corrects itself from it's many errors,
let's all hope we sleep okay, free of night terrors,
and may, somehow, this year end up better,
I wouldn't put money on it, if I were a bettor!

But let's go button crazy, just a little bit;
push all those buttons, go on, have a fit;
it will make you feel good for doing a good turn,
I think that's how angels, you know, wings earn.

There is always work to do, that's how it seems,
no one rest on their laurels, or chases dreams;
you'll have to start somewhere, if you're going to do it,
so take a look - Easy Does It - but do it.

Ohhh! Coffee!

Monday, January 11, 2010


... to football season, it didn't end too well,
at my age you can expect your teams to go to hell,
and that's just what happened a little after noon,
the Patriots tried and lost, season over- too soon.

But that's the way things go 'round here,
some you win, some you lose, always cheer;
that applies to life as well, I tell you a story,
about Larry shopping, and not in his great glory.

I bought a new printer, nice one, so I thought,
but by now I wonder - what hath God wrought.
The machine simply will not turn off,
without gyrations great- cough, cough.

There are many problems, it will go ker-plunk!
It's on the way back to Target, tell them that's it's junk!
So I hooked the old one back up this morning,
it won't print, but you can scan, I give you warning.

So I'm in the market, for something nice and simple,
just want to print and scan. and barely cause a ripple,
I think I've found just the thing, maybe I'll go buy it,
and it better work because - if not, I will simply RIOT!

So there! I feel better now, I've got it off my chest,
maybe the next one will be heavenly blessed!
I got up real early, it was ten o'clock,
but up until that time, I slept like a rock.

I'm going to a meeting, after a four mile walk,
meetings are good, I really need to talk.
I will not be buying anything today,
Linda needs the car.  I think she's trying to get away.

But please take just a little of your precious time,
and push all those buttons, I'm pushing mine;
that all makes a difference, in a lot of lives,
imagine if you couldn't read, or broke out in hives.

Think of all the good that we do together,
you don't need to do anything I say, but I'd rather...
,,,that you pushed the buttons in one single swoop,
and maybe after that, have a bowl of soup.

Smile -  Umm! the coffee's good!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm sorry...

...I'm late, you see I didn't get up until today,
or, I slept past midnight, that's what I say,
a rare occasion to be sure, in my mind,
just can't imagine what put me behind.

It was Hollie Day yesterday, so here's the whole story,
so how you been, as you know, by the way Dad, in it's glory,
it all starts as it all ends, in Staples with hot plastic...
...the covers the pages of todays most fantastic.

But there was coffee and sandwich at Dunkin Donuts,
before going to the required trip to Walmart, no ifs or buts;
and then on to Target, just killing time,
but she found something, "it's just mine"

Then the big moment finally arrives,
in to the atmosphere where Hollie thrives;
Staples, the Copy Center, is the central attaction,
the site of the most glorious, fun filled action.

Only eleven projects, could be a slow day,
but I know, really, it won't end that way;
Oh Dad I forgot, that I have on hold...
...a book at Borders. so lo and behold!

A book about Regan, for the Clearence Rack,
twenty-five dollar book for three, can't beat that!
On to the mall, half hour before it's open,
three trips around, walking, before the gates broken.

The off the the other side of town,
and in to Wendy's, the food goes down,
and one final stop, are you ready for this?
We're back in Staples, oh, heavenly bliss!!

So while I have the chance to remember all this,
there are buttons to push, I must'nt miss,
there are five colors, on those tabs too,
yellow, green, pink, orange and blue,

Do you have a neighbor, that's different than you?
Does some peoples actions put you in a stew?
Do you sometimes wonder, how do they live?
This answer is simple: Live and Let Live.