Saturday, September 12, 2009

I've been...

...up a couple of hours so now I remember,
what I did yesterday, just like it's December;
what's that you say, that's not here yet;
then I better get started, before I forget!

Yesterday, I now remember, was a Hollie day,
how could I forget, well there is no way;
we went to a couple of stores,
to Staples and Borders, you know the scores.

We had what I'd call a pretty good day,
and if you asked her that's what she'd say;
she got five projects done,
run through the heat every one.

Now they're encased in durable plastic,
but not chiseled in stone, that's too drastic!
I'm sure each one has it's own purpose;
so in the end, you see, it's really worth it.

A new Presidents book, each one is different too,
maybe not to me, but to Hollie it's true;
If one had a cover that was blue,
the other had green, the above is still true.

And, while we're at it, please just remember,
you can push the button, don't wait for December;
none of you have to end up like me,
on the 4th of July and decorating a tree!

Another reminder that's as good as it gets,
what rhymes with gets? Oh yeah! Jets.
So any advise that I should give,
I guess it's plain; Live and Let Live!

Enjoy the day!

Friday, September 11, 2009


....autumn here, kind of goes with the below post from Sept. 11

Fall is...

...getting closer, it's cooler every day,
there's no stopping mother nature, she will have her way;
but, you know, it's worth the wait, those autumn colors are;
we just wish that they stayed longer, we wished upon a star.

A short ride yesterday, up to Sebec Lake,
you can tell the toll, that mother nature will take,
there is a difference in the leaves now, a sign of things to come,
and I want to see them all, each and every one.

It's my favorite time of the year, I wish that it would last,
but that ain't the way things works, it will soon be past.
But take time to enjoy it and you'll be glad you did,
it's natures most colorful show and she makes quite a bid.

By now, you know, about the 'button' and it's purpose here,
is to show a way to make a free contribution, simply and clear.
Those critter can't get a job, the applications are too hard,
anyway it's hard to write when your paws are in the yard.

Some people wake up feeling funky,
"is that what's bothering you bunkie?"
'cause if you're in an awful snit,
there's a chair in here with your name on it.


Thursday, September 10, 2009


...can you hear it? again and again,
Do you ever wonder, where it's all been?
All of the water, in that great sea,
It'll stop you from thinking; what's in it for me.

A short trip to Schoodic, what pleasure,
to enjoy a great natural treasure;
so much to see, so little time,
but the pleasure was all mine.

Of getting there puts one under duress,
should check for construction I guess;
Who knew that 1A was littered and dusty,
that you would be in one place so long as to be rusty?

Oh, but it was worth it, made it easy to forget you;
once you see the place you set out to get to.
We went to see the sculptors at work too,
wonderful to see what some people can do.

But back here on earth, we must not regress,
to go to and press;
the "great purple button" it's true,
it was just made to be pushed by you!

If the big hill of life gets hard to climb
and doesn't seem worth it, at least half the time,
take an old tried and true, a favorite of mine,
and take life One Day at a Time!


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's a good thing...

....the body can adjust;
because I've come to trust,
the damned old thing will continue,
to do what I want it to.

I managed to get my walking through,
before the auto repair bill came due,
hot dog! that thing was a dinger,
had to put my wallet in a wringer.

Today starts with a good walk,
then I listen to Peggy talk,
and then I'm going to a meeting, to say,
I'm here it's where I belong today!

And I've already pushed the big button,
and I hope you do the same,
it will help the critters that need it,
and won't hurt you even one bit.

And if you smile as you meet each test,
you'll be better than your personal best;
you can do it if you just try;
and kiss those trouble goodbye.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Tuesday...

...already, who's not keeping score?
Monday became for me quite a chore;
I should be more careful in taking care,
of restaurant leftovers that I bring from there.

But now back to normal, as close as it came,
washing machine cycles it's all in a name.
But I feel much better, but I missed..
..a good Monday meeting, boy was I p----ed!

And I didn't push the button I'm told,
and they don't keep that thing on hold;
so today I had better take advantage of that,
helping a homeless dog or a cat.

And while I'm at it I'll Live and Let Live,
that's always an appropriate gift to give;
love of your neighbors and all fellow man,
you won't like 'em all, but take what you can.

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another day...

...up early again,
just what is it? Is it just the hour ten?
or the thirty minutes after,
is it a trick or recipe for disaster?

Well, it does'nt matter, in the great scheme of things,
It would be like waiting for a phone that never rings.
But yesterday went much better than I expected,
it was easy and pleasant, my patience not tested.

We started at seven, as we also do,
straight down to Belfast, we practically flew,
no! we obey the speed limit, plus just a couple,
don't need any tickets, or some kind of trouble.

At Belfast we headed to a predetermined place,
Great Dunkin' Donuts, she loved the good taste.
A Toffee with your coffee, a donut of choice,
and iced cappuccino added to voice.

Somethings not right with the drink I am told,
and the guy that made it, wasn't that old,
and I suspect he didn't quite know;
how to make it way that he had been told.

Off to Augusta on route seventeen,
I like that road a lot, there's things to be seen.
And about in the middle, or someplace in there,
when you look to the right, it's like you're up in the air!

In Augusta we first went to, see if you can guess,
the new Hanaford market to see if it was a mess.
It's a really different in a good sort of way,
made just the way things should be today.

And I'll be you can't guess, after she got to choose.
where we got a DVD, a magazine with nice photos to use.
Do you smell plastic heating in that machine?
Laminate the stuff, yes that's what I mean!

Do it five times and then try to determine,
if that was enough, well are you quite certain?
If you guessed yes, you would be wrong,
not even close - stop singing that song!

After we'd gone to the Christmas Tree Shop,
then to the Made in Maine store for a stop.
Can you guess the number of additional things,
see if two causes any rings.

So we went to Staples, not the first place you fool!
More than one is the reason we got to be really cool.
Go to the old one over by the Barnes and Noble store,
see if they can laminate, no trimming for sure.

Then lunch at Sams, she took my suggestion,
because I made look like she asked to question.
Then up to Waterville on route one oh four,
no interstate today we're on a grand tour.

Into the Mardens is where we went next,
not much in there, she was quite vexed.
But she finally found, as she often does,
something to buy, something she loves.

By the time we had traveled on one thirty nine,
let's see Fairfield, Benton, to the Unity line.
then it continues Thorndike, Knox, Brooks and Monroe,
suddenly to Hollies, around the corner we go.

So if you feel need to travel, or go for a ride,
she is the one you want by your side.
And when it's all over and you're finally home,
you may lose the desire to go out and roam.

And in addition you may need to express,
gratitude (you know thanks), but I won't press,
but please think about hunger and homelessness,
maybe there's something you can express;

just one little thing that can change that whole mess,
maybe some food, clothing or such you posses,
that you could donate, heck it couldn't cost less,
and for that I say thank you and Higher Power please bless.

Have a great day!