Saturday, December 7, 2013

We pay these people. For what??!??!

  On December 3, 2013, with only seven working days left in the year (only 83 working days, remember?) the Committee on Science, Space and Technology in the U S House of Representatives, chaired by Rep. Lamar Smith (R) of Texas was in meetings.  Important meetings with so little time left?  You betcha!
  They were in a heated discussion on the possibility of an invasion by Aliens from Outer Space!  I'm not kidding!  We are paying these people to do the peoples business and we get this clown show.  I could not possible make something like this up.  They're talking about extraterrestrial life and they have not passed a budget for over five years??!.  Sadly, yes.
  They're not talking about agriculture programs, disease, energy programs or changes in the weather?  Sadly, no.

In other news:
  In the coming year the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) will be teaming up with this very same Congress to discuss some Energy Policy.  That's good, right?  Sadly, no.
  They will be working to penalize people who install solar panels at home.  Calling them "free riders" - people who are cheating industry of profits.  Ain't that communism?  Does this sound like an energy independence policy you'd want them to act on?  A policy that puts industrial profits above the free actions of the people.  I thought these people worked for us?  Oh yeah, that's right; money rules.


Friday, December 6, 2013


Carvings at the top of El Castillo pyramid - please click to enlarge
  Here is one of the Mayan sites in North America.  In Belize which is bordered by Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean Sea.  This site was built in about 630AD, was once abandoned and reactivated.  It remains an important historical location.  It's amazing when you look at the detail in this pyramid which appears, to me, to be made of thousands of stones.
  I stumbled across this article while I was looking for tropical vacation places that I never intended to go to.  There are many beautiful beaches in Belize with white sand and nice bungalows to stay in.  The interior is jungle like and agricultural.
Scarlet Macaw birds in a game sanctuary

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A story of Grandpa's old Dodge

The 1946 Dodge Town Sedan
Photo: Mike Berry/Wichita Eagle
  I found this story in The Wichita Eagle the other day.  A man named Ed Shank and his dad fixed up his grandpa's old Dodge.  The Town Sedan is rare because it's doors open in the usual manner we are used to; other Dodge models had the suicide doors (doors that opened toward the back).
  There were a series of photos showing the exterior and interior of the old car, it's a beautiful restoration to the original.  Great work of love.  Here's a link:
A rear view
Photo: Mike Berry, Wichita Eagle

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pictures worth...

Fog fills the Grand Canyon
Photo: National Park Service via CBS News
  A recent temperature inversion caused the Grand Canyon to fill with fog; a very rare occurrence.
You can see more of the National Park Service photos of this event at:

  Today will finally be a "stay at home day", maybe.  I have coffee to attend and Jeff to give a ride to cardiac rehab, a stop at the store and come home, maybe by 8AM.  I'll still have to go to the Levant Corner Store for a lottery ticket, and to the post office.
Santa Claus is coming to town.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quecus bicolor

Swamp White Oak in Paris Hill, Maine - click to enlarge
Reader submitted photo to Lewiston Sun Journal
  The picture is of the largest Swamp White Oak in Maine, it totals 233 feet (Height plus girth).  This species of tree is important to the lumber industry.  If you have oak cabinets, flooring or furniture there's a good chance it came from one of these trees.
  Each year Counties and foresters around Maine look for the largest of many kinds of trees, some are important to industry and some are decorative; they all provide oxygen for us to live.  This particular species is rare in Maine, occurring in only two spots in the southern part of the State, but it's common in other eastern states.
  On a different subject I just read that the first police officer was shot and killed in the whole history of Iceland.  That's remarkable, the current government dates back to around 935ad.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Messy Mess

About 11:30 yesterday - it was snowing here
Screenshot clip
  Even if that screenshot shows no snow, it was snowing then, and it's snowing now.  There's not a lot but maybe some freezing rain early this AM too.  Messy stuff and I have an appointment at 8:30, and Jeff for Cardiac Rehab at 7:00; yikes!
  I know, I know it happens every year.  And every year I'll say 'I'm not driving in that" and I do it anyway.  It's not a nice comfortable ride, is it?
Bangor Airport report at 11:30 yesterday - click to enlarge
noaa online
  If you would like to check the weather near you, try the NOAA website for aviators.  Find it here:

  It's a USA map and you just click on the airport of your choice and get a report like the on above.
Thanks Wilbur.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

One down and then what?

Photo: Linda Grant
  Look at that!  It was 9 degrees this morning and Brewer, just 12 miles away, looked like spring.  We went to Brewer to Hollie's house for a meeting with "the Visitor", a court appointed snoop for the Probate Court.  She serves Hollie her papers that a court action involving her will take place.  As if she didn't already know.  At least the visitor was a very pleasant lady and the whole process took place in less than a half hour.
  Then we went to breakfast/lunch and shopping and laminating with Hollie.  At least she tolerated going with the two of us, something kind of new.  And then I was tired and fell asleep watching TV.
  Just another exciting day for a 72 year old geezer.