Saturday, June 7, 2014

Citroens deuce two

You can tell the car is different just by the one spoke steering wheel
Photo: Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle
  Now.  We can finish yesterdays work.  Mr. and Mrs. Major own another Citroen.  This is the 1972 D Special.  For the time it was very aerodynamic, futuristic even.  The body style that carried over into the interior was "different".  The car had a quite large hydraulic system that could lower or raise the car and really smoothed out the ride.  The engine was a "hemi", or had a hemi head.  It was considered a luxury car in it's native France.
The sleek exterior.
Photo: Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Citroens deuce

1980 Citroens 2CV
Photo: Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle
  Dave and Irene Major have the honor of owning two of the French automobiles.  The 2CV is France's idea of the Volkswagen, the peoples car.  With a two cylinder engine, which must give great mileage, you can still hit 60 miles an hour.  The  two-tone paint job on this car gives it an extra look.

The upholstery is blue with yellow rubber ducks, and a large rubber duck sit on top of this car at auto shows.  I will show the other car tomorrow, the software is preventing a double today.

A side note:  93 year old Jim Martin, a World War Two paratrooper jumped at Normandy Beach yesterday a the 70 year memorial.  The aircraft used was Whiskey Seven, our old friend.

A look at the cargo box, and a peek at the open roof and rolled up roof top.
Photo: Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Not nothing

  I am unprepared today but I wanted to pass along something that happened yesterday.  I'm making a "card" for a friend.  I misspelled one word early on so have to start over.  The word? grant!  Wouldn't you think I could spell "grant"?  It is my last name after all!
I've had a busy week, I think; but I couldn't prove it, there's no evidence of a busy time, and I kind of wonder what I did.
I did read a funny thing this morning.  Cremation is my last chance for a smoking, hot body.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So - what's the difference?

  There is a commercial on television that shows a woman looking at a distant light that gets smaller and smaller.  She appears happy to be able to see the "candle".  The ad is for Centrum Silver and it claims, rightly, that is contains Lutein.
  Lutein is used to slow the progress of Macular Degeneration, at least that's why I use it as advised by my Optometrist.  It is available over the counter in 6mg or 20mg capsules, or sometimes 10mg cap.
  Here's my beef, Centrum Silver for Men contains 300mcg, that's mcg.  Mcg stands for microgram.  One mcg is equal to .001 mg.  So Centrum Silver contains .3mg or 3/10 mg, or 3 tenths of 1 milligram - or practically just enough to be able to advertise that it's in the pill.   It's not enough to make much of a difference.
  Oh, by the way; the woman has blue eyes.
Photo:, it shows the label from Centrum Silver

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Celebration by canoe trek.

Canoes pass a gravel bar near Mattaseunk Dam on the Penobscot River
Photo: Gabor Degre The Bangor Daily News
  To mark the 150th anniversary of Henry David Thoreau's "The Maine Woods", a group of canoeist retraced the trip from Moosehead Lake to the Penobscot River.  About 45 people participated in the outing and 8 people reached the final goal.
  Moosehead Lake had 4 foot waves at the beginning and there are a large number of portages between the lakes and streams that are the route.
  Read more:  you will find a slideshow and a video of the event.
Carrying a Wannigan of supplies on a portage
Photo: Gabor Degre The Bangor Daily News

Monday, June 2, 2014

Veterans lost in the wilds of Alameda

See?  It's in the paper
  Well, vets did get lost in Alameda.  In 1902!  Of course the geezer and Wilbur got lost looking for them in 1962 (probably).
  It's interesting that anyone got lost, but I wasn't there in 1902 when veterans of the Civil War left a church on Grand Street through a door different than the one they entered.  I guess from reading about it there were a lot of oak trees north of the church.  I'll show you a map of the area as it is today, you could still get lost, maybe, not likely it you ask for direction.
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Grant Street is right over here. - click to enlarge
Photo: Google maps

Sunday, June 1, 2014

GM Futurliner, one is being sold

A restored Futurliner
Photo: Charlotte Motor Speedway
  The originals of this Harley Earl designed vehicle were ready for show in 1940, several others followed in 1953-54 a total of 12 were built and 9 still exist.
  General Motors used the "bus" to travel the country to exhibit new technology, stereo sound, television, microwave ovens and jet engines.  One was used by Oral Roberts early in his career as a stage.
  If you want one it's being sold at auction by Barrett-Jackson sometime this year, expect to spend a large sum.
Show space.
Photo: Charlotte Motor Speedway