Saturday, November 29, 2014

White Thursday, Plaid Friday

Clean up on Thursday on Central Street, work for some - click to enlarge
Photo: Brian Feulner, Bangor Daily News
And play for others in Hayford Park - click
Photo: Brian Feulner, Bangor Daily News
  White Thursday was okay for Thanksgiving.  If you had a shovel or a sled.  And, if you had electricity, many didn't.  It was cold too, but that never stopped me when I was a kid either.
Picking the "one" at the Briar Patch - click
Photo: Ashley L Conti, Bangor Daily News
  Friday was Plaid Friday in contrast to Black Friday in the "big boxes", and many shoppers went to the smaller, independent stores downtown.  This store, Briar Patch, has been around for a long time and it's a favorite for small children who haven't "logged on" yet.

Friday, November 28, 2014

...and, a snow shovel too.

  Yesterday was Thanksgiving and a day to shovel snow.  Not any  old ordinary snow either, this was Thanksgiving snow.  I gave thanks because it stopped at 13 inches.  It was wet, sticky stuff (I could have used another word).  That stuff (I could have used another word) stuck to the shovel so you would have to handle it twice.  I fell down in a drift and couldn't get up.  When I fell my legs crossed and I could get one on the ground.  Finally I was able to drive the shovel down and use it for leverage; it ain't easy being a geezer.
  So I'm thankful that the ground was solid, there was no sinkhole, there was no terrible heat wave AND I don't have to shop today!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving. Well, where ever you are.

From: #Maine - click to enlarge
  You'll probably (you should!) notice some errors in the map up there.  This map and others like it were filled in by British journalists.   I would imagine that many people right here in this country couldn't do much better.  For all that matter could you, or I, identify a breakdown of Britain.
  Anyway, if you know where you live have a great day, I'll be shoveling snow (oh boy, oh boy).

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I've been busy

It's going to be one of those - click to see the bird
  Monday I drove down to Togus VA Hospital with a friend.  He had knee surgery and I drove home.  It didn't take too long, we left at 4AM and he was checked in at 6:30 and went to the OR at 8.  We left, after dealing with the pharmacy at about 1PM, and arrived home at 2:30.
  Yesterday was my normal Tuesday with leaving at 4:15AM and getting home about 2PM.  Now I am a bit tired but we still have a couple of errands to run today.  Buying a turkey is not one of them,  going shopping in a "big box" is not one of them either.  It's going to snow later on and snow hard all night to reach maybe 10 inches or so.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Aloha Austin, Minnesota home of Spam

Long time favorite in Hawaii and Maine
Photo: Geo A Hormel & Co.
  The venerable product packed in Austin Minnesota has been a favorite food for many years.  That's especially true in Hawaii.  In Hawaii Spam became a favorite during World War Two and has kept that place in their hearts and taste buds even since.  It is so popular that you can get Spam and egg sandwiches at McDonalds!
  By far the favorite Spam dish isn't baked or fried or even straight out of the can; it's Spam Musubi that is kind of like Sushi.  Soak a slice of Spam in soy sauce, place that between two blocks of sticky rice and wrap with nori (seaweed).  It's said it's the perfect meal.
Read more:

Monday, November 24, 2014

More things to do or see

Launching a new tug - click to enlarge
Photo: John Patriquin Portland Press Herald
  Actor Tate Donovan speaks at the ceremony to launch the tug Tate McAllister.  Mr. Donovan is a fifth generation of the McAllister family who will own and operate the vessel.  McAllister Towing and Transportation Company had the tug built at Washburn & Doughty Shipyard in East Boothbay, Maine.
Early morning - click to enlarge
Photo: Carl D Walsh Portland Press Herald
  This photo of the Saco River was taken from lower Main Street in Biddeford.  The River separates the Cities of Saco and Biddeford and enters Casco Bay at Biddeford Pool.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A long start for Atlantic Salmon

Bringing fish to the hatchery in the 1890s the village of Orland in the background - click to enlarge
Photo: Gabor Degre Bangor Daily News
  The federal government is celebration 125 years at the Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery in Orland, Maine.  The facility is devoted to breeding and preserving the Atlantic Salmon, young fish are released in eastern Maine rivers each season.  The State of Maine opened the facility in 1871, and the federal government took over in 1880.
  Located at Alamoosook Lake in Orland workers work continually to produce the fine quality fish that has teased anglers for two centuries.  For more photos, a video and information please go to:
A tray of eggs.  These are kept in an incubator.
Photo: Gabor Degre, Bangor Daily News
The Hatchery with a bronze of a full size Salmon - click to enlarge
Photo: Gabor Degre, Bangor Daily News