Saturday, June 5, 2010


...the weekend, how about that?
Hollie Day is over, I've time to chat.
We had a good day, or morning, as it were,
she had a good time and I'm glad for her.

She had a list, that was as long as my arm,
we worked on some, no foul, no harm,
it would have cost one heck of a bunch,
she was just 'casting' about, I have a hunch.

Tim Hortons was first, it's National Donut Day,
she had one to go, ate good as they say,
then over to WalMart, it's not all that far,
pull out the staples, cut, paste in the car.

We've finally reached Staples, all in one piece,
she had six projects, that's all, my wallet's at peace;
then on to Big Lots, interesting stuff,
a binder for Hollie, although she has enough.

The on to the dreaded Borders we go,
she bought a book, do you need to know...
...what was in it?  I think you can guess!
Presidents, of course, it's at my address.

We've been in Old Navy and A C Moore,
I sure don't want to see another store;
we bought her some lunch, for later in the day,
took her to "program", that's all I can say.

So, today, I have plans to go for a walk,
going home early, do artwork, no talk!
I've been going to start 'it' for maybe two weeks,
I'm going to do it, but, you see who speaks.

I'm going right now, I think you know where,
it's right to that web-site, where I can share,
just by pushing a button, or six,
there are a few problems, you and I can fix.

So be good to your neighbors, Live and Let Live,
I thinks that's the very best advice I can give;
don't be shy, stick out your hand and shake theirs,
you'll be surprised, people like he who willingly shares.

Enjoy :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Watch out...

...for the Friday goose!
Make sure it doesn't get loose,
it's not all gaggle, honk or quack;
you have to work hard, just watch your back!

Well, Friday's come and then they go,
this one's no different for all I know;
I'll pick up Hollie for a jumpstart,
you can be sure she'll do her part.

The rain is over, for a short while,
I'll go and see if I can get in a mile;
walking in the rain's no my favorite thing,
if you want to join me, please give me a ring.

Before I start walking, I'll take the time... check out the site online,
way up at the top is a row of tabs,
all different colors, with all different ads.

Please take time to join me, tab after tab,
push each "button" and you'll have had...
...time to look over, and time to click, each of them one by one
once over, the clicks, and you'll be done.

First Things First, it's easy to say,
but..when you try that, day after day,
it's not always easy, at least in my mind,
to stick with the first, only, and not get out of line.

Enjoy :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's Thursday...

...already? The week is going fast,
as soon as it started, it was already past!
I guess that's what happens when you have a busy pace,
and today Peggy's shopping will slow down the race.

But now in the morning, before there's any rain,
I'll get some walking in, I'm not having pain.
Then I can get to a meeting, and then pick up the Pegster,
and she can shop and look, all that before the cash register.

And physical therapy next week, on Tuesday I'm told,
and such is the daily grind, of joints, when you're old;
they'll get to work and check out the knee,
then maybe the damned thing, won't lock up on me.

But until then, no wait, tomorrow's a Hollie Day,
boy, things can sneak up, they'll always find a way;
so a "double whammy", first Peggy then the girl;
oh boy, oh boy - my minds in a whirl.

So, today, I'd better push those buttons, right away,
it's easy to do, and there's no bill to pay;
you should really try it, if you don't do it now,
push and give, and you're done. Wow! Holy Cow!

Be good to your neighbors, Live and Let Live,
every life has value, and different gifts to give,
just because someone's different, or doesn't look like you,
that's not a way to think it's someone to eschew.

Smile :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've been....

...overcome with speechlessness, and an empty brain,
they got washed away yesterday, in the little rain;
truth be told, and I guess it should,
I'm sitting here thinking nothing any good.

So I guess I'll have to struggle, to pull the off,
it's so bad right now, I heard the rooster cough!
The critter ought to crow, well it is a little early,
nope, he just walked away, he is a bit surly.

I got up on time, and went through my routine,
but my brain is the dullest, I think I've ever seen;
the damn thing was okay, it didn't stop all night,
had me trapped under a car, that gave me a fright.

I don't know why I was in there, looking for an escape,
dreams are funny that way, they just take the bait;
then leave you empty of many of the results,
the only thing they sometimes leave is a quickened pulse.

So there it is, just take what you want,
that's all I have to offer, hope I don't affront;
I'm sure I'll progress as the day moves on,
really think I'd better, but won't water the lawn.

I'll go and push some buttons, while I remember that,
pick out all the colors, reading, cancer, cat;
rain forest, and hunger - worthy causes all,
let us keep up our support, don't want them to fall.

And please Keep It Simple, that's a worthy phrase,
it's also very meaningful, and it ofter pays... heed those very easy words too,
it certainly applies to guys like me and you.

Keep It Simple

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's already....

...Tuesday, and the week has just begun,
we've had some great weather, parades and some fun;
now let's get busy, some people have to work,
not me, not me - says an old geezer jerk.

But I've worked in my life more than fifty years,
so now I'm enjoy my time, spent with my peers;
doing the things that old geezers do,
trying to remember how to tie my shoe.

The weekend was good, had Hollie two days,
Saturday as usual, and Monday for the parade,
whe walked along with me, talked the whole time,
and went to Staples and lunch, we got along fine. (abridged version)

I got to watch two games on TV,
the Red Sox won, so it was easy,
yesterdays game was the Portland Seadogs,
bad start but they won, and a rare TV appearance was logged.

Today I get back to my usual routine,
on days when it's missing, I'm hardly seen,
at meetings, or walking, my usual stuff,
so, I'm going to get started, 'til I've had enough.

I'll begin by going to "that other web site",
push all the buttons, I've got it down right,
purple, green, blue, orange, and pink,
that's it I've got it, at least I think.

Be good to your neighbor, Live and Let Live,
you know we all have something to give;
just don't be ungrateful, or don't be a thief;
what you have to give, shouldn't be grief!


Monday, May 31, 2010

Sleeping in...

...was easy, until midnight anyway,
that's when I was up, ready to meet the day;
the weather cooperates, ain't that really cool,
when you walk in the parade, that's a useful tool.

We'll march today in groups, vets of each war,
it's not so much for us, or, what we're marching for;
it's to honor those who can't, they paid the mortal price,
some gave us all - the ultimate sacrifice.

Thank a vet!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is it...

....Sunday already? That doesn't seem right,
we just started Saturday, it seems like;
time moves along at an unusual pace,
faster and faster, like cars in a race.

Yesterday was Hollie Day, just so you know,
she had a whole list of places to go,
smaller than usual, but mind changing galore,
lots of stuff to do, maybe, she wasn't sure. it's decided - which order to follow,
work on the computer, print pictures - not hard to swallow;
put each on paper, trim them just so!
Okay now they're ready. Head out! Go!!

First stop, Dunkin' Donuts, new stuff to try,
a twisted bagel, iced coffee, nothing to fry;
then to Wal-Mart like a homecoming queen,
go the the magazines - don't get in between!

Look at tha Dad! Heard over and over,
what color paper for Miley? I ain't rolling in clover,
put stuff together - try different ways;
don't stop me now! My minds in a haze.

Staples out - fold, cut, punch and glue,
all in the backseat while she talks to you,
it's quite a show too, it's easy to watch,
don't know how she does it as she continues to talk.

Next, the great Mecca - office super store...
we get some parking up close to the door.
She's out and running - storm trooper advance,
don't get in front! You won't stand a chance!

Projects completed, some doubles too,
but we have coupons, cut the cost right in two;
back to the car, examine each one,
just making sure, that the job is well done.

Here we go now, right to the Mall,
there are things waiting there - she knows them all.
Into the Sears store, as hard as it is,
looking for T-shirts, Hollie's all biz.

Found a nice T-shirt but the neck isn't right,
look over in Mens - this won't be tight,
then on the way to pay for her shirt,
a row of Hello Kitty bags! Shes' hit pay dirt!

It was made for adults, so it looks really nice,
black with pink stuff, and kitty, and not a bad price.
Do you like my new bag, dad? Over and over,
she asked me 12 times a mile - over and over.

The we head to the restaurant - she wants to eat,
but she changes her mind, directions - back seat.
Into Tim Hortons - it's still breakfast time too,
a nice biscuit sandwich, yogurt, iced coffee - times two.

She's all done! She's ready to head for home,
stuff is all done - there's no need to roam;
so not a bad day, she's happy, had fun,
and, and, didn't spend much! Son of a gun!!

Enjoy the day!!