Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks....

Part of Kings Canyon-click
...California, we could spend time, shooting the breeze,
but it would be better spent, looking at some trees,
no ordinary trees, these are big ones here, and old;
General Sherman is 400, or so I've been told.

The setting is magnificent, probably quite rare,
add to that some sunshine and healthy mountain air;
a little running water, the tinkle or a brook,
so, take a few pictures, or even write a book!
A grove of Sequoia trees-click
Babb's Creek full of melting snow-click
Sequoias in the snow-click

Friday, April 1, 2011

Scotts Bluff National Monument....

From a distance - click
...Nebraska, for those who moved west, along the busy Trails,
this was a huge landmark, to see that no one fails;
there were others too but none so sure to see,
it towered over the landscape, for those westerners to be.

Sandstone whipped by wind, eroded over time,
the stronger rock left to stand, to become this hopeful sign;
pioneers needed new land, or the adventure of the mines,
they depended like a sailor and a lighthouse, for these landmark signs.
A "Landship" and the 'bluff' - click
Mitchell Pass, an important goal
Seen from another angle

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site...

The Site as it looks now, reconstructed-click
..Massachusetts, back about sixteen hundred fifty-one,
when the Scots at the Battle of Worcester had not won;
8000 Scottish Prisoners of War all were deported to work indentured labor,
one of them Peter Grant, I'm told is my ancestor, he was a good neighbor.

So not only Africans came over this way,
that how things were back in the day;
at this site they worked cutting wood for the furnace to blast,
melting the ore so things could be cast.
The 'mill' that housed the forges-click
The furnace where the ore was melted down-click
A forge with bellows-there were several-click

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fort Vermilion...

Seen from the air
...Alberta, here's a town that's been here since 1788,
they still grow good grain here, that helps pay the freight;
so before you get all dizzy when you start to think...
..of the worst that could happen, yes, there's a hockey rink!

This is an historic village judging from its age,
and there are museums to show what was all the rage..
..back in time the Hudson Bay Company was here to trade..
..with the trappers, now is rodeo and a parade.
Hunting and fishing are good in this area
Saint Josephs Catholic Church, interesting building.
Sunset on the Peace River in Fort Vermilion

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area....

Fog in from the Pacific Ocean - click
...California, a surprise for some, to find this so close to the big city,
Los Angeles must be proud, to have this close and pretty;
for hiking or walking, maybe camping out,
this is the place, give it a shout.

Rescued I'm sure from the development craze,
this is a place to spend summer days,
walking the trails, there are other things too,
for those of us who want other things to do.
There is a section right on the coast - click
The Hiking Grotto, Circle X Ranch (the original owners)
Paramount Ranch - former movie lot for Paramount Studios - click
this part is separate from the main park by only a few miles

Monday, March 28, 2011

Santa Fe Trail....

Click to enlarge, the red line is the Santa Fe Trail
There was a time in history, before railroads and all that, now don't get confused,
if you wanted to go from Missouri to New Mexico, this was the "road" you used;
hook you wagon to the mules, of oxen may pull it too,
get set for quite a trip, and you had a lot to do.

This is how the west was settled, on group at a time,
and these trails were popular, you had to wait in line.
You took your wagon, family too and livestock by the way;
it was slow they had to eat, and you didn't carry hay.
This was one piece of the puzzle - click
Wildflowers along the way - click
A Memorial and celebration, very nice. - click

Sunday, March 27, 2011

San Juan Island National Historical Park...

American Camp (explained below)
...Washington. The US and Great Britain in 1859, on the verge of war..
on this very island, over a dead pig, looked out the window and saw..
..that maybe there are better ways to settle the matter,
and we don't know who...had the pig on a platter.

A treaty was signed to indicate the "wars" end, and the camps emptied out,
Kaiser Wilhelm II oversaw the peace, back then he had clout;
so the place is preserved for all of us to go sea,
just how dumb a pigs death can be.

(It's also a nice place to the Orcas' or Killer Whales from shore)
The British Camp-formal gardens and all.
Orcas' with Mount Baker, Cascade Range in the distance
The prairie, Cascades in the distance, there is a significant collection of rare wildflowers on the Island