Saturday, January 9, 2010


....was no line at the Red Cross,
so they were happy that I came across;
with a nice pint of blood, and it was red,
I was tired and spent 7 hours in bed!

I have not had my coffee, is this a habit?
and I want some coffee too, dagnabit!
It's almost time for that pot to go on,
then I'll get Hollie, and I'll be gone.

I think we're back on schedule, with her visit,
the holiday times, it's hard to stick with it;
so those days are over, for a while, at least,
but more holidays will soon feed the beast.

That's the beast within us, we all have one,
happily mine still likes to have fun,
I've seen people so angry and void of life,
they have a beast, that thrives on strife.

We are the ones, lucky I guess,
with good beasts we have be bless,(ed)
we should be happly, that we can share,
by pushing buttons, to show that we care.

Have a good weekend, my days are the same,
since I no longer have to play the work game,
but some people are at it still,
pumping more taxes into the till.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Good morning...

...the sun will arrive today,
it may shine brightly, that's what 'they' say;
probably it will do us all good,
of course, the wind is cold, winter as it should.

My back feels much better, so far,
going to put a new seat cushion in the car,
probably my age is catching up, again;
I'm in good shape, for where I've been.

But! I can still push buttons, or various colors,
purple, pink, blue, orange and others,
it's so easy for us to do,
all on one page, just a second or two.

Easy Does It, but do it, that's the way,
to get things done, try it today,
don't sit and worry about what to do,
go ahead, try it, it'll work for you.

Coffee to make now!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


...I made the trip to Presque Isle,
it went well....for a while;
the trip up, was really good,
all went the way things should.

On the return things began to crack;
sure enough, there went the back!
Doggone thing, it really hurt,
the pain was steady, not in a spurt.

There are only two places to stop,
along the 140 mile hop;
so getting out and walking around,
at least kept me on the right side of the ground.

A short walk after getting near home,
helped to relieve some pain in the bone,
a hot patch felt really good,
I went to bed, just like I should.

It's a little better today,
but I have one thing left to say,
I will get for my car, a pad for my seat,
with massage, and best of all, heat!

And while I seem to have some time,
I'll pust them buttons, make them mine,
all of them, even the Forest of Rain,
maybe that will help the pain.

I'll be fine, I want you to know,
some times things happen, I'm telling you so;
a little walking, the new car seat,
I'll be in shape, in no time, Neat!

Don't forget to care about others,
mothers, daughters, sisters, brothers,
all deserving of our care,
maybe even a little prayer.

Smile, I have coffee!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


...will be a travel day, up to the County,
there ain't no better way, to see natures bounty.
But yesterday, while I stayed home and played,
Linda and Hollie went down the coast, unafraid.

But in the end, they had some recreation,
but at the start, it was no vacation.
Some days, I guess, things just go like that,
other time it's different, simple as that.

I'm at a loss of words, only been up a half hour,
no coffee yet, I have to wait, my brain needs a scour;
so I guess I'll keep it short, and give you all a break,
you've probably been waiting for me to go jump in the lake.

But I will push the buttons, for causes great and small,
they are all important, but my favorite of all,
is the feed the critters, I can have a ball,
if we care for them, we care for us all.

Some times there are people, who aren't like us at all,
that doesn't mean they're different, well...aren't we all?
They may have a nationality, race, or something to give,
who are we to judge? Live and Let Live.

FYI  Clicking buttons:  In the last year there were enough "pushes" to give 6,986 mamograms, and 92 million bowls of pet food.  It works, if you work it.
Smile!  It's coffee time!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


...for coffee again, and it's not hot,
I think, for one thing, this happens a lot,
maybe it's some kind of criminal plot;
or my minds not right, notice the NOT.

Quiet day yesterday, got in a walk,
went to a meetings, lots of nice talk,
worked on the "sheep", a total wreck,
I'll try them again - oh what the heck!

Today will be quiet too, but a normal start,
walking a little - it's good for your heart;
starting a new project, drawing today,
antique tractor, what else can I say?

I'll take time this morning to push a button or two,
hope everlasting, that you will too!
Those critters depend, every day, on us,
we will come through, they trust.

Rome wasn't built in one single day,
that's a old saw that "they" used to say,
I think it's another way, a bubble to burst,
it is this: First Things First!

Coffee's on! Yipee!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Why is it....

....that when I get up at ten,
that in a while, I'd go back to bed again;
this doesn't happen every time,
I'll stop right now, no reason to whine.

We had some snow in past couple of days,
it was about fourteen inches, left me in a daze;
I tried to snowshoe, and sunk right in,
when it get's colder, I'll try it again.

But today is Monday and the roads are clear,
headed to town, by car not reindeer,
walking, oh boy, and a meeting too,
that really suits me, and I hope you too.

And before I go to the outside door,
I'll push all those buttons, I've done it before;
and let's make a wish, one that can come true,
the critters are fed, thanks to you!

Sometimes things in a sequence confuse,
you can't figure out which, when or whose;
here is a saying, and it's not preverse,
just do it this way, First Things First.

Mondays are good!

Lindas Snowman

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I think….

….I'll go to Florida, and get out of the snow,
the only trouble is - I don't know how to go,
if I can find the way, it wouldn't do any good,
just found out in Florida, they don't even burn wood.

Something is so wrong there -- I can hardly catch my breath,
if they don't burn any wood, won't they freeze to death?
What's that you say? It doesn't get that cold?
Don't expect me to believe that! Even though I'm old.

Maybe, then, I'll stay right here and put up a good fight,
at least here I am sure that I'll be warm at night.
And if it's always sunny, and I don't believe that at all;
How could you tell if it was summer, or maybe even fall?

It must be some awful, to have no seasons at all,
I think if I lived there, I'd break right down and bawl;
and what do people do, down in all that heat,
the food must be awful, 'cause the heat will spoil the meat.

Oh! They got refrigeration? Well, that makes a difference then,
that takes care of the food, but what about us men?
Air conditioners you say? Just imagine that,
probably so cold - you would have to wear a hat!

Guess if I had my druthers I'd choose to stay right here,
anyways in the fall - we can always hunt for deer,
but maybe just a small vacation, that might be alright;
but will all that sun out, how do you sleep at night?