Saturday, March 27, 2010

It was....

...a Hollie Day similar to most,
and if you're not in a hurry, then you're just toast;
you need to run like the dickens just to keep up,
and that's a hard job, I'm no young pup.

She's always ready to pop out the door,
C'mon dad what are we waiting for,
let's go to Tim Hortons, the Main Street one,
iced coffee, yogurt and danish, just for fun.

I don't need to tell you was happened next,
or maybe I do, if you haven't followed my text,
it's Wal-Mart of course, for a new magazine,
there's always at least one that I haven't seen.

Then the redundant pulling of staples,
I wish for loose leaf, and floors of maples,
get out the paper, colors are there, in sheets of two,
pull apart pages, fold them up tight, turn over and apply glue.

Then to the "mecca" of hot machine,
Eric is ready, his wit is keen,
Hollie produces the required number of five,
and Eric encases each one, to make sure they survive.

Eric tells Hollie, something is wrong with that,
this guy Bieber is wearing a Yankees hat,
that's good for a laugh, phtooey the Yanks,
but she likes it and others, gee Eric, thanks.

Next up is Target, some Hello Kitty stuff,
if she had it all, it wouldn't be enough,
so now there are Easter eggs, plastic ones though,
it does'nt matter, Daddy's got dough.

Now, how about Wal-Mart, the other one dad,
do you ever get the feeling, that you've been had?
Look here's Alan Jackson, a new CD,
and just what else might those sharp eyes see.

A sandwich for lunch, a drink and some chips,
out she walks, doing mental back flips,
oh, dad there's a video over at Borders,
dad's secretly glad there are only two daughters.

Lighthouses of Maine, as seen from the air,
different indeed, and really quite rare,
and the cover of course is destined for heat,
if you laminate stuff, it just can't be beat.

I think that completes each and every event,
just wanted to tell you how the day went,
it was more of the same, with little different,
and it was all the same place, to which we went.

So, today I'll relax, and stay by the stove,
it's windy outside, and downright cold,
but I'll go walking, two hats and hand heat,
just need to keep moving my feet.

The coffee's good!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday already...

...gee, that was fast, but time really doesn't fly,
that's for the birds, some squirrels can get by;
and of course the ever popular airplanes, fly really well,
I don't know about hand-baskets on the way to hell.

Well, I slept in a bit, or maybe not,
11:30 seems to be kind of on the spot;
I'll be glad I rested in a few more hours,
it's Hollie Day, and some snow showers.

I don't expect and change at all today, from what I've seen,
from so, how you been to a new magazine;
and of course the visit to the Palace of Hot Plastic,
that one won't be skipped, it should be fantastic.

It's almost time to put the coffee on,
you know I'm just running here with blinders on,
the brew will be welcome and it's almost time,
some of you have yours, and damnit I want mine.

Meanwhile I push some buttons, that's something to do,
I like the purple best, how about you,
the little doggies and kitties like to eat,
and our way is so easy, it just can't be beat.

Most things have a way, in which they must be done,
and it's always best to start, right at step one,
that may not make it easy, but it's tried and true,
so maybe Easy Does It, applies here too!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

There was...

...plenty or the rain and snow, that I don't like,
three hundred eighty miles, most of it on the 'pike;
not a day for travel, we went just the same,
to a designated place, so she could leave Maine.

Rhonda the older daughter is on her way home,
headed back to Florida, never more to roam,
we had a great visit with her and the others,
I think it's a special thing, especially for mothers.  (dad's too)

There wasn't much walking done, between the drops and flakes,
at least there's no need to worry, about attacks from snakes,
just a little here and there, round and through a store,
todays the first time in many, my feet aren't too sore.

I was glad to get back, to our humble home,
just in time to answer another silent phone;
why does the damn thing ring when there's nobody there?
Of course I just hang up! But, I have to leave my chair!

This morning I think it's time to push one or two....
...of those pretty buttons, won't you join me too;
there are plenty to choose from, which one is the best?
That's an easy answer, push them all, and take a rest.

If you see a person in clothes torn and threadbare,
what is there that you can do, to show them that you care?
Donate to a shelter, food pantry, you can give,
helping another thats: Live and Let Live.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's still...

...raining, I'd hoped to catch a break,
some time before the state becomes a deep lake,
maybe a little later, the deluge will stop,
but, in the meantime, stay close to a mop!

Driving down to the southern part later today,
it's time for my daughter to get underway,
so we're leaving early, that's later for me,
I was up at 11:30PM, morning/night you see.

We'll take time for breakfast/lunch depending on who,
thinks it's mealtime, lunch for me, breakfast for you.
I'm going to miss the meeting, place to start the "day",
but I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully, whole in every way.

And tell me why in the world I'd get a postcard,
from the Census Bureau, trying hard,
to get me to mail stuff in right away, why do they thirst?
how can I answer, who'll live here April first?  (it's March 23rd)

Why not take time to vist, the button pushing site,
I'm going to keep pushing until I get it right,
should I start with the yellow, or maybe the pink,
take time to write me, tell me what you think.

Time to make the coffee!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What.... the world is going one? Maybe it's my mind that's gone,
it's an unusual event, up at one, or just before, yes it's gone.
I don't understand a whole lot of this sleep stuff,
I guess I just needed, somehow, to get enough.

This could be one crazy day,
I'll proably wish the rain goes away,
it'll sure interfere with a good walking plan,
I need to find a way out of that jam.

But if I don't walk, the world will not end,
I'll need to work to get my will to bend.
That will take effort, and a whole lot of thought.
Rain? Oh my! What hath God wrought?

Guess I better go and check in,, zero in,
choose a color, their across to top,
the colors are bright, make the page pop.

Time to make the coffee.

Monday, March 22, 2010


...Monday, without it not much gets done,
all the workers work, under the gun,
now that's really different from my point of view,
I had always enjoyed working, with exceptions too.

Retirement is boring when Monday rolls around,
there's nothing to complain about, still, no sound,
I really don't miss any of that stuff,
by the final retirement, I had had enough!

Now, Monday's a blessing, life begins again, up from the null,
sometimes on weekends things are very dull;
unless your teams playing and the games are on TV,
the news isn't newsy and there's not much else to see.

But on this past weekend, Congress left a seat,
trying like crazy to finally use their feet,
try to work together, not much chance of that,
argue, fight, argue - now that's old hat.

Settle their differences, not a chance in hell,
but this time they voted - quick! Ring the bell,
a bill has been passed, nothing short of historic,
but no celebration.  Everyone is stoic.

Finally there's insurance for the uninsured,
help for the out of work, some help has been restored,
but the vote was one sided, there is still disillustion,
some would rather fight, then be part of the solution.

So many differences, sadly won't be undone,
the United States Congress - just doesn't get it done,
patisan politics - truly sad to see,
does it bother you? Or, is it just me?

So life goes on, piece meal as it is,
and Congress struggles to show a little fizz;
the system seems to be broken, is there a fix?
vote them out or vote them in, it's a awful mix!

But I'll still go my way, it's my life after all,
try to help others, pride goes before the fall,
if you don't believe it, ask Tiger how that works,
he's finally getting started, by fits and jerks.

You and I can push the buttons, a daily chore,
then we'll help others, add to our score,
what's you favorite color, yellow or pink?
Mine is the purple, at least that's what I think.

If you see a person, down trodden and sad,
who doesn't want your help, sullen and bad;
maybe it's your Representative to Congress that you see,
they should be digusted, just like you and me.

The coffees good.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

She did...

...a quick assesment of the materials at hand,
trying to fit them into her master plan,
she was quite satisfied with the magazine,
it was, after all, the one I'd bought she had seen.

Of course there was the usual exhange to be had,
a pause in her work, " you been dad",
then the decisions started to be made,
what color goes with each photo, it's a part of the 'parade'.

The colors were decided after much exchange,
if it's a black and white, you need a brighter shade,
that done, let's turn our attention to a 'snack',
file in to Dunkin' Donuts, feed the attack.

A sandwich with hashbrowns, iced coffee too,
and a donut saved for later, a snack enough for two.
Then we're off the Wal-Mart, countdown to begin,
magazine for Friday, small bucket, you been?

Dad, this can't be glued, the clip boards not here,
quick let's go to Target, they must have something there;
indeed, a few items later - included a tray,
now there's a surface to work on, after all this isn't play!

Drive over to Staples, small wait for them to open,
and we need to finish items, glue, press, cut, nothings broken,
now the doors are open, things pick up a beat,
hurry to the copy center, the mood starts to heat.

Eric is working, he knows Hollie well,
he's already got the machine hotter than hell,
soon each paper is encased in a plastic shell,
eight items later - saved by the bell.

Now it's off to Bull Moose Music, where she had seen...
....something she needed on a shelf in between...
...stacks of music, and of DVD's, she found..
..Raven does something, it's in her hand, safe and sound.

A walk in the mall follows, stores aren't open yet,
just some exercise - 'cause that's hard to get;
looking in the window she sees a pup,
covered with peace signs, it's hard to pass it up.

Now the short drive, over to Union Street,
Dad I need one more, she's on a hot streak,
that done, it's time for lunch Subway's right there,
and she learns that they'll serve breakfast, plans are in the air.

Next, an Easter present, a Boston Red Sox sweat,
zipper down the front, a hood too, that's what we get.
Dad! There's a purse, Hello Kitty - peace sign too,
the price is not bad, in the bag, just for you.

Then the fun is over, time to slow the pace,
"home James, spare the horses, there's no need to race,
she's mighty happy, oh, the fun she had,
it's pretty nice - when it's all on Dad!

Coffee's ready.