Saturday, March 13, 2010

It was....

...a girls day out, that didn't go as planned,
I wasn't involved and I am glad that I had no hand... the whole thing.  I was the lucky one again;
to have avoided this and what might have been.

Hollie doesn't do well when a duo becomes three,
and we don't know why, and how would we;
I guess the answer is just to avoid three,
and keep it a two, I guess that works for me.

So I stayed a home, just hanging around,
worked on the rooster, computers with sound,
it was just a kind of lazy day,
not much work and not much play.

Walking the morning - that's what I need,
get the brain and the body back up to speed,
take in the scenery out in the dark,
you can't see much, just trees with their bark.

But before I go do "all that",
I'm going to do something that's become old hat,
push a few buttons, and encourage you too,
purple, green, orange, pink, yellow and blue.

The coffee is good!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The old...

...hat is at it again,
today's not for sleeping in,
up at eleven today, not at one,
I wonder how all of this is done.

Today's a Hollie Day, that's for sure,
I can hear her now as she gets in the door, you been dad, one simple statement,
opens the door to hurried excitement.

A 'girls day out' that is the plan,
I'll just be the pickup wheel man,
then I'll stay home, work on a project,
a rooster, this time, is the central object.

I'm waiting for coffee, smells good too,
it's too bad I can't share it with you,
well, I can in spirit, but we're not in the same place,
but you're always welcome, come join the race.

Now I'm going to push buttons too,
that's the very least I can do,
you've heard me preach that message to you,
so what's good for the goose, the gander does too.

Keeping thing simple, doesn't have to be hard,
but it's knowing just when to play the right card,
it doesn't mean that nothing gets done,
it's picking the task, and doing the right one.

Coffee's on!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

There's... explanation for the way that I sleep,
but sleeping until one in the morning, am I in too deep?
What in the world would cause stuff like that?
but bouncing hours are becoming old hat.

So it's now past one thirty, in the AM,
and I've not had coffee, ahem, ahem,
so while I'm waiting you'll just have hang in,
while I compose without paper or pen.

There's not a lot to write about now,
the doctors appointment went well, there was no WOW!
just a routine screening, nothing too neat,
but I was there because of my feet.

Now I know what shoes to buy,
to use while I'm walking, maybe nearby,
I have been doing five or six miles...
...every day, gives me lots of smiles.

Now while I'm waiting for coffee to brew,
I'll pick a color between red and blue,
I know that makes purple, that one's for pets,
pushing those buttons, see how good it gets?

Smile! Sunshine!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It would.... hard to say if the day was good or bad,
I walked seven and a half miles, that's some good I had,
the meeting I attended was super start to end,
but something of Peggy at the doctors, sent me around the bend.

The shopping I did after a much needed lunch,
and getting home with the stuff, was a refreshing punch,
cold and delicious descripes the punch I had,
oh so much better after the experience that was sad.

But today is going to be some improvement over that,
the morning will be busy, but that's almost old hat,
walking, coffee, meeting: pretty structered stuff,
but add a trip to a foot doc, that should be enough.

But a phone call from the judge of probate court will be,
the cap of the day, why's she want to talk to me?
That will be interesting; a hearing held by phone,
I'll have a comfortable seat, it's right inside my home.

But before all that, before the coffee even,
I'm going to punch some buttons, six all even steven.
They are all in color across your screen too,
try the purple, green, yellow, pink and don't forget the blue.

Sometimes you'll meet a person who's not your cup of tea,
let's face it Pilgrim, they're not all like you and me,
some folks are just like us, but to some we have to give...
...a handshake and a chair, let's Live and Let Live.

Time to make the coffee.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is...

...contageous, this sleeping in thing,
it's become commonplace, being in the ring,
and I'm not sure I like it, but it's nice in a way,
learn to accept it, like I always say.

So now it's after midnight, coffee's in the works,
and my thought process is in it's starts and jerks,
my brain must feel lonesome, trying to go,
sometimes I think I have one, only for the show.

Yesterday the weather, perfect start of spring,
sunshine and warm temps, that were sure to bring...
...smiles to our faces, eyes shadowed from the sun,
and now on television promises of another one.

I got some walking in about six and a half miles,
with just a fleece jacket and a hat, my what styles!
It was nice to walk without a bundle of heavyweight...
....stuff, that made the walking simply great.

So, today I have plans that include a walk,
coffee and a meeting, listen to the talk,
take Peggy to the doctor, little more to do,
library and Hollies credit union too.

Then it's off for some shopping, people have to eat,
all and all together, not a loathsome feat.
Most of that stuff is easy and doesn't take too long,
but, then again, tomorrow will be another song.

Coffee, mmmmmmmmm

Monday, March 8, 2010

Who knew...

....that sleeping late was habit forming?
Lazy bag of bones - can't get up in the morning?
This eleven-thirty stuff, something to get used to?
Maybe I should, I don't know what else to do.

I'm waiting for my coffee, gosh that thing seems slow,
and hope's alive for good weather, just a glancing blow,
so nothing bad until the weekend, then it's only showers;
the whole United States would like weather like ours!

Yesterday I was back on track, established a routine,
walking six miles wasn't even mean,
but I forgot Peggys paper and scratch off tickets too,
so instead of once in town, I had to make it two.

Today the routine's established, once more, for good,
I'll go and do five miles, like I know I should,
and I'll get to a meeting, something I have missed,
and if I didn't go today, well, I'd be P---ed!

Oh, that coffee's good, pat myself on the back,
just the way I like it, it's strong and it's black,
I don't need no cow stuff, like milk or cream,
nothing from a sugar cane- if you know what I mean.

All those fancy coffee shops with brews from stange lands,
don't have anything on plain coffee, made with my own hands;
they can keep their lattes, frappes and all that crap,
I'll just drink plain coffee and avoid a money trap.

Now --- how about we take a look at colors, the lesson should stick,
You now know the routine about which ones to pick,
purple, green, blue, red, orange or yellow,
push until it makes you feel really mellow.

Easy Does It, sound easy does it?
Well it's really not you know so easy does it,
you still have to do it,
but Easy Does It!

Nice warm weather!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


....for the coffee, it's that time of day,
after sleeping in, boy! I really hit the hay!
Maybe I was tired, with all the activity,
got those kids up here, it was fun to see.

Three of the four, here all in one day,
doesn't happen often, or in that way,
we had a great lunch, but the dogs couldn't go,
so we had to eat without Gizmo or Frodo.

Frodo likes the snow, he plows with his nose,
rolls around, going nuts, his enthusiasm shows,
'Mo just likes to stand back, on his haunches he sits,
he takes no part, doesn't think it fits.

Hollie was happy to see everyone,
of course she's always open to a little fun,
she was surprised to see her sister home,
then when she knew Jon was here, it thrilled her to the bone.

And Rhonda, of course, was glad to see them all,
Darlene and Jon, and Hollie standing tall,
they enjoyed the company of each other,
all watched over, by a very loving mother.

So, that's how the day went, we had a good time,
that's quite a bunch, that family of mine,
now it's after one, in the morning that is,
sleeping in on Sunday, coffee's on, no fizz.

I think I'll go push buttons, a daily chore,
push them all, no favorites for sure,
and I know you'll join me, in that simple task,
it's fast and it's easy, not too much to ask.

If you are approaching, the end of your rope,
and if your lost, with no sense of hope,
go right up to the end, then tie a knot,
just hang on tight, ask for help, fear not.

Coffee's on!