Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gettin up... eleven fifteen;
seems normal, if you know what I mean,
I've done it for so long,
maybe the rest of you are wrong.

Maybe, but I kind of doubt it, you see;
there's many of you, but only me,
but, of course, we never know;
when the "early bug" makes a show.

Yesterday walking was fine,
the streetlights are back on the line,
I didn't see my buddy the little critter,
would one of you please, put that on twitter.

But what I did remember to do,
feed the critters. How 'bout you?
have you gone on line, have you seen,
the purple button, on your screen?

Got anybody giving you trouble?
Something about to burst your bubble?
Well never fear, the answer is clear;
Live and Let Live, my dear!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sleeping in......

....past midnight is a huge event,
and it makes me wonder, where the time is went,
no going to bed late can explain this thing;
maybe it was time, or else I broke my wiring.

Anyway I guess I'm rested, ready for the day,
but let's talk about yesterday first, okay?
I had another run in, with that dad burned skunk,
saw him first, and crossed the road, and away he slunk.

I really am not anxious to meet his friends,
but there's no way of knowing what he pretends,
he might try being friendly, one never knows,
but, I think, that's not usually how it goes.

Today a little walking, me foot is kind of sore,
so maybe three miles, no less and no more;
and of course a meeting, looking forward to that,
just don't let me see, that thing that thinks he a cat.

And Peggy needs to go, shopping and all that,
so right after the meeting, that's where I'll be at,
shouldn't take to awful long to get all that stuff done,
then it's off to home, and get some errands done.

And in case you forget, this is a reminder,
push the button for the critters, nothing could be kinder.
And if your having, some kind of little fit,
just try to remember: Easy Does It!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Have you...

...had one of those days,
where, it seems, you're lost in a daze?
I think one of those happened to me,
yesterday was kind of wasted you see.

Oh the morning went really well,
the numbers on the pedometer swell;
and the meeting was really good;
people doing what people should.

But after that is kind of downhill,
sort of like taking a "waste-a-day" pill!
I had a new battery put in the car,
but there was a mix up, before they went too far.

The battery that was on the listed in the book,
for the car was wrong, you could tell by the look;
the terminal posts were in the wrong place,
so the battery used was like the one it replace(d).

Then I had to wait for what seemed like hours,
to pick up Peggy for an appointment - hers not ours,
even after I took her I had to wait longer,
back to walking, the number (pedometer) looked stronger.

So...after doing all that, that was nothing,
I got to go home, sit and do nothing.
The day really wasn't a waste at all,
it was me that needed to get on the ball.

So today even after getting up at eleven,
I'll need to do better at just plain livin'
Walking and going to a great meeting,
will keep me in practice, for giving a greeting.

I'll change my outlook on the use of time,
maybe make some good habits mine;
but if I just keep putting along,
it's really okay, I did nothing wrong.

I did remember to visit the site,
and give those critters a bit to bite,
and if you want to, why not belong,

And while you're at it, please don't forget,
if you're in a program you will not regret;
the past is something you may look back on,
but now, with a groups help, you're really strong.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pepe le Pew

Walking in the rain, with an umbrella,
I barely missed this little fella;
saw him just as he raised his tail,
I jumped to the street, a new trail.
I thought, oh my gosh! yipes!
that little "kitty" has stripes!
really glad I saw that skunk,
if I hadn't I sure would have stunk!
Also in yesterday news,
we went to Greenville to see the views,
oh my! it was the best of the season,
Rockwood and Little Moose was the reason.
And I have big plans for today,
walking, coffee and meeting on the way,
Peggy's appointment, maybe some lunch,
I'll be hungry, but that's just a hunch.
Please feed the small critters, they need your help,
just listen to their meow, woof and yelp.
It's fast and it's easy, simple to do,
do it now, they're depending on you.
If you should happen upon a friend,
be sure to greet them, it's good to see you again,
and just be sure to be honest and true,
just let them know, "this chairs for you"!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have you...

....ever wondered why rain comes in streaks?
like how come it lasts, sometimes for weeks?
I could learn it, you know, if I wanted to bother,
but it'll be over before there's another.

I am not one who loves the wet stuff,
after one morning I've had enough;
but I can't stop it, I have no say,
about what kind of weather, we'll have today.

I hope to go walking, a couple of miles more,
maybe it'll have to be in a store,
or maybe not, it's going to stop,
don't go in the store, if you're not going to shop.

And I want to go, go to a meeting,
this very day, and I'll get a greeting;
come in have a seat, anyone will do,
oh wait, this chairs for you.

Please go and push that nice purple thing,
it's a button, give it a ring.
Feed those small critters, for crying out loud;
and you will make yourself feel proud.

Now back to the rain, that pain in the a$$,
how about saying, "this too shall pass";
there, now don't you feel better,
it's going to get cold, go get a sweater.


Monday, September 28, 2009

It's hard have acceptance on a day like this,
maybe the best thing to do, is act like a fish.
And if the rain keeps coming, it's really going to suck;
but just think about it - it's why god made a duck!

Rainy days and Mondays, got you down?
causing your face to have a permanent frown?
Here's what can be done to fix this sordid mess;
point your finger to the sky, and make a good guess!

It's hard to adjust the attitude, it's a downright pain,
to listen to that singing fool - "singing in the rain";
it doesn't really matter if it's a little or a lot,
we will have to live with it - it's all that we've got!

Now I'll try to remember - I've been up since ten;
where the heck is that button? Where has it been?
Oh, there's the purple critter feeder, posted right there;
it will help you feed most anything with hair.

Remember Easy Does It, it's a good day for that;
and if the wind starts blowing, hold on to your hat.
And please try to just remember, there's nothing you can do,
make believe you're thirsty, and the rain is Mountain Dew!

Enjoy to day

Sunday, September 27, 2009


...what a night! I slept in shifts,
guess it was one of life's little gifts;
I was awake for an hour between 8 and 9,
then there was sleep, so sublime.

I didn't get up until eleven forty-five,
just in time for a new day to arrive.
Maybe I was a little tired,
from the walks yesterday, when I was wired.

I went to take part in "Memory Walk",
met a new friend, we walked and had talk,
there were walkers there in very large numbers,
singles, like me, and groups in large numbers.

I got in a total of seven and one-half miles,
man I was into it, with lots of smiles;
of course I was useless the rest of the day,
now what was that question? What did you say?

I did, just before writing this, push, not pry,
the big purple button, please give it a try,
feed all the critters, all who survive,
with friends like you to keep them alive.

Maybe you'd like to have less stress in your life,
or maybe you'd like to live with less strife;
Think about going to a 12 step meeting, to sit,
and after the meeting, think about it.