Saturday, July 21, 2012

You never know

Gooches Beach, Kennebunk Maine click to enlarge
  Sometimes looking through photos can be interesting and fun. and both have extensive photo collections sent in be people all over the place.  Scenic and weather conditions of all kinds, shapes and sizes.  The Nevada photo (below) caught my eye first, it's just a tiny bit different than some others.
  One morning this week there was a rainbow in Bangor, right over the airport it looked like.  I thought it was a bit unusual because the sun rise wasn't yet complete.  Maybe maybe now.
  I worked on the painting yesterday, but it doesn't look much different than before, I plan to do more today, tear myself away from the "games on TV", and work on it.
Nipton Road, Searchlight Nevada 07-13-12. click to enlarge, really.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Makes me wonder..

  I didn't do any 'project' work yesterday but I stayed busy.  I had an appointment, but late in the morning (for me) at 9:00AM.  I walked 7.5 miles before see the good Dr. Brewer.  Linda, my wife, had a 10:40AM appointment, so I went home and got her!  We then went to another doctors office for her to make an appointment, then over to Hollies house to deliver some more things for the house.
  When all that was done and we came home there was the end of the Tour de France and The Open Championship (British Open) to watch.  Also I wanted to see video of the two 3 run homers for the Red Sox the night before (I found it too).  Mr. Ross hit another three run homer for the Boston team last night.
  Any way no work got done.  Today I have to take Peggy to an 8:30 appointment.  There is no end in sight I guess.
  Take a look at this:

This is one camera left on (lens open) for 3 years!  Mr. Brad Goldpaint does some wonderful things.
I found this photo at there are others too.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maybe I'm getting the message....

Second days work done - click to enlarge
  I have noticed a 50-60% drop in readership when I use the word "Projects" in the label for my blog.  I guess when this one is done I'll drop that word.  Or I could still show you my project and not put that word in.  What do you think? (use the comment 'envelope' at the bottom).
  More walking yesterday, I am averaging about 6.5 miles a day for the month, I'll keep it that way as long as I can.  I still remember a few years ago I was walking 7 to 10 miles without a problem, that was then this is now.
  The Team pleased Red Sox Nation last night, with Cody Ross enjoying 2 home runs, each hit with 2 men on base, so 2 homers 6 runs batted in.  That's a good night for anyone, even in the pros.
  Well, time for some breakfast and a nice walk, the front finally passed through and the air is a whole lot better:)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is it open or closed?

Bobcat goes to jail.   ABC  News photo
  There was a bobcat that felt naughty, so he went to jail.  In Washington State the bobcat made his way through a small hole in the wire.  The little critter was tranquilized and released.  Maybe next time he gets an urge to be punished he will pick a fight with something bigger than he is.
FDNY photo; looking down an elevator shaft.
  A parking attendant in New York City drove the car to the elevator in a parking garage, the door opened and he and a passenger drove in.  The elevator wasn't there so down the car went.  There were only minor injuries to the two people.  The New York Fire Department pulled the car the rest of the way down with ropes, I'm guessing there was a bit of damage but the car was totaled anyway.
  While I was writing this a fly got on the screen.  It's a touch screen computer so the fly took the cursor away, now I've got to hunt him down, I don't appreciate flies.
  My brother in law, Thom, dropped in yesterday.  He brought his new Ford Mustang Convertable, nice black, top line car.  Thom won the car in a Kellogg's contest.  He did let me drive it for a couple of miles, very nice.  I was kind of dissapointed when he didn't offer to let me keep it :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hey! Why don't you watch where you're going?

Trouble?  Maine Turnpike Authority photo
  When you press the gas pedal instead of the clutch when down-shifting, this is the result.  Neither the driver of toll booth attendant were injured, the Honda CRV is a mess.  This is from the Portland Press Herald todays edition.
A beginning
  I think (that's dangerous) that you could see the tracing if you click to enlarge the photo.  I already need to undo the door, or part of it.  It was kind of time consuming to do this much for reasons even I don't understand.  It could be the weather, which hasn't been cooperative, that throws me off.  It could be damn near anything for that matter.  It's going to be another hot day today, then a cold front will arrive and cool things down to normal July temps.

Monday, July 16, 2012

There must be a way, maybe?

Old Village of Shaktoolik, Alaska.  The people have moved inland just
a bit to the New Village.  Looks like a future project.
  First the project.  I have made the initial tracing of the same house you saw before.  This time it's just the house, larger but without the vegetation.  If  that "works" then maybe I'll tackle some of those buildings up there.  I have are three photos sent by my daughter who is in contact with someone who lives in the "new" Shaktoolik.  The village was moved because of rising water and the old town was in danger of drowning.
  Second the Sleep stuff:  I have begun to wake earlier and earlier, again.  If any of you recall my time to get up used to be about 11:30PM, then it got advanced to 2AM, now I'm back to Midnight.  I do nap in the daytime, not much control of that.  I think that if I napped earlier it might be helpful.  This "Advanced Sleep Disorder" is genetic, and I'm right on schedule like my dad and grandfather.  I always think it would be nice to stay up longer like a "regular" person.  Maybe, maybe not.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm only going to write this once

  When you're born and grow up in northern New England it usually comes with an inborn dislike of the New York Yankees, usually.  I'm a Red Sox fan, my father and mother were Red Sox fans too.  I remember going to my grandparents farm on Sunday afternoons and hearing my father and my uncles Jack and Armand arguing with the familys only Yankee fan my Uncle Dick.  Personally I believe that Uncle Dick claimed to be a Yankee fan so he could argue with people, if you ever met him you'd know why I say that.  I also have a friend, Harry, who I have coffee with a couple of days a week, he's a Yankee fan and he grew up in "The County" (Aroostook) so how that ever happened is an unexplained mystery.  I'm not wholly convinced that he isn't like Uncle Dick anyway.
  Now I want to talk about the Yankees, the team I dislike.  They have had a long list of players who are counted among the greatest of all time, Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, Berra and on and on.  Currently they have the best, most complete ballplayer today, The Captain, Derek Jeter.  They also have names like Rodriguez and Grandeson to mention a few.  That team is in first place while the Red Sox linger in the netherworld of cellar, near cellar, cellar.
  It wasn't always this way they broke the mould in 2004 by winning the World Series, my 91 year old mother was "pleased as punch" that they won it for the first time in her life since she was 5.  There probably won't be any large celebrations this year for the Boston Red Sox, no trophy to show off, no ride in the 'duck boat parade', and no pennant to fly at Fenway Park.  But those other guys the much disliked Yankees could win it all.