Friday, July 20, 2012

Makes me wonder..

  I didn't do any 'project' work yesterday but I stayed busy.  I had an appointment, but late in the morning (for me) at 9:00AM.  I walked 7.5 miles before see the good Dr. Brewer.  Linda, my wife, had a 10:40AM appointment, so I went home and got her!  We then went to another doctors office for her to make an appointment, then over to Hollies house to deliver some more things for the house.
  When all that was done and we came home there was the end of the Tour de France and The Open Championship (British Open) to watch.  Also I wanted to see video of the two 3 run homers for the Red Sox the night before (I found it too).  Mr. Ross hit another three run homer for the Boston team last night.
  Any way no work got done.  Today I have to take Peggy to an 8:30 appointment.  There is no end in sight I guess.
  Take a look at this:

This is one camera left on (lens open) for 3 years!  Mr. Brad Goldpaint does some wonderful things.
I found this photo at there are others too.

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