Saturday, September 24, 2011

Just another day?

Piscataquis River in Fall from the Trestle Bridge, Medford Maine
It's raining this morning, the weather's not good,
the darn stuff just won't do, like I think it should;
but I can't control this train that I'm on,
the weather is fickle, it's here and it's gone.

But here are some photos from over the past couple of years,
that we have taken, in places we've given cheers;
all these are in Maine and personally seen,
and we've kept the lenses, well, almost clean.

We've Medford and Greenville even something from Troy,
guess we've been in the car - and found stuff to enjoy;'s raining today and for me that's too bad,
but it's only rain, not a cause to be sad:)
Near Greenville, Maine 2009
View from the Ward Hill Road, Troy, Maine 2010
On the way home from work, Medford Maine

Friday, September 23, 2011

It's official!

Garland Road, Dixmont Maine    Linda Grant photo
Well, it's official now, well by the time you read this,
Fall is here, at last, yea!  It's officially bliss;
some folks will worry - about the weather ahead,
but will have to have Fall too, at least we're not dead.

The leaves, they are changing to color so bright,
and the clock gets turned back, there'll be less light;
the temps will get lower, but, oh, what the heck,
let's get some chairs and go sit on the deck.

Now, today's weather is unusually warm here,
I was hoping for cooler, so I could cheer;
but what Ma Nature gives me, that's what I've got,
so, relax and enjoy - whether it's cold or it's hot!
Garland Road bog, a personal favorite.       Linda Grant photo
Dixmont seen from the Hog Hill Road, Dixmont             Linda Grant photo
Forest floor, North Road, Dixmont - lot's of colors in there!
Note:  These photos were not taken this year.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here we go, again.

Red rose of summer
It's the last rose of summer, on that bush out there,
you can take a look at it, or pretend you don't care;
that rose has a message, for us here where we are,
get the house ready for winter, and don't forget your car.

Autumn starts tomorrow, at 5:04AM sharp,
it might bear repeating, but I don't mean to harp;
that rose out there is fading, into the gray sky,
the poor thing doesn't understand, it doesn't matter why.

It's the last rose of summer, on that bush out there,
maybe I'll go visit, may even take a chair;
not that it will matter, this is the final straw,
it's the last rose of summer, Mother Nature has a law!
Time to cut the Peonies back
..and the Lilies too.
And the Catmint, summer is on the books.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New and old seasons

Fall starts on Friday
  Nothing stays the same for any length of time,
turn the clocks ahead and back -- that ain't worth a dime;
there is little you can be sure of, and that doesn't have a name,
it's just too bad there's not somebody, that we could blame.

For me it would be a year of spring and then fall,
there wouldn't be a summer, there's no need for that at all,
and there wouldn't be a winter - 'tho I'd miss the sights,
but I'd enjoy fall -- with those chilly nights.
Spring lambs, they live near Hollies' house
We took the fall photos last year in Dixmont or Carmel
Mothers and young share a pasture with the horse.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


  I mentioned yesterday my trouble with concentrating to hear and getting sleepy.  I looked around on the Internet and found very little on the subject.  Earlier in the day I mentioned that to a friend who also has a hearing loss and wears aids, he could verify my story - had the same difficulty.
  Here is the one thing from the Internet:

."""...Yesterday I was very tired and it was a bad hearing day, I couldn’t really understand anyone in the office, I was constantly straining to hear and often asking people to repeat themselves. Last night I went to bed an hour earlier than I normally do and today I am far more awake and alert – ears are still picking up the same sounds, hearing aids amplifying the same voices but my wide-awake brain is processing them better.....

My name is Steve Claridge. I've been wearing hearing aids for the best part of 30 years.

A few years ago I tried to search the web to find hearing aid info and was frustrated by the lack of it - what I did find was either marketing blurb or overly technical science."""

So...that's all I was able to find, disappointing is the word for that; if, that's a big if, any of you know a person who is partially deaf and wears a hearing aid, ask them if they experience the same problem, and please let me know.
  My photo "scheme" isn't working as planned, so that's it, see you all tomorrow.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A walk in the park

Back on the boards
  We were back on the bog walk on Friday, it's a nice place to walk, different than my morning walks when I walk around a parking lot (sometimes) or in the same places, besides it's dark at 4:30am this time of year.
  It was the weather that got us out this time, about 50 degrees and the wind was a little too much at times, but overall it was a great day to be out and around.
  This time we were paying closer attention to the "little things" out there, and I'll share a couple in a bit.  The weather turned out to be one of those "just right" kind of days and the walking was easy on a day like that.  I did almost get run over once, I noticed Linda had moved over and behind me, I thought she wanted to be on my right for a while, so I moved left - right into the path of someone who was trying to pass us; she can hear and I can't.  I noticed yesterday I was really tired after having Hollie out for the morning, I fell asleep watching golf and baseball; I was trying so hard to listen I was using up all my energy; I removed my hearing aids and put the TV on mute and viola!  I can watch a game without the sound easily and I wasn't using every shred of energy trying to hear!
  Anyway, back to the walk; I'll show you some fungi, and some tree roots - very exciting stuff right?
The fungus we have learned is "coral fungus" what we found was white and yellow, but it's out there somewhere in pinks and greens, but not in Maine as near as I can tell.
There it is Hericium abietias (whatever that means), the white kind, it's hard to the touch,
quite solid.  It probably "weathers" away during the winter.
Here is a yellow one, different kind this time, it's Ramaria ochraceosalmonicolor
I used those latin names, I look them up on Google because I didn't know what they were, you can learn a lot from a computer!  I put the names in italics because it looks "official" :)