Saturday, May 8, 2010

Josh Beckett..

...makes millions, Paul Pierce earns millions more,
so go look in the paper, now, what was the score?
Even the Bruins, and super goalie Tukka Rask,
last night the Flyers, took that team to task.

I suppose one lousy night does not a season make,
but with a night like that, I hope they catch a break.
The Sox still have a season a couple of months long,
but the other two are in playoffs, or is it swan song?

Maybe they were all sleepy, all the travel you know,
that may be the reason that the bat speed is so slow,
or those missed foul shots, and missed jump shots too,
or even why the ice turns players black and blue.

But when you earn that kind of money - even win or lose;
maybe it's not important to win, just play the game you choose;
BUT if the pay came only when they won,
what a difference, maybe - or a long losing run.

So that's the early morning stuff, that I get for waking up,
but now the coffee's ready - I think I'll have a cup;
those guys will play the way they will, we have no choice but watch, our suppossed hero,
I still don't think it matters to them, it's just numbers followed by zeros.

So I'll go on my way, waiting for the next,
grateful that I can see, and read the sober text;
We'll never make that money, it's on the sidelines that we stand,
all the while the millionaires take money from our hand.

So....let's go and push some buttons, see what good we'll do,
to heck with the athletes, let's start by pushing blue,
followed in succession, by yellow, pink and green;
and don't forget the purples, ain't that the prettiest you've seen?

And we all must remember, "it's only a game!",
but we have to stop and wonder, why don't they ever play the same,
one day they'll score runs, point or goals,
the next day they look like they don't own their souls.

Smile ;)

Note: Beckett earns $12,100,000.00/year, or about $74,692 per game; last
night he threw 107 pitches, which is about $691.58 every time he threw the ball!!
So it's important to keep that in mind, it's big business.

Note: This loss was the worst loss in a playoff game in the long Celtics history;
Captain Paul Pierce earns $19,795,712.00 this year, almost $240,000 a game!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Back to.... routine, after the Hollie Day,
but not much walking was done today,
just two and a half miles that can't be bragged about,
damned old knees and hips must be wearing out.

I'll find out next week, maybe, when I go...
...see the "lady quack", see if she guesses so.
But I got some in, that's what counts in the end,
as this old geezer teeters in the wind.

But I had a good time at coffee, and the meeting was great,
there are many benefits of living in this state,
and the local news is starting to reflect...
...the elections coming soon!  Is it over yet?

I don't know why a candidate takes six years to run,
for a two year term, and then serve only one;
before the run starts again, for a bigger office maybe,
there has to be a better way that we just can't see.

So I'll be off in about four hours,
it will still be dark, can't see those spring flowers,
but I get my "plodding" done, slowly move along,
while in my mind - well there it goes, it's the same old song.

So I should make some time now, to do a bit of work,
find the correct place, push buttons, you won't need a clerk,
look at all the good you do, in a short amount of time,
and I wonder do I do mine.

If you strike up a conversation, with someone you do not know,
that may begin a friendship...and from that may flow...
the sharing of ideas, and the longer that you know...
the friendship will blossom, bear fruit...that's how they go.

Good coffee ;)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The first...

...thing she said, when I walked in the door;
"it's Cinco de Mayo Dad", so let's just explore,
the purpose of those words and their importance,
each thing has a purpose, a reason for indulgence.

So the girl wanted some Mexican food, good;
we'd go to Taco Bell just like we should,
but she changed her mind, oh, about 5 times,
Note: I hope you're reading between the lines.

When we got to Augusta we made our first stop,
went in the supermarket, nice place to shop,
magazine, yogurt, muffin, iced coffee too,
nice combination, I didn't say "boo".

The down the interstate, it's quite a ride,
especially when you ride with a talker, right by your side,
well, okay, in the back seat,
she's still a talker that's hard to beat.

Just a quick trip in Augusta, at Staples, you know,
it's a good place to stop, I had to go!
She did 12 projects at that first stop,
then back in the car, hoppity-hop.

A short stop in Biddeford, to Staples we go,
Hollie met Ryan, the one who packs heat;  (laminator)
and then she found out he knows Eric in Bangor,
that kept up the chat, who knows what for?

Now down to Sanford, first a quick bite,
then a visit to Grammie, love at first sight;
soon it was time to set off again,
after a handshake with Gram, and a slight grin.

Back to the Biddeford Staples, imagine that!
some more projects to add to the stack.
Then up route one, with South Portland intent;
off to the northerly direction we went.

Right through the towns and cities we flew,
next stop was Portland Headlight, hey!, It's in view;
a short walk around and a photo or two,
phone call to Mom, or, what's in it for you?

Well, we went to a card shop and a book store too,
nice present for Mom with her day in view,
and some postcard, of course, what else would we do,
well, head up to Augusta, there's a Staples there too.

Now we're headed east on route three,
headed for Belfast, eating for her and me,
then we headed right across the street,
Reny's for shopping, and a small treat.

Finally headed on one-forty-one,
back to Winterport, where we started from,
she was one happy girl, 20 projects in tow,
some new postcards too; well, there you go!

Smile :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Off to...

...a good start, with coffee in tow,
it's only midnight, you're jealous I know,
you still have to sleep, you've got hours to go,
and I'm already up. Yep! Jealous I know.

You can't train your body, to get up at night,
if you think you can, you're in for a fight,
it takes years of practice, and dedication too,
so...maybe I'll try -- to be more like you!

This will be a Hollie Day, from six to maybe five,
I'm just in hope, of getting out alive,
we'll hit seven counties, Penobscot, Waldo to York,
and we'll do that distance, by, oh, nine o'clock.

A visit with Grandma, Mothers Day is near,
I'll enjoy to visit, although neither of us hear;
then we're going to backtrack, right up Route One;
going to Portland Headlight, oh, what great fun!

Do you think we'll go into Staples, at a practiced prance?
Well duh! What's the chance! We sure won't miss that dance!
probably more than once, we'll pass about three,
so, then I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Hollie will be excited, this is her great day,
she get's two each year, it's worth what I pay;
these are her "vacations", even though they're short,
today, we're going to go. We will not abort!   (old aviation speak)

But before I get to do those things, there's something I must do,
Go to, and push some button too,
just by doing those simple things, we'll help out a lot,
it only take three seconds, how must time you got?

Somewhere, today, along the line will be people not like us,
we can either accept them, or cause some kind of fuss;
everyone who walks this Earth, has something to give,
that's why the motto was invented: Live and Let Live!

Have fun today!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I don't....

...know, if I can describe,
just how it is - that I feel inside;
It's a feeling that may win a prize,
all teams won! Surprise! Surprise!

Past records considered, it's a wonderous thing,
and all three at once, BUT, will the fat lady sing?
The Celtics won on the opponents home floor,
do they really have what it takes, to win three more?

The Bruins skated on home ice,
now they've beaten the Flyers twice;
the regular season was shakey at best,
can they put Lord Stanleys cup to rest?

The Red Sox after taking a beating,
won big at home, hooray the fans were bleating;
the bats have awakened, the place is alive,
now just how long can they keep up this jive?

Yes, wonder of wonders, I'm telling you now,
all three were winners, or pigs mom's not a sow;
I can't help but wonder - oh, where will it end,
has bad luck Boston turned 'round the bend?

Well, anyway, it's Tuesday you know,
there are things to do and places to go.
Oil Change, Inspection a tire rotation,
on the day before Hollie and I tour a part of this nation.

Of course there's the usual stuff,
meetings, coffee, talking enough.
And lest we forget out here in the bush,
don't we have some buttons to push?

You don't have to do that all at once,
and in life you have to expect bumps,
so little or no walking now, and you will find,
things will get better - One Day At A Time!

Enjoy Spring!

Monday, May 3, 2010

I wonder....

..what was on my mind, as I went to sleep,
maybe Carmel Indiana got me in too deep;
I dreamed I had a traffic light, paper, kept in my pocket,
it was used by walkers, if you have traffic, block it.

And if you were a 'walker' you could make some cash,
other people would hire you - to bring them their stash (or anything);
it was all a part of an early evening dream,
of course for me no walking, a new part of the scheme.

Then I was in my office, back in Hanger Ten,
but there was no Navy, like there was back then;
but I was working for the city, curb cuts were the game,
if you wanted a new driveway, into my office you came.

So it was a night of weird stuff, meaningless, unless;
you consider what was on my mind, it's the walking mess;
I don't like not walking, not one little bit,
but the knees, hip and ankle, put a stop to it.

Let's call it part of aging, or growing up old,
guess I need to grasp the concecpt, of being solid gold;
that means old in the language of my mind,
but no walking puts me - in some kind of bind.

But agreements and orders must be carried out,
so I'll start by making coffee, and pour it from the spout,
nice and hot and black, perfect start of my day,
once I have a cup of that - I'm ready to 'make hay''.

And, of course, the web site where those buttons are pushed,
make quick work of those, and stuff will get hushed,
things like childrens health, breast cancer and rain forest,
literacy and pet food - and nourishment for the poorest.

So Live and Let Live has multiple meanings,
depending on your circumstance and political leanings,
but most of all, it means one thing, not to be denied,
you live your life and I'll live mine, or at least we tried.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

It was....

...a Hollie Day, it was without Dad,
from what I hear, what a day they had,
from So, how you been Mom, to the very end,
they had a good time, didn't go around the bend.

While I stayed home and did what I do,
which is mostly nothing, oh, a thing or two;
I finished the sky on a painting that is new,
and watched the Bruins with overtime in view.

So when I got up today and the first thing that I did,
was look up the ball scores.  I should have gone and hid!
The Red Sox have lost twice, and to a losing team,
well, they're both losers, if you know what I mean.

And then we have the Celtics, of the mightly green,
they've gone up to Cleveland, it's just a bad dream.
They made a great effort againt the Cavaliers,
but what they heard was not their kind of cheers.

Patsy Cline had it right in that "I fall to pieces" song,
I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm doing it wrong;
my knees feel a little better, but now it's the right hip,
if I was a computer, I'd need a new chip.

So I need to take it easy, not that walking stuff,
so I'll sit around, boy life is tough,
you can't be a sissy, and be growing old,
at the end of the rainbow - there ain't no pot of gold.

The pot's full of rust, dust and empty time,
it's just part of living, one day at a time,
but that doesn't mean it's over or that you can't have fun,
it's just a sign to let you know, the marathons been run.

So let's go push some buttons, I'll let you choose,
among the colors, the red, the green and blues;
where will you start, with hunger or health care,
or maybe, just maybe, food for a hungry bear.

And let's continue to live life one day at a time,
you'll be filling volumes of the finest kind,
you be true to yourself, be grateful you're alive,
and we may accomplish that for which we strive.

Enjoy the day!