Saturday, October 10, 2009

Read it and weep!

For this year the Red Sox have been had,
It's a shame Dave Magadan's not dead
I've got to get that game out of my head;
That's all, that's it, Enough has been said.

Terry FrancoMa, the brain dead jerk,
Couldn't make this team, or anything work;
Put him in Old Sparky and strap him in tight,
Give it enough juice to turn out the light.

Even Jason Bay who is now oh for nine,
Couldn't make any team of mine,
And why put in David Ortiz, he has no clout,
All he is now is an automatic out!

So when it's all over and written about,
The Sox will have lost, of that there's no doubt,
I just watched the game and the last time I looked;
You can stick a fork in 'em, their goose is cooked!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm not... sure about my first line yesterday,
about getting up early to watch the boys play;
it wasn't so this morning, because, while putting on my socks,
the dad blasted biggest losers of the night were my favorite Sox!

Put that aside, remember, it's only a game,
but it still bothers me, a little, just the same;
and besides it's early, only the first game played,
so before you fold things up, joy is just delayed.

Today will be a Hollie Day, and that's just fine,
so I'm sure stuff will move along down the line;
oh, there'll be some snack time, and then you know what?
Yup! That's the answer, it'll be time to heat things up.

So, that leaves the afternoon, a time to be free,
maybe a little ride, there are lots of leaves to see,
you never know what will happen in this little life,
I'm not making any plans, until I see my wife.

I've pushed the purple button, top centers where it's at,
go to and try to do that,
and after you push that button, wait! There's more,
vote for your favorite shelter, that's what you a there for.

And don't forget, this is important, don't forget yourself,
take some time for you, put some stuff on the shelf;
maybe talking to a friend, or a meeting is in line,
remember Easy Does It - and you'll be just fine.


Thursday, October 8, 2009


...of the benefits of getting up late,
the baseball playoffs game is great;
the Dodgers are ahead, at least for now,
they're beating the Cardinals, holy cow!

It's always been to my benefit and delight,
that west coast games are on late at night;
so when the Sox or the Celtics are on the left coast,
I can watch them make west coast toast!

Walked yesterday, and before the rain,
got in five miles, and all with no pain.
Manny Ramirez just got strike three,
Oh, Manny! the joy that you bring to me.

So getting up late, or early to some,
has benefits, and can be fun,
I just have to remember that I'm not alone,
and push the purple button, and don't use the phone.

I'm going to go to a meeting today,
it's great going, that's all I can say;
why don't you join me, come in and share,
and in return you'll know that we care.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You know….

….what's in the forecast, it will end the drought;
Yeah - that's right - it's rain they're talking about;
Well let it go ahead and rain, and quench somebodies thirst;
Just say to hell with it, after all we were here first.

Now yesterday was different, in a pleasant sort of way,
I had no transportation so I was home all day.
I got some walking in, about two and a half miles,
But on the edge of the road, there weren't many smiles.

And I did some artwork, one I threw away,
The other is unfinished, to work on another day.
Of course there's the Internet, the source of all I know,
When I don't know an answer that is where I go.

I go there quite often and I don't think it's right,
There must be some way to learn every thing, and do it over night;
Yes, I know that it sounds simple, but that's the way I am,
You see, I don't know nothing - and I don't give a damn!

I did remember the purple button, I thought you should know,
Because I want you to go there, go there now, GO!
You know those critters in all of those dog pounds,
Are waiting every morning for us to make our rounds.

If your not feeling perky, and kind of out of sorts,
Nothing entertains you, and you don't like sports,
Just imagine a room with friends, who don't tell you what to do;
They'll just smile and say welcome, this chair's for you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


...never know how far you've walked,
until you've tracked and you've talked;
to someone else whose done the same,
but I don't care to play that game.

I walked yesterday, with a brief intermission,
guess who forgot to run an errand, something was missing;
so the walking got cut short, and later completed,
in the end all was well, mission completed.

Today will be different, no going in to town,
Hollie has appointments, and all that going round;
Linda will be taking her, dad was invited,
but all that hang around time didn't get me excited.

Go push the purple button please,
you can do that with great ease;
feed some helpless critters too,
and they will be thanking you.

If it's a meeting that you need,
get to one - with great speed,
but, if it's a momentary lapse;
remember - this to shall pass.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Who said….

Never on a Sunday? Wanna bet?
I went out and walked, without getting wet;
and it wasn't very hard to do yesterday,
before I went out, the rain went away.

Then of course there are choices to be made,
watch the Red Sox or the Pats, hmm, find some shade;
well, why not watch both, switching back and forth?
That's exactly what I did! Now, which one losth?

Anywho, today is Monday, beginning a new week;
walk and to a meeting, that's really hard to beat;
start the week off on a positive note;
easy to go, easy to do, yep - it's got my vote.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


...was a Hollie Day, I got pretty easy,
there was a good time, no time to get queasy;
oh, yes, there was the obligatory visit too,
and WalMart and Staples, don't forget the glue.

the laminations (isn't it in the Bible?) were... many, some of them a blur.
I think we did nine of them, wrapped in plastic hot,
what I really remember was that it costs a lot!

Today will be easy, watch a baseball game,
wow! it must be Sunday, somehow they're all the same.
Of course I must admit that I'm a Red Sox fan,
if you live here in Maine, that's part of the plan.

And, it looks like, walking won't take place,
the rains are back again, and I don't want to race;
of I could walk indoors, but it's not the same,
mall walking might be fine, if it had another name.

So, go easy into the night;
and may your burdens be light;
there's nothing more that I can say,
so...I'll no longer write!