Saturday, February 27, 2010

And that...

...lazy old geezer has nothing to do,
but roll around the bed all night too,
because the lazy old sun has not been seen,
in the heavens all day, for days in between.

Tonight it's snowing, not much I don't think,
but if you were to ask my opinion I'd say it must stink;
but at least it's not rain, we've had too much,
but there's no way to change, the weather and such.

So what lies ahead on this 'busy' day,
"not a heck of a lot" if I have my say,
a short tip into town to take Peggys paper,
maybe some walking, short little caper.

There's a basketball game on TV at eleven,
that I'd like to watch - if I'm not rolling around heaven,
and some art work to do too, how cool is that,
now I must make up my mind - what kind of hat?

I guess I'll push buttons, before I get 'busy',
think old Larry has time? He's not busy is he?
go to and see,
just how easy button pushing can be.

Walking is fun!

Friday, February 26, 2010

The people...

...will remain nameless, these are the facts of the human race.
it illustrates how change works, or doesn't in this case;
when new limit's are set, they're bound to be tested,
and the words that follow, show that limits can be bested.

Hollie has a limit of five projects per visit,
and she can reason "that's not fair, is it?";
so the limit was tested in a variety of ways,
there were so many tests, my mind is in a haze.

The visit moved to Thursday, by the weather as it were,
so in Hollies' mind the visit wasn't regular;
"it's a special occasion" means more than five,
and it's hard to argue and keep the thing alive.

So she did six projects, "that's not too bad, dad";
because it a special occasion, either that or I've been had;
and then a short time later, new magazine in tow,
Hollie had a reason why six was still too low.

"If I can do just one more", I won't do too much next week,
if that reasoning has any legs, it'll get by with a squeak,
so while dad remained in the parking lot dazed,
Hollie did not one but three, oh my mind is crazed.

"I"ll just do three next week", as a solemn vow,
of course it's easy, for her to say that now;
but I think each one of us can guess,
"well dad, so how you been?", well, I got me in this mess!

Soooo, let's go push buttons, on that final note,
which tab should we choose? Do we get to vote?
Just pick a color, any one will do,
but I'll do them all, what about you?

Easy Does It, that's the motto, frequently used,
but that's not really easy, don't be confused;
it simply means thing must be done, but not in a single blast,
but you have to do it right. That's the way it's cast.

Big smile now!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wake up!....

...That's what I did, at ten-thirty in the morning/night,
get ready for the rainy days - that will arrive by daylight,
it will rain for three or four day, oh what a delight,
It's better than snow, they say, also go fly a kite.

Get used to damp weather, the season is upon us,
before it's all over, we will feel the rust.
A rainy season in Maine can only mean one thing,
dirt will soak it up, and mud will reign as king.

Well, that and the potholes, make driving a chore,
it'll be harder to get here from there than it was before,
circle the wagons boys, we're in for a mess,
don't fall down in the mud, and ruin your Easter dress!

Instead, please take some time to play the button game,
how many of those tab colors can you name?
I can think of six - red, yellow, green and blue,
purple and pink make up the mix, that's what I get, how about you?

And just because someone is different, doesn't mean a thing,
you may be uncomfortable at first, but try this thing,
Live and Let Live, it's a motto in these times,
treat everyone as equal, after all it's not a crime(s).

Smiles are as contageous as yawns.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


...the sleeping, wait 'til you hear,
I have to have lab work done, oh dear;
so I didn't eat much, can't eat 'til it's done,
but I over slept, didn't get up until one!

As you all know I get up real early,
about ten or eleven, so I didn't hurry,
figured I could eat before midnight was here,
lab work six hours away, could eat without fear.

But the last two nights, I slept in my chair,
because knee pain was bad, in my bed there,
but last night, well I tried out the bed,
slept like a log, boy! I've been had.

I'm not too upset, because as you know,
I can go without eating, and be on the go,
I certainly won't starve if I miss a meal,
got enought fat here to set death on it's heel.

Before I die of starvation over here,
I guess I'll push buttons, get my mind clear,
push on the orange, red, yellow and blue,
pink one, purple one - are we through?


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


....isn't a strong enough word, for the experience that...
...I'm going through this morning, bad would be old hat.
I glued my teeth in with powder when I got up,
then I sneezed, so my mouth is now glued shut!

I did sleep here in my chair, oh, gee;
that's what's allowed by my knee,
It's okay now, but it sure hurt at nine,
wonderful age, this body of mine.

Waiting for coffee, I can't wait,
see paragraph one, that is my fate,
the coffee will, today, include,
a way for my mouth to come unglued!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday is....

...most often, a quiet kind of day,
I'd tell you about mine, don't know what to say,
walking was done and a bit of a list,
gas in the car, do you get the gist?

Not much going on, and that's all right,
because when I went to bed, could not stay the night,
the bed was fine, but my knee gave me fits,
so I came down here, that's as good as it gets.

I banged the damned thing on Friday morning,
while folding a table, it struck without warning,
it's the same knee, that has twice refused to bend,
I'm hoping that table hit, isn't the end.

So probable no walking, today at least,
I wanted the miles before the first year feast,
March third marks the end of the (walking) year,
I wanted more miles, but they're not getting here.

So, I guess I'll push buttons, the colorful kind,
hunger, child health, rain forests all mine...
...just have to push the button up top,
just do them all before you have to stop.

Coffees on!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


...things go well, we can call it a blessing,
that's what yesterday was and no one was messing...
...with my pea sized brain, things didn't end in a heap,
Hollie Days were fun, and decidedly cheap.

She did her five projects, in two different places,
we walked in the mall, didn't go to the races,
the meal was at Subway, and we headed home,
she had no reason to want to roam.

Today I'll be able to go for a walk,
go in for coffee and maybe some talk,
just a regular day for a regular guy,
no contests on, no reason to lie.

So I guess it's been made to enjoy,
so I'll push buttons, and jump for joy,
there are six of those pretty colors,
choose just one, or do all the others.

So, this is it! Short and sweet,
no trees to chop, no turkey to eat,
just a plain old day, with clouds in the sky,
I wonder..., what can go wrong? Nah! No reason to cry!