Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not setting a record

Finished - click
  While the Olympic was in reruns yesterday, and there were no daytime baseball games on TV I took time to finished 'the house'.  Now it's time to think of the next project which I've selected and we'll see how I can make it look.
  My walking program is going strong now, the past seven days have see an average of 6.916 miles per day.  I'm going to have to find a different location soon because the State is going to replace the Union Street overpass of I-95.  That bridge is right in the middle of my walk, both ways.  I don't like to walk in residential areas because of the time, 3:00-4:00AM, and the possibility of peoples dogs barking and waking them.  And I'm thinking the police might think I'm 'casing the joint'; there's some real "childhood fears" in action there.  I'll find a new place soon with out a lot of trouble, the Griffin Road/Airport area might be a good place.  I'm writing this like you know the places and of course you don't, I guess you could Google those street names in Bangor, Maine and see them.
  Today is a Hollie Day, I need to visit the ATM this morning and get ready for the fast action of "race shopping" and pacing while waiting for the employees of Staples to laminate the projects. Yeow!

Friday, July 27, 2012

It all ends up in a pile

Recycling workers take a look.  Bangor Daily News photo - click
  Finally the bricks are coming apart.  The "Tannery" in Howland is being torn down.  The building has stood empty, or nearly empty for over 30 years.
  The project will create an open space but the main reason for removal is the process to build a fish ladder in one of the two dams nearby, and removal of the other dam.
  Back in history the buildings housed a tannery, preparing hides for the shoe industry.  It began life as a woolen mill before turning to leather.  The textile industry fled Maine for the promise of low taxes in the 1950's and the shoe industry found workers in Asia that would work for a fraction of the wages paid to American workers.  That brings up a good point; have the prices of shoes gone down?
  So here it is, a set of buildings that once provided income and employment to many people going down to make a fish ladders some folks hope a fish will use.  There are others worried that the wrong species of fish will end up further inland and damage the sport fishery.
Pick up the pieces.  Bangor Daily News photo.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is it any wonder...?

Canadian Lynx relaxes in Washburn Maine 071512
Bangor Daily News photo by Leslie Jackson
  I have good news and bad news.  I'll start with the good news, there is no project picture today.  It's on account of the Olympics are on TV.  That use of language is based on Lula speaking in the Stephanie Plum novels.
  Anyhow the Olympics are on TV; shown on NBCSports and of course I have cable, and I'm a sucker for stuff like that.  I watched the USA womens soccer team beat France yesterday, 4-2, well I watched most of it, I was asleep part of the time.  Well, it was early afternoon, and nap time for the geezer.
  Now for the bad news.  I did take my car down to the tire store in Brewer so they could give me an opinion on the tire that was wearing out faster than it should.  The tire, rated for 80,000 miles, is worn out (it wouldn't pass a State Inspection) in less than 30,000 miles.  The other three tires that I bought at the same time are okay, but one of them is wearing out prematurely too.
  I have an appointment Monday to take care of the tire problems (I have insurance on the tires), spark plugs, accessory drive belt (serpentine belt), fuel system check, oil change, check the front brakes that squeak and whatever else).  I am not looking forward to the bill, nor is my MasterCard.
A kettle hole in a Kennebunk, Maine Salt Marsh. photo

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's gonna be a great day, just you wait and see!

Almost there - click
The front came through!  The front cam through!  Yes, yes, yes!  Pretty exciting stuff isn't it?  And, it's just a weather pattern.  But the humidity and slightly higher temps are gone; replaced by low humidity, low dew points and lower temps.  Plus, as a bonus, a very nice breeze from the north and west.  This will be an excellent day for a walk, at about 3:00AM.
  The old car needs a tire looked at, by someone other than me, by someone who knows what they're looking at.  I bought four tires about 28,000 miles ago; the tire are rated for 80,000 miles; and they cost a bundle.  One of the four looks a lot more worn than the others, an alignment was done then, and an alignment was done a little later on too.  Something looks wrong to me, we'll see what Mr. Pelletier has to say.
  As you can see (maybe) the project house is just about finished, there are some lines between the two windows on the right and the door needs something more.  Putting the white on was a little bit difficult, I used acrylic paint for that - my old instructor said "why not? It's water based, isn't it?", if it's good enough for her it's good enough for a geezer hack like me.
  Ready for a walk.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Never a dull moment...until now

Harraskeet River, Freeport, Maine
  We have made it almost to the end of July, thankfully.  Now if we can get through August at least the weather might take a turn for the better.  I should be grateful that Maine doesn't have drought conditions like most other states, but it's the heat and humidity that wears us down.
  This morning, at 1AM, it was 69 degrees with 99 percent humidity; that equals a slow walk for the geezer in a couple of hours.  I might as well walk slow anyway to accommodate my left hip, it's getting slightly painful.
  On the bright side the goldenrod is in bloom and some of those other signs that fall is not too far off, the apples are looking good on the orchard website, but I'm sure those farmers who have apples or blueberries would love some good rain.  We have been forecasted to have some showers of the thunder variety this morning - we'll wait and see.
Great granddaughter Ellie celebrates her first birthday.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Cadillac and a baseball team

  They are going to auction off the last of Al Capones Cadillacs in the next few days.  It is a 1928 Cadillac V8 Sedan.  It has 3000 pounds of armor and the glass is one inch thick (bulletproof).  There are a couple of portholes to accommodate a machine gun, and the rear window goes down quickly so followers can be shot at.  Mr. Capone had three of these machines complete with Police Band Radios, flashing lights and sirens.  One of the confiscated autos became the Presidential Limo for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  The going price on the remaining one is expected to exceed two million dollars.

  Two million dollars would also be a good start if you wanted to start a baseball team.  You'd need to find 40 or 50 men or older boys who act like the Three Stooges, Circus Clowns or the Keystone Cops.
  First give everyone a simple test, like knowing left from right or which is bigger a beach ball or a golf ball or even which is up or down.  Then pick the dullest one and make him your Moron, no no I mean Manager (I knew it started with an m).  It's important that this guy learn to say "well, it's a long season", and have him say that every time he's asked a question about how the team is doing. Pick the best skilled ones and make them outfielders and let them know they won't have to play everyday.  Then select 5 or 6 men who can barely throw and make them pitchers, it won't matter if the other team gets a lot of runs, remember it's a long season.
  If someone acts hurts, maybe he has one toenail painted red, put him on the disabled list for 15 days, let the press know he can't possible play in that condition at least until the nail polish fades - extend him on the DL for as many times as possible especially if he's competent.

There you have it a Cadillac and a baseball team - you could call yours the Boston Red Sox.  They really help the other team out and they have earned their way back in to last place.  It's not if you win or lose, it's how you lose that counts.

Oh well, it's a long season.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just a stroll

Getting there - click to enlarge
  There is evidence that I did work on the project.  I have a small work table, not made for art, that I used while watching The Open Championship (British Open) while I worked.  That will explain a lot. 
  I also managed to walk eight miles, almost withing realizing it.  I walked 4.5 before coffee, at 5AM, then another 3.7 over in Brewer and after I got home I walked to the Post Office to get the mail (one Blood Drive notice), and that brought me to eight miles.  That was a rare day, the weather was perfect at 51 degrees, the humidity was low and there was a breeze.  All of that is absent today, it's already 63 degrees (2:40AM), and the dew point is 60 and the breeze is the dreaded south direction.
  I know I shouldn't complain, we haven't had many serious fires, Maine and Washington are the only two states not yet with drought conditions - so...I shouldn't complain about the weather too much.
Engine 25, Rockaway Beach, Oregon.
Photo by Kristin Arinell