Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just a stroll

Getting there - click to enlarge
  There is evidence that I did work on the project.  I have a small work table, not made for art, that I used while watching The Open Championship (British Open) while I worked.  That will explain a lot. 
  I also managed to walk eight miles, almost withing realizing it.  I walked 4.5 before coffee, at 5AM, then another 3.7 over in Brewer and after I got home I walked to the Post Office to get the mail (one Blood Drive notice), and that brought me to eight miles.  That was a rare day, the weather was perfect at 51 degrees, the humidity was low and there was a breeze.  All of that is absent today, it's already 63 degrees (2:40AM), and the dew point is 60 and the breeze is the dreaded south direction.
  I know I shouldn't complain, we haven't had many serious fires, Maine and Washington are the only two states not yet with drought conditions - so...I shouldn't complain about the weather too much.
Engine 25, Rockaway Beach, Oregon.
Photo by Kristin Arinell

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