Saturday, July 10, 2010

They WON!!..

...a by large numbers, fourteen to three,
proving once again, you don't know which team you'll see;
so let us celebrate, and if we dare a small shout,
looks like the Yanks win too, we're still 5 games out.

Todays a Hollie Day, I will not partake,
Linda takes a turn today (again), while I sit home and bake, (me not any cooking)
I took a fall yesterday, right in to the ditch,
went to get the paper, and hit that SOB.

A car was coming down the hill, I couldn't tell how fast,
watched the car as it approached, took a little splash,
bumbed the culvert with my knees, a couple of cuts,
and some bruises and scapes too, stay out of the ruts!

So an ice pack on the bruise, better before you know it,
dad-blasted cars, should know when to slow it.
Although it's not the drivers fault, could it be prevented?
Damn right it could, if my vision wasn't dented.

So, I'll take it easy, no walking for me today,
well, maybe just a little, what else can I say?
How about a flashlight, or just watch where I'm going,
what it comes to in the, age is showing.

Enjoy AND stay cool (is that possible?)

Friday, July 9, 2010

It must... a holiday, a new national attention,
or, is it, could it be, a LeBron convention?
I'm a sports fan, that is true,
but, I've had enough LeBron, have you?

I watch or listen to sports a lot, it's something that I do,
but there are times when story overload, I want to throw a shoe!
LeBron, Favre or Straussberg, I know them all by heart,
people! please! just let them play their part!

Now! I feel better! got that off my chest,
maybe the announcers will get back to what they do best;
broadcast the game, that's all they need to do,
pay attention to the game, forget the hullabaloo!

Have a great day!!! and don't expect anything to change, it won't.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"He only limped, a little"....

...was their exact phrase,
about Kevin Youlikis, as a form of praise,
for playing injured, in last nights game,
I think Red Sox reasoning is pretty lame.

It's a good thing I opted for a 'no adult content' blog,
because there are words, not here, through which I could slog,
like "now they've gone and done it, %^&#%*&, something like that,
I'm an old sailor, that stuff's old hat.

An injured list that's growing, standings sinking too,
there's really not a lot, that a Red Sox fan can do,
accept managements lame stories, don't put them in the bank,
we must wait until October, and see, then, how they rank.

But, in the meantime, we have things to do,
either pushing buttons, or pushing kids through schoo(l)...
so what is your pleasure, dirty faces or the tabs?
Guess I'll do the latter, I'll have better habs.  (habits)

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's add... the misery of the Red Sox fan,
an injured Kevin Youkilis, as part of the plan,
limping off the field, with an ankle sore,
what more could happen? What more?

Of course "they" say, it's not too bad,
but I'll bet he doesn't play today, that's sad,
bring the injured total to eleven, wow!
Pretty soon the new pitcher may be a cow!

They're running out of people, and it's only July,
and all the fan can do, is wonder why, why, why.
Well we all need to hang in there, it can't get any worse,
until they start dragging players, out in a hearse.

So, hmmmm, let's see, to keep out spirits up,
let's go push some buttons, and feed a hungry pup,
or give some reading lessons, or a mammogram,
how about that? Does it sound like a plan?

Live and Let Live!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It looks... if the time is here,
for the injuries to spoil your beer,
the Red Sox look to be going downhill,
in a fast slide, they've lost their will.

Four players on a nine man team,
at least that's the way they make it seem;
but the corps that's leading the big slide,
the bullpen, I'm not sure that they're on our side.

What a way to wake up, when midnight roars,
it's the second thing I check, the baseball scores;
at times it can be a sickening sight,
especially when things aren't going right.

from half a game out, now it's more,
a terrible sight, for eyes that are sore;
long we have suffered, back in the past,
here's to hope: The slide won't last.

Enjoy your day - stay cool!

Monday, July 5, 2010

It might...

...have been an eventful night,
with fireworks providing the light;
all I know is what people said,
I was at home, in my room, in bed.

Just recalling that back in the day,
back before times when I hit the hay...
...and could stay up at night,
I used to enjoy the fireworks light.

Those days are over, probably for good,
do I miss TV?  Maybe I should,
the news and the weather come on at five,
after the weather, in to my bed I dive.

Today I got up at twelve on the dot,
been sleeping in, oh, quite a lot;
I find it odd that I wake up so late,
it used to be ten-thirty when I came out of the gate.

Maybe things are changing, or, maybe not,
I try not to think about that a lot;
I think we'll find - on down the line,
that ten-thirty will work out just fine.

Take time to push buttons, lest we forget,
critters and people count on us yet;
and be kind to the neighbors, or just be good,
and don't do more than you think you should.

Enjoy your day!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The old...

...girl made it, through another year,
oil stained and fought over, could the end be near?
Not very likely she's been through tough times,
and always comes out, dressed to the nines.

So! Happy Birthday, old girl, you deserve the best,
but she takes them all, and gives them fair rest;
two hundred thirty-four years, and still going strong,
it's her birthday, but she brings us along.

Happy Fourth of July, 2010.
Fourth of July, Bangor, Maine - - don't know what year.