Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday already...'s really nothing new,
at least not for me, I wouldn't know about you;
just another Hollie Day, no different than the rest,
but, it takes no effort to make it among the best.

I suppose it will be a rather routine day,
doing all the usual things, there's no other way,
it's done from memory every time out;
if it was good once, then again, that carries some clout.

I'll enjoy the time we spend, if not the cash,
she may think that it's something people put in the trash,
that's just the way it is, not subject to change;
with all the time we spend extending our range.

So, I'll let you go, have a sunny day,
go about your business in a different way;
variety is the spice of life, I've often heard it said,
I didn't hear that today, my right hearing aid is dead.


Friday, June 25, 2010

I've got.. get going, and no I'm not late,
don't mean it that way, late is not my fate;
I need 280 steps to complete two-thousand miles,
so going down to get the paper, will bring me smiles.

Then, what will I do? Why, I'll go for more,
mileposts are fine, by passed is what they're for;
this is something I wanted to complete in June,
now I have my chance, and in the light of the moon.

The Red Sox are winning, leading by two runs,
but it's in the ninth inning, they're facing big 'guns',
the game was won by batting, heroism has begun,
Pedroia had three homers, knocked in the winning run

So, today more walking, and a coffee will be fine,
speaking like that, I should make some, time is on the line;
I don't have the game on, I can't bear to watch,
the pitchers make me nervous, while they scratch their crotch.

So while I'm waiting for the coffee and the Sox,
I'll go and push some buttons, sure beats those time clocks,
maybe I'll skip one, no! That's not right,
each and every one, will get pushed tonight.

So be cheerful and friendly, treat other people well,
shake someones hand, smile, and it rings a bell,
people will remember you, as a grateful face;
and they'll carrly the tradition, to another place.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

I think...

...there should be a rule,
don't use pitchers that act like a fool,
they'll give up two homers and lose the game,
and all the while think their adding fame.

I shouldn't have turned on the blasted TV,
afterall, there's really not much to see,
but, I witnessed the home runs, then I got mad,
the Red Sox lose, when it was a win they had.

So much for that stuff, leave it alone,
let me tell of yesterday, when I did roam;
over in Brewer on Dirigo Drive,
when some of the wildlife, was really alive.

I saw my friend yesterday, old stinky,

don't know if it’s a boy or girl, I'm not that kinky,
before it could pay my the debt it may think I owed,
I quickly crossed to the other side of the road.

I saw no foxes or even one deer,
maybe they were running in fear,
not of me, but that stinky guy,
no stores were open, no protection to buy.

It was a wonderful walk, but humid and hot,
glad it was early, four-fifteen, glad a lot,
it was peaceful and quiet, no one around,
if it weren't for the interstate, not even a sound.

So today I'll repeat my usual route,
still trying to see if walking bears fruit;
but first there's a chore I need to get done,
push those buttons and hope I not the only one.

And treat other people nice and show respect,
not like some tiny, bothersome speck;
treat them the way you'd like for yourself,
don't keep brotherhood up high on a shelf.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


...what people say,
grownups do go out and play;
we just might do it in some way,
that makes it seem like just another day.

That's sort of what I do,
when I'm walking and that's old shoe,
it's a form of play by a different name,
it's recreation but it's play just the same.

So today when I walk, I'll feel like a boy,
not in age, but in pure joy,
I'm still able to walk at a good pace,
and it's most often in the same place.

Yesterday I saw a fox, nice one too, bushy tail,
then a deer up farther along, then she too cleared the trail,
a pair of killdeer in a parking lot,
all before five AM, now that's hot!

We should all do what we ought,
so our live are not lived for naught;
we learn to live by the Golden Rule,
do unto others, as would unto you.

All that means is Live and Let Live,
each one on earth has something to give,
we may not understand their ways,
but we show respect, in all our days.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today is Tuesday,

....yesterday was hot,
I'm here to say, I hope today is not;
how many degrees are we supposed to stand,
this isn't a desert, I don't see any sand.

And today is therapy of the physical type,
I'll be glad to go, no reason to gripe;
I only have one request,
don't add on, or, do we have a test?

Walking is good at four-thirty AM,
it's cool, a bit breezy, attitude is I can;
it's a great time of day, if you give it a chance,
and I can wear shorts, no need for pants.

So that's what I'll do in a couple of hours,
don't know about tomorrow, supposed to be showers,
but if I can still walk, use a hat with a brim,
I'd be so happy to go walking again!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday, Monday....'s no cause for the blues,
we've got a new week, what's there to lose?
the weather improves, no showers in sight,
but it will be hot, and that's not right.

The oughta be a law, no temps above seventy-two,
that would suit me, but how about you?
There are people who seem to enjoy,
eighty degrees or more, oh boy!

So we can't pass a law, and we couldn't uphold... anyway, that's what I've been told.
It's the first day of Summer, that season of heat,
I'll walk through it all, I will not be beat.

And I'll push buttons, why not come along?
Go to
See the six tabs along the whole top,
start with one, get all six, and then stop.

And let's not forget our neighbors and friends,
those who are different might not fit in,
we can make changes in our on lives;
Live and Let Live, the motto that thrives.

Smile (in the summertime)!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's Sunday...

....all over again,
seven days, that's how long it's been,
since the last one, my how time flys;
seven nights, seven days with blue skys.

The part of blue skys is a downright lie,
we had rain one day, can't let that go by;
and today has promise to bring us more,
or maybe it's sunny,'s not sure.

The Red Sox don't play until late,
a national broadcast is their fate;
same as yesterday, on network TV,
so I won't see them play, it has to be.

Only one game out, in the race for first,
soon the Yankees will be the worst, :),
and the Red Sox will be at the top of the pile,
by August they'll be ahead by a mile.

So I'll spend the first part of my day,
pushing buttons - that's making hay;
six little tabs, all across the top,
I'll do them all, I just can't stop.

Happy Fathers Day!