Saturday, August 20, 2011

There's no end to the odd

If this is confusing; read on for the news of the day
Click to enlarge, read about The Flintstones reenacted.
Click, yes again.  More brilliant people
Click.  Is this "you get what you pay for?"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Odds and Ends

I know for a fact that something is odd on this end, I can't mention names, but, his initials are Larry.  It's a good day just to have some fun.
Click to enlarge, it's worth the read
  My former co-worker and friend, Harold, would have love these stories; we shared many a laugh at the expense of some "stupid crook", he died a couple of years ago, but I remember him every time I see one of these stories.
  A couple of days ago the Penobscot County deputies chased, high speed and all, a man from Bangor to Hermon, who ditched his car at Dysarts Truck Stop and was lost.  After finding his car the deputies discovered the mans cell phone, the cell phone rang, deputies answered and it was the mans girl friend, she told them he was at a nearby motel -- where the deputies went, and arrested him.  It seems stupid crooks like to leave their "calling cards" a lot.

  Three men who failed to rob a coin dealer in Fremont, Nebraska will spend time in prison.  The judge sentenced on of them to three to five years.  The three men did rob a man in a park who tried to sell them gold coins.  They sprayed the man in the face with Mace and left the scene.  The "dealer" had a good description of the "crooks". - - - The coins in question were foil covered chocolate!  Sweet!
And another one gets a home for the winter.
No explanation needed.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Up there, but slow

First I'll apologize for missing yesterday.  The browser didn't work well at all; I think Time Warner Cable was working on the whole system, or something, this morning all is well - to this point 2:28AM
U S Navy K Class blimp
  The Navy flew blimps from about World War I and continued until about 1960, they were used for maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare.  There were quite a number of bases on both coasts.
East coast stations ranged from Argentia Newfoundland south to near Corpus Christi Texas.  On the west coast they ranged from Tillimook Oregon to just north of San Diego in Tustin.  I may have missed one too, a lot of them are gone but a number of those are still with us, the hangars at least.
Let's take a look at the Tillimook one, it's now the Tillimook Air Museum, the construction may be unique.  The hangar was built with local timber, and the museum states that the large beams (over 1070 feet) are all one piece of Redwood, seems a bit off to me - but what do I know, at lease there are Redwood trees that tall, that's a known fact so probably it's true:
The interior now, those are some large planes in there.
During World War Two, each airship is about 250 feet long. (click to expand)
The exterior now.  That plane is "The Guppy" a four-engine prop plane with
a big belly, it was used by NASA to move rocket parts for the space program
The blimp Vodka One that I wrote about either on here or on Techapapi Pete is gone.  While flying on from Maine it was moored near Columbus Ohio and a storm broke it free from the mooring and it crashed into a ladies back yard.  It is being disassembled and returned to Limestone Maine for possible re-construction.
The "remains" of Vodka One, August 10, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Out here...

Chairs from recycled plastic East Gish or Levant we have just started single stream recycling, that's a fancy term for putting all your eggs in one basket.  The eggs in this case are all of your recyclables, plastic, paper, cardboard, cans - that's what the eggs are.  Before this we had to separate it all, and the only plastic you could recycle was #2!  Now all plastic (1-9) can go to recycling heaven.

  So what becomes of all this "trash" you ask; well those pretty chairs up there (for sale at Lowes) used to be milk bottles or other number two plastic.  They also build "lumber" for decks, or other outside uses.  Glass (mostly bottles) became floor tiles, counter tops, jewelry and about 100 more uses.  Porcelain (your old toilet) goes into the roads you drive on.  Metal is reused in many, many ways - you saw some right here yesterday.

  So the people of East Gish (Levant) are happy, least those of us that bother to recycle, there should be more, are happy.  But if the recycling rate doesn't increase then, then, then the Town will go to the dreaded "pay per bag".  People really fight that.  Pay per bag is simple to explain; you go to the Town Office or a store and buy trash bags for fifty cents, or a dollar, and what you don't recycle goes in the the paid in advance for trash bags - then the rate of recycle rate will increase, hopefully.  But the consequences could very well be trash dumped in the woods, or roadside; some people would take their trash to town and put it in other peoples dumpsters - yes, yes it's been known to happen - or dispose of trash in some other way.

  So, there you have it, Maine Recycles (or does it),  the Geezer and his wife have recycled for a long time, about 15 years.  We save up our stuff and drive to the recycle center in Bangor, unload it at each bin and done, now we just put it in a special trash can on wheels and haul it to the roadside once a month.
Counter top made of recycled glass.
Plastic "lumber"
How different bottles make up colors for tiles.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Watch out…

And be careful, of what you throw away,
There might be something useful, but on another day,
You could take a shovel, or, an oil pan by the way,
And make a useful object and have something that will stay.
Or, egg shells glued together, a quite attractive hen,
And it's like making the egg, go back to where its been.
Hubcaps could be used on your car,
And if cut, and glued together, they could be a star.
 So, be careful of your trash, it could be used again,
No telling what somebody use it, we just don't know when
Okay, maybe food scraps wouldn't make the Mona Lisa,
And they couldn't fly to Europe - because they lack a visa!
 Wake up with a smile and take some time to relax,
And think about making something from old slacks,
Or get some paste and paper, cardboard and a fuse,
Make fake dynamite - something you cannot use.
Chicken from egg shells
Oil pan, snow shovels, exhaust pipe, what else? take a hubcap, and.....
I don't know what happened to the font or font color, I wrote this some place else and cut and pasted, it's always worked before, but......

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You never know...

Here's Larry
...what's out there, just around the bend,
surprise, surprise just happens, there isn't any end;
mystery and mischief you can find them everywhere,
and just look at them and laugh - just show them you don't care.

But what about the serious stuff, you know that's out there too,
my suggestion:  Put it in a car, and take it to the zoo!
But, okay be serious, feels better already,
just imagine you bath tub is a cow.

But what about the interesting stuff you find along the way,
out on the street, in a park, or in a field if you're making hay;
some of it is funny, some scary or just tense,
what's coming 'round the corner, or just over that fence?
Isn't it?
We missed this one before, crazy world....
...but I love you, anyway.