Saturday, July 4, 2009

Only in America....

....can you have an IQ score, estimated, with a lower number than your hat size. The IDIOT puts in a pinch hitter who: (1) went 78 games before hitting a home run (2) has a batting average of .203! The Sox lost 3-2 and now have only a one game lead on the Yankers.

Anyhow, the Hollie day, and Holiday went well, she was up to spending more money than the government has used for the bailouts, but was able to be contained. The day went very well, I was able to get in two and a half miles, which is considered good now days.

The weather continues to leave a lot to be desired, more T-Showers, showers and gloom, the sun was out for about 20 minutes.

Sleep was good in there until 11PM and feel rested.

BOOM!...'s the Fourth of July! I hope everyone enjoys the day. It's a Hollie day here, she has her room decorated and states "it's a big holiday, just like Christmas!", at least we can say she is patriotic.

I slept until 11:15, not bad. I have the "back thing" again, doctor calls it Lumbago which is an old fashioned term for low back pain, I untied my sneakers while standing so as not to get the floor dirty and BANG (just like a firecracker) there it goes. It doesn't take much and I never know when it will happen, and it doesn't last long.

The Red Sox lost last night, because the manager is an idiot! IDIOT!!!!!

Live and Let Live (almost willing to leave the IDIOT out of this), feed the critters please.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ten is not.......

.......a perfect number, at least when it applies to the time you get out of bed. It was indeed 10PM, not surprised because it was 12 yesterday (or today, whatever). I am sure there will be some nap time this AM.

My reworked teeth came out fine, no longer loose, feels different.

Staying home today, I think, Linda is going to take Peggy on her errands, if she feels up to it in the morning. If I stay here I'll get in a mile. Yesterday (today, whatever) I walked 4 miles and now the hip thing is a bother. A little rest for it today.

Easy Does It, fee the critters, please.

Sleeping in (or, oversleeping)

I was awake at 11:55PM, so I almost made it to the point of waking up in a different day than when I went to sleep; a rare occurrence. Made up for yesterdays 10:00PM.

Do not have much planned for today because my teeth will be in the shop being rebuilt, kind of a mail order dentist. Not really, it's a reputable business.

Yesterday I walked about 3.5 miles, a little over, today I will get at least two miles, I have some muscle pain around the left hip so taking it easy. Also went to a good meeting, an old friend came in, he also worked for Brewer and has been in the program about the same length of time I have, I met Keith twenty years ago.

The Red Sox did pull out a win, in eleven innings; it's important to stay ahead of the Yankers.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

#&*!@ Sox!

Holy Cow, be ahead ten to one and lose! Bullpen just gives it up!

I was awake at 10PM and got out of bed at 10:15, so I thought I'd watch the rest of the game, now I'm wide awake for sure, Tito (Sox manager) always leaves a pitcher in until he gives up a bunch of runs, he's as much to blame (almost) as the pitchers. Paplebon deserves the credit for losing - have you noticed that he always gives up a run or two every time he comes in?

Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah! Enough!

It's going to be a good day for a meeting, and a little walking too, the car is fixed and Hollie will have her "Princess Protection Program" starring Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. I remember the names, have heard them a lot! Gomez looks just like Linda Ronstadt did 40 years ago, oh sorry of course you don't remember that!

Easy Does It, please feed the critters.

That's more..... it! How about sleeping until 11:30! Much better, those two and a half hours make a big difference.

I logged about three and a half miles yesterday, I did a two and a half mile walk before 6AM (which was about early afternoon, for me) and a short one later in the day, it stopped raining just in time for me to walk. I am soooo tired of the rain, as of last evening here in the Bangor area we have had ONE DAY of full sun; those aren't good odds! And today and the rest of the week is forecast to be gray w/showers.

Car going to the shop again! today this time it's the "airbag" light, those lights are going to drive me nuts. At lease it's under warranty so it's not costing us anything. And, of particular importance, I am going to WalMart to buy "The Princess Protection.." movie, which comes out today, for you know who.

Live and Let Live, Easy Does It, Keep It Simple Stupid and feed the critters, please.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's the wrong kind.......

.......of record to break, but this time I woke up a little after 9! So I've been up two hours already, it's getting tiresome. At least there is still baseball on when I get up so there are some benefits.

Just a little over two miles yesterday, I wanted to work on a painting so that took up some time, mostly waiting for the stuff to dry(water); I could use a hair dryer but don't like doing things that way.

Jeff called in the afternoon, he's very busy working two jobs. We also got some mail from Ameroq with copies of his school 'report cards', he is doing okay but still has trouble with reading/writing stuff, does excellent in geometry and geography.

I'll be off to walk (weather permitting) and to a meeting this/tomorrow morning then back home to work on my "project" (that's a Hollie word) some more.

Easy does it. Feed the critters, please.