Saturday, July 3, 2010


...I think I set a record, no wait!
there's no record setting here, that is not my fate.
I did get up a trifle late, oh, 12:30 or so,
that's certainly no reason, to let my whistle blow!

It could be a "modern day" record of some sort,
I can't prove it in any court, is that some kind of tort,
well, anyway, I really did sleep in,
guess listening to Hollie, caused quite a din.

Now, the Red Sox have won again,
with ten injured on the DL, they win!
Those are mostly starting players, I state,
on the DL there.  And, they're still great.

Heaven knows how they've managed to pull it off,
a bit of luck maybe, too, but, lest you scoff....
only a half game out, of the cherished first place,
they could, before the All-Star game, be in first place.

Well, slow down here, we've got things to do,
let's push some buttons, together, me and you.
Pick a tab, there up on top, choose one or the other,
you can help them one or all, or your favorite mother.

And don't forget to wave to your nearby neighbor,
maybe they're off to work, having to labor;
maybe they're 'different' than you, in some way,
just Live and Let Live, and give a friendly wave.

Enjoy (weather permiting) :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

The power... on, finally, and it's about time,
what a waste of "that" time of mine;
a sub-station blew, somewhere I don't know,
the power went out, glad it's not forty below.

It went out at eleven yesterday AM,
don't know when it came back again,
went to bed at five, and it was still out,
when it comes to that, I just don't have clout.

It's: "those things happen", and I guess that they do,
it's not supposed to happen to me, it's supposed to be you!
Well I'm glad it's over and not out still,
but my afternoon sure went downhill.

But...I worked on a painting, I hadn't got to,
so the time wasn't wasted, I had thing to do;
read from a book and a newspaper report;
Gosh! How many people get taken to court?

Well, that's the saga of July first,
for those with an odd knowledge thirst;
this is my fancy way of saying hello,
but now that you're here, please don't go.

Wait 'til I tell you which buttons I push,
and how, one time, I got up off my tush;
I did some actual work, once in my life,
but it won't happen again, I've got a wife.

Smile & enjoy!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's going... be a busy day, but the weather's good,
should be able to walk five miles, just like I should,
then it's time for coffee, and to settle down,
take in a meeting, then take Peggy to town.

So that's the way it is - retired, nothing to do,
but, how come I'm so busy, does that happen to you?
At least it helps the time pass, no time to sit around,
and that a whole lot better, than being 'underground'.

The printer set up went real well,
directions not quite clear as a bell,
but enough good stuff to follow,
if they'd use one language, it wouldn't be so hollow.

The "old" one is dead and gone,
buried in the trash, it's done;
didn't seem to want to work, at such a busy pace,
the new is built for business - it might enjoy a race.

But I'll take time, right now, to do the 'button' thing,
go right there and down the line, maybe a bell will ring;
how can I "go down the line", when it's acrossed the top,
maybe it's across the line...Oh! Larry, please stop!

Smile :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wide awake....

...but, not ready to go,
wait for the coffee to put on a show,
just read that the Red Sox won last nights game,
and the poor Yankees lost. Oh! What a shame.

Thats put's the Sox one game out of first,
even with injuries, when they should be worst.
The guys filling in do a whale of a job,
except Okijima, doesn't pitch, just a lob.

Now the bad news, since you must hear both,
that much maligned printer, soon will be toast;
it's being replaced and that's quite soon,
I'll kick the old one over the moon!

The "customer center" out there is a joke,
they have no ideas to fix, maybe give it a coke?
Always the answers just the same stuff,
none of which works, maybe I'll get tough.

I have informed Kodak of my good news,
I'll buy new, but it won't be one of youse!
It's disappointing in the real sense,
but, I was the one willing to jump the fence.

Guess I'll go and push buttons, clear my mind,
I'm always amazed, read the stories and find...
..a happy ending, plus, you're doing good,
or maybe we're doing just what we should.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have you...

...ever carried an umbrella for five miles?
Guaranteed not to make you full of smiles.
I guess I should have been singing the movie song,
and danced at each lightpost as I went along.

Today should be better, a little not much,
but it shouldn't be raining and as such...
..won't offer a chance for me to repeat...
..a wet five mile walk.  But it beats the heat.

So I'll go for a walk, have a coffee for rest,
walk some more, then a meeting, which is the best;
run some errands, which are not much work,
come back home and don't act like a jerk.

I find it important as I go along in this life,
to try to get along with people, including my wife;
there's no real reason people should fight,
yet some people do it, night after night.

Maybe because they don't understand,
or, if confused, think it's the law of the land.
But, for what ever reason, I have no doubt,
you can't solve a problem with a fist or a shout!

So, take time today to show people you care,
it doesn't take effort, and you don't need a dare;
everyone is important, and we should give...
thanks to them all. Live and Let Live.

Smile ;)

Monday, June 28, 2010

I sure...

...could use some coffee, but I'll have to wait,
I've not been up an hour, chomping at the gate;
oh well, I'll use the time planning out my day.
Must really be going nuts, talking that way!

Planning out my day, what a crazy thought!
Come up with something else, or is that all you've got?
My days don't need, well, a couple things,
planning, drinking, playing golf, or putting on my rings.

If I had to plan, what would that be like,
I've got this at nine, and at ten I meet with Spike,
lunch at two (ain't that a hoot) with my client,
lawyers eat at two, Judge, no that ain't lyin'.

I could not live that way, not even for a week,
planning, work at home - why that's crazy speak!
So, I'll just be glad to be me, my own self,
put that busy talk, right back on the shelf.

Besides I have stuff to do, push buttons for one thing,
go to all six of them, push them, make them sing.
I'll invite you too, please join me if you will,
there are always folks in needf, poverty don't stand still.

And remember love your neighbor, next door or miles away,
we all have to live together, there's no other way;
we all have something to offer, or some gift to give,
that's why my favorite motto's - Live and Let Live.

Enjoy the day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

She came out...

...with an arm full, of binders and stuff;
so, I knew I was in for more than enough;
photos and clippings, and last weeks mail,
paychecks and binders, I went pale.

That's when I knew what kind of day it would be,
so we left the driveway while I could still see,
off in a hurry, right up the road,
at least she finally sat down her load.

She had been out shopping or scouting you know,
she knew just how many stores there were to go;
she had cased them, like a thief in the night,
knew where stuff was, and she had it right.

So a brief stop at Tim Hortons, the Main Street one,
a paper to Peggy - that old son-of-a-gun;
that straight up to Wal-Mart, in Brewer, Maine,
at least Mary was happy to see us - - again.

Then in the parking lot, get out the knife,
CD's to open, staples to come out, please,
we had Jewell, and a Dog City thing,
who knows what pleasures these will bring.

Ever so slowly, it's too early you know,
over near Staples to a parking lot we go;
cut with the trimmer, be carful Dad!
Then a whoopie pie, first strawberry ones she's had.

Finally! They're open! It's almost "santa claus" time.
Staples opened their doors, promptly at nine;
she rushes in all of her stuff in tow,
they won't know what hit 'em, that's all I know.

Then we headed to Borders, a book that she wants,
besides that store is one of her favorite haunts;
there's the book, twenty-five dollars worth,
about all fifty states, it's for July Fourth.

Then, of course, we hit one more store,
over to Target, I don't know what for;
oh, now I remember, the wanted CD;
and one other thing, I forgot, now let's see.

Then it's breakfast for lunch, Governors' will do,
a Philly Cheesesteak Omelet, how's that sound to you?
We ate our meal, while iced coffee was drank,
please one more thing at Staples. How does that rank?

So, one more project under her belt,
we're at the end of the hand I was delt;
a pleasant trip, an expensive one to,
but we had a good time, how about you?

That's a typical Hollie Day!