Saturday, September 4, 2010

In the...

...northwest corner of Wyoming, is a splendid place,
one of the beautiful sights to grace earths face;
Grand Teton National Park, oh it's pure delight!
It's grandeur by day, and heavenly by night.

This is Jenny Lake, just take a look at that,
pretty as a picture, or, just plain old hat;
and look at the mountains, looking cold as ice,
just one of the things, that make the place so nice.

This is Cascade Canyon, do you want to climb?
You'd need experience, or a quart of wine.
This must be the place, where a grizzly bear or two...
...or some other critter may happen into view.

The bridge at String Lake and bare aspen trees,
wait for the winter, or a warm spring breeze;
trail were built with bridges to access the inside...
...of this great Park, and they were built with pride.

The Aspen trees look pretty, in their fall best,
while waiting for winter, to whiten the rest;
four seasons at Grand Teton must really be a treat,
and as a National Park, it will prove hard to beat.

You know...while we explore the better part of life,
there are many people that have need and strife;
we can do something simple, to help those people out,
it's easy, and it's free, you know what I'm talking about.

So just go to, and check it out,
press on the tabs and then press the button, my you have some clout!
See how easy that was, and it's painless too,
So please do this daily, it's really good!

Hard to beat, huh? wanna bet?

Friday, September 3, 2010

It's been...

...a while, 143 years in fact,
the Santa Fe Trail needed to be intact;
so the Army founded, in this Kansas town,
Fort Larned, the new post in town.

That square blockhouse in the photo above,
was the only protection, for those the soldiers love;
there were no stockade fences, or even barbed wire,
hunker down in the slots, and the leader yells, "fire".

Here we see the tools of the Horse Soldiers trade,
these were tough times, there was no time to fade;
keep the horses in shape, go and ride the trail,
watch the cattle drives, this is no time to fail.
This is the Livery, built in eighteen sixty-seven,
and as far a horses go, it might have seemed like heaven;
horses were important, both to ride and to haul,
and an occasional mule, might receive the call.
This is the U S Army, 10th Calvary, shown here,
"Buffalo Soldiers", men who did not fear...
..the racial intolerance, because they were black,
in the post-Civil War days, they had to watch their back.

This Fort Larned National Historic Site,
the best preserved post, of the Army's fight,
to protect the cattle drive, and the movement west,
as the country grew, they did what they thought best.

There are many lessons, that we can learn,
visit the site,, and you can earn...
...much more information about our National sites,
it's better than saying "nothing to do, that bites!".

There is also a lesson that we can gain,
skin color shouldn't matter, it only causes pain,
white, black, yellow or red, we can get along,
if we band together, only then are we strong.

Giddy up!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How about...

...we change the subject for a while,
Angels got tough to find, there was no smile;
there was one thing that I found out,
religions fight each other, that's (seems to be) what it's about.

So....we'll move on to a subject that's fresh,
there'll be no need for people to press the flesh;
we'll go to National Parks, or Historic Places,
meet new land and see new faces.

First, in no particular order, is old and new, but just the same,
it's in Vermont, and has a different name,
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park;
let's go and visit, it's just a lark.
This is the mansion, Marsh-Billings, in name,
they owned the land, the house stayed the same.
Mr. Marsh wanted the Army to ride....
camels, not horses, he said with pride.

Mr. Billings was a pioneer, scientific farming was his thing,
and conservation or the land too, early on, he heard a bell ring;
Laurence Rockefeller gave it all to us,
we can enjoy their work, and with no fuss.
The farm is run, just as it was, cows and horses for your view,
sugar maples, and hemlock trees (400 years old) and trails too;
all of this open, year round they say,
just for people like us, to go out and play.

Top: The Marsh-Billings mansion
Middle (1): Horses (can be rented to ride) in the snow.
Middle (2): One of the carriage/walking trails.
Bottom: And...a nice herd of Jersey cows.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Here we...

...have an Arch Angel who may play with fire,
there is no higher office which to aspire;
Uriel is at the head of the class,
represents God, from the first to the last.
To be honest, I'd never heard,
mention of Uriel, not one word;
it's hard to imagine that, all over the world,
his name is known in books, his flag unfurled.

When God commanded "let there be light",
it was Uriel who got it right,
he "flipped the switch", and lo and behold,
the sun appeared, that's what I'm told.

The mystery here is not day or night,
why I've not heard the name, that's not right;
I'm sure it's there, in Enoch it says,
so...that's all there is, it's what it is!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A long...

....time ago, Emanuel Swedenborg wrote about angels,
that each angel is a man and a woman that had wedding bells,
each 'happily married' couple upon their death,
became one angel on their last breath.

I'm not sure that what he wrote is right, or pure,
but the New Church (Swedenborgian) is sure;
other religions don't follow suit, but differ a lot,
so this angel thing, itself, has quite a plot.

There are lots of descriptions each place I look,
too much information for one little book,
and students, all much more learned than I,
still can't see any angels in the sky.

So, all we know, or think we do,
is without proof, slightly askew;
there is where faith comes in,
we believe angels are there so it's no sin.

So many of them, that, in fact, there's such a fuss,
too many to count, they may outnumber us;
each church has some, more than some others,
and of course there's angel for moms and brothers.

So, we'll continue on, for a little bit,
maybe until we have our fill of it;
it's a worthy subject, with lots of surprises,
some are small and some win prizes.


Monday, August 30, 2010

Medical workers...

...and others, have him as a Patron Saint,
and there's nobody that can say, well, he ain't;
he has healed a blind man, and saved a troubled heart,
and to this day is looked upon as a healer in art.
The Arch-Angel Raphael, shown here with Tobias,
I don't think would be hindered by anything by us;
he traveled with the boy, as a human at the start,
and showed himself as Angel, when they did part.

In the Islamic religion he is the trumpet man...
...who will usher in the end, it's shown in the plan,
he traveled to Mecca with Muhammad, in the past,
revered as a Holy Man, his impression last.

Shown here as a black man, no surprises there,
we must remember that there are Angels everywhere,
they appear to some as one thing but not another,
and remember every child has it's own mother.
Is this the first Caduceus? Answer anyone?
I have to believe it is, there, decision done;
the Patron of the healer, and traveler too,
maybe, today, Raphael will visit you.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

We have... busy angel, wether a male or not,
portrayed as a man or woman, depending on the plot;
foretold the births of Jesus and John the Baptist too,
taught Muhammad the Qur'an, all in a day or two.

We know of Gabriel's Horn, that will blow... the end of time.  But are we sure to know?
The horn is always carried, every day and night,
and when told to blow, it will be with all his/her might.
An Arch-Angel to the Catholic, regular to the rest,
and the Mormon's use him/her as Noah, it suits them best;
a name featured in the movies, and televison too,
I guess you just pick one, pick the one that best fits you.
I chose to show Gabriel as a woman, for no reason..
...than, I prefer to use that image, for the season,
it really doesn't matter much, that would be my guess,
it's how you feel in the morning, that decides how you dress.

There must be a lesson here, in fact I'm sure there is,
we must live our lives, in a way worth more than fizz;
take a little time each day to meditate on this,
it'll make you feel good, I can't promise eternal bliss.