Saturday, June 19, 2010


...that ring's a bell,
that's when I got up, that works pretty well,
it all amounts to about five and a half hours sleep,
that's probably enough, without getting in too deep.

So, right back at it, same get up time,
keep the rows straight, march in line;
one hour after the other, time passes on,
I'd rather it be this, than totally gone!

I have no big plans for stuff today,
it's going to be hot, and by the way...
...did I mention hot, that's what we will get,
it's not the first day of summer, so it's not over yet.

I'll do some walking, have coffee too,
take Peggys paper, pick up bottles too;
I'm going to Wal-Mart to get some stuff,
been buying for years, don't have enough.

Then down to Newport, it's not that far,
check farmers market, put stuff in the car;
bring those beet greens home, put them in water,
I'll have a good diet, like we all oughta.

Let's go push some buttons, help someone out,
you know, those little buttons give you some clout;
you can pick and choose, all go hog wild,
just click them all, let out your child.

And be good to one another, treat people right,
just 'cause their different's no reason to fight,
don't be scared to open your mind,
Live and Let Live, be honest and kind.


Friday, June 18, 2010

It wasn't...

a good night for a Celtics fan,
seeing them lose wasn't part of the plan;
done in by age and injury prone,
no congrats here, don't hold the phone.

And so it goes for sports fans in Maine,
teams lose or explode, it's always the same,
now the Red Sox are only two games away,
from taking first place, oh yeah! They're on the way.

Will we be disappointed, well just wait and see,
but way up here, we know, what will be will be.
There are so many ups and so many downs,
all in a days news those smiles, and those frowns.

So we'll just hang in there, hat in hand,
will it be thrown in the air, strike up the band?
Or will it be stomped underfoot?
Stomped on, and dirty, who knows where it's put.

All in the life of a Maine sports fan,
it's the way that we live, it's all part of the plan,
but we'll be alive in winter and fall,
basketball season will be a part of it all.

So let's not feel sorry, we've got work to do,
pushing some buttons, both me and you;
let's go to the web-site that we both know,
feed pets, mamograms, books in order just so.

And let's not forget to put things in order,
one, two, three and up it's easy, no bother,
just start at the beginning, it can't get worse,
always remember: First Things First.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm alive...

...and well, on a short nights sleep,
but it's nice and quiet, that I'll keep;
it was a long day with the Hollie girl,
she sure can keep things in a whirl.

It was four hundred eighty miles round trip,
and it all went off well, without a blip;
she didn't get all that she wanted,
but got enough so that I'm not haunted.

Twenty-one projects, and one TV show,
those are the 'things' that make her mind go;
so many interests, and so little time,
I don't know how she keeps her mind.

All went well, we didn't get lost,
the weather was warm, no hint of a frost;
it was cool enough that we didn't heat up,
and I had coffee, one, in a real cup.

So into New Hampshire, projects and lunch,
then back to Maine, in an hour, to give you a hunch,
just an idea of how fast her mind spins,
just like leaves blown in the winds.

Hold her steady, applies to ships,
and to Hollie and the words from her lips,
she thinks so fast, she may get confused,
it's a surprise that her brain isn't bruised.

So I got home, a bit after six,
to bed with the Red Sox, it's how I get my kicks;
five hours of sleep, up, ready to go,
bring in the camera so there's photos to show.

But now I need coffee, it's already put on,
and I'll push buttons for good befor it gone,
six little tabs, all with a button to push,
it's easy, no sounds, so shhhhh!

I'll be good to my neighbors, Live and Let Live,
my favorite slogan, it has lots to give.. ideas on how to behave,
and lets me use my whole hand when I wave.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There ain't... rest for the wicked, I prove it every day,
it's a sleeping thing, I don't have a say;
but I'm not complaining, I got my needed rest,
it's just that I was starting, to like one o'clock the best.

Now - I know that's not going to happen, in reality;
but there's alway wishful thinking, don't you agree?
Nah! There's not a chance - to turn sleepy-head,
well, there's one I guess.  When you finally wake up dead!

How's that for a ditty? Tell me what you think.
click on the comments, you can do it in a blink.
I'm really not complaining, I did sleep very well,
it's just that my thought process, is going straight to hell.

And I'm getting ready, for my trip today,
Hollie to New Hampshire.  Hooray, hooray!
It should be easy going(?), with stops along the way;
at least that's what I'm hoping, but plans can go astray.

She's going to be surprised, when they wake her up,
didn't know the day we'd go, didn't want to keep her up,
when she knows ahead of time, she won't sleep at all,
anticipation gets her going, and she sleeps through it all.

So, I'm having coffee, first decaf of the day,
a little breakfast, more coffee; let's get underway,
not so fast old man, you have to spend some time,
pushing buttons, making plans, and counting every dime.

And let's not forget, some reading for the day,
meditate, ask for help - before going into the fray,
remember to be kind, treat gently those you cross,
after all they don't need to know - that I think I'm boss.

Enjoy!  Report on our adventures - tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


...I'm at it again,
slept well past ten,
twelve-twenty in fact, is the time I arose,
all rested, sitting here now, in quite a pose.

It seems there's one way or the other,
ain't no in between, I'll tell you brother,
when it comes time for me to awake;
there's no limit on times for me to take.

Feast or famine, long or short,
this is not the game, if you're not a sport,
there's no way to win, it's losers games,
the times to get up - all have different names!

And so it goes, one day to the next,
just like I said my sleep time is hexed;
it's a good thing I'm used to it - or adjusted,
that dad-blasted clock of mine is busted.

But I can still walk and do my thing,
physical therapy today - that has a ring;
some coffee, a meeting, it works out just right,
but I have to wear shorts. Now there's a sight!

And I have time to push buttons, always spot on;
there are six tabs, all acrossed the top,
push one or all, no fail, no flop.

And be kind to others, Live and Let Live,
you have love in your heart, don't fear to give;
each one is unique, but we're all the same,
don't give in to hate; don't play that game.

Smile :)))

Monday, June 14, 2010

Payback.... hell, it comes early too,
up at eleven, writing this for you;
sleeping in one day, early up the next,
sometimes I think -- my sleep life is hexed.

But that's not the case, the trouble is my 'clock',
the old circadian rhythm simply does not rock;
gosh darn those bugs, that burrow in the ground,
keep the rhythm to themselves, if they're ever found.

So, I'll need a nap some time around two,
settle in my chair, anyplace will do;
catch a little snooze, refresh me for the day,
going for a walk, and a meeting by the way.

Try to take it easy. There's some sage advice,
actually it is easy, don't think about it twice;
rest and relaxation, may be the curse of man,
but I'm willing to go along, unless there's a better plan.

But, when they say 'Easy Does It', that's not what is meant,
work from the beginning, finish, pack in cement;
don't start in the middle, and expect it's okay,
begin with number one and go. You'll have a better day.

And feed the hungry critters, buy a kid a book,
save the Rain Forest, or teach someone to cook;
looks hard, but it's easy, no hard work on your part,
just go and push the buttons, give love from your heart.

Enjoy you day

Sunday, June 13, 2010


....Creepers! and Holy Cow!
Wait until you hear what happened now;
the old geezer slept in until twenty after twelve,
maybe I'm not ready to go on a shelf.

Of course it was a Hollie Day,
shot out of a gun, there's no other way,
she spends her visits going full speed,
doing things fast, must fill a need.

But her lists are soooo long, that's probably why,
I just run along until, "slow down", I cry;
this visit wasn't different, they rarely are,
magazine, laminate, spend time in the car.

She's sure curious, about her next trip,
it's this Wednesday, but I didn't let it slip,
she has big plans, well, she always does,
going to New Hampshire, she says she loves.

We'll see about that, she may change her mind,
and we may end up in Portland or somewhere behind,
you can't make firm plans, it's just not done,
keep options open, stuff comes undone.

So, today, I'm awake, after waking up late,
that's not a complaint, I was tired, late out on a plate;
it feels pretty good, that extra hours sleep,
well, I better quit before "it" gets too deep.