Saturday, September 18, 2010

It doesn't...

look good for the series on the parks,
it difficult to upload the photos, kind of sets off sparks,
I'm pretty short tempered on this very day,
to I guess I just won't do it, any other way.

Back to the hospital yesterday, not by my choice,
ran out of energy, but I still have my voice;
walked two miles at my pace, which is kind of quick,
then suddenly ran out of gas, like my foot would stick.

So I went to the "walk in clinic", up on Union Street,
they sent me to the Emergency Room, damn I'm getting beat;
a couple of X-Rays some blood out of my arm,
monitors and space age stuff, remember: "Do no harm".

Now I'm home and I slept good, surprising even me,
got up at 2:00AM!!!  How can that be?
It's some surprise I'll tell you, it's hard to conceive,
so different is the time, than no one will believe.

So, give me some time, I'll come up with something good,
or...write about myself, to be sure I'm understood,
that's not my first choice, I'll have to find a way,
to upload photos, and continue to make hay.


Friday, September 17, 2010

You can...

read a paper, or a book, but how about a rock,
yessir we've found them, and this isn't any crock;
when people had no paper on which they could write,
they just marked up a rock, and left it in plain sight.
I'd be the first to tell you, I don't know what this means,
could it be a family, showing how they planted beans?
Or, maybe, just maybe, it's some kind of map,
giving directions, to a good place for a nap.
This one show a turkey, and maybe that's a dog,
I read it in a paper, it's a petroglyph, unerroded by fog;
out here in Albuquerque, in the desert sun,
but you can explore the writings, do it just for fun.
This one shows the planets, and the sun and moon,
it could be a calendar, or a lovers swoon;
more than likely, calendar, seems to do the trick,
kind of like building a clock, big one, brick by brick.
There's a man in here, over in the shade,
maybe it's a gravestone, it looks homemade;
or a successful hunter, back from a foray,
you really should see this place, maybe not today.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

We are....

...back to normal, but all is not well,
the trip was okay, but mom looks like hell;
but we'll see about that, as time goes by,
in the meantime, get ready to fly.

Why am I showing you a pile of rocks?
Well, that's a quarry, source of "peace talks",
that rock is pipestone, kind of petrified mud;
easy to carve, but, it will break with a 'thud'.
At the Pipestone National Monument, you'd take this trail,
down to the quarry, you might need a pail,
of something to carry you chipping tools,
this place is sacred, no place for fools.

These lands provided an important source,
of stone for peace pipes, smoked in a circle, of course;
it's in the southwest corner of Minnesota state,
it's better preserved now, before it's too late.
It's home to these, Winnewissa Falls too,
and a small Lake, that is not filled with goo;
it's out on the prairie, in the grasslands,
where hunters on horseback, traveled in bands.
Now home to wild flowers, beautiful blooms,
and a museum, nice things in those rooms.
It's a good place to go and maybe reflect on the past,
or, just to be glad, when we have peace at last.

There is a lesson, with the peace pipe stone.
Where ever you go, you won't feel alone,
if you make friends, with people you meet;
all people on earth deserve a friendly greet.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There ain't...

....gonna be no post today,
lazy yesterday, and sleepy, I say;
if I don't do no homework, then nothin' gets done,
it's a travelin' day, at least one.

Yesterday was different, I got up at ten,  (Ten PM)
I had flushing, red and hot, don't want it again,
so today I made up for all of that,
and got up at ONE, wish that was old hat.

Going south, about 180 miles,
visit with Mom, get one of her smiles,
she broke her hip, elbow and wrist,
all on one side, one of life's strange twist.

I'll be back tomorrow, on topic, I'll say,
so until then, have a wonderful day;
as I'm traveling I'll keep the radio on,
maybe I'll hear something good, like a new song.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well, after...

...a day off, we're back and ready,
let me just try, to hold the whole thing steady;
it was an interruption, or some sort or kind,
and it wasn't near enough to make me lose my mind.

Have you ever seen an albino fish?
Or, seen a single drop of water, make a huge dish?
Well, if you've not, I'll sort of take you, promise you'll behave.
We're about to enter the great Mammoth Cave.
It isn't much to look at, but see the walkway on the right?
We're ready to walk in, you'll see quite a sight.
And there really are, albino fish in there,
and they have no eyes, they are extremely rare.

When it started out, no one really knows,
they were some trout, who came in from the snows.
It's been a very, very long time, generations old,
now there are no eyes or color, in the cave cold.
And in this room, stalagtites, hanging from the roof,
some rooms down here are huge, no need to be aloof,
this one, maybe, is the pipe organ one,
some of those 'pipes' probably weigh a ton.
And, in this room; columns; just like Rome or Greece,
do you suppose there are some that, like sheep have fleece?
That's a big maybe, I don't know for sure,
or, maybe, that's just bullshit, if it is - - it's pure.

Enjoy! Dig down deep!

Monday, September 13, 2010

No post today!

The photos are not uploading today, we'll try again tomorrow.
Side note:  I slept in until 12:35!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

There really....

....were no winners, in the U S Civil War,
only battles lost or won, it's what they fought for;
in the Battle of Pea Ridge, in Northwest Arkansas,
the Union won again, Missouri stayed of course.

The canons were booming, someone led a charge,
others fought back, the battles loomed large;
hold onto Missouri, was the battle cry,
the Union held fast, it was do or die.

The old Elkhorn Tavern saw it all,
the battle, the wounded, and the dead fall,
it stands now as a sign, that peace is at hand,
and to honor the Confederate and Union soldiers, that fought on this land.

Now the fields are empty, some hundred-forty-eight years hence,
only the battle lines outlined along a fence;
so we are left to honor, those who gave all,
and those who helped the wounded, and those that fall.