Saturday, August 8, 2009

Very interesting... this morning,
then Rodriquez got a hit with no warning,
it was all over in inning fifteen,
damn Yankees treated the Sox mean.

Got up at eleven, ready to go,
then I thought go? oh, go slow.
Got to be ready to go get the girl,
bet old Hollie will be in a whirl.

I always wonder if she'll change her mind,
you know she does most of the time,
to me it doesn't matter, why should I care?
After it just means there'll be more to share.

Yesterday was a pretty good day,
walked six miles, but I won't today.
Made the meeting with time to spare,
it's nice to listen to people who share.

Went in to Staples to buy a new chair,
lots of nice interesting stuff there.
Then we went out to lunch, Saint Albans this time,
it was still early, so on breakfasts we dined.

Just a reminder for you today,
always be careful with what you say,
no need to be hurtful, or cause any tears,
say it nice, or where nobody hears.

And remember to critters, they get hungry too,
and if you read this, you know what to do.
People are often not in a good place,
so we can help them and be in good grace.

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 5th

August 5th was the 64th anniversary of the first hostile use of an atomic weapon. I was almost five but don't remember it. What I do remember is World War II ended soon after, and some men returned to our small town, Lebanon Maine.
I started school, in the first grade, in the fall of 1946 in peacetime. Not long after when the Soviets started taking over eastern Europe and then the Cold War began, there was talk that the Soviets also had atomic bombs, and in the US Civil Defense began. There were adults and teens who were airplane spotters, my Dad among them, I was still a little boy and I became afraid of airplanes, any of them. There weren't many the flew over our town, but I looked with suspicion on the ones that did; one day I even saw a "flying wing" now I know it as a B49, it was awesome, and I knew it was one of ours from the pictures the airplane spotters had.
Then the air raid drills started in school. Our school was one room down and one room up, grades 1 to 4 were downstairs and grades 5 to 8 were up, the upstairs is where my Dad went to High School; then grades 1 to 8 were downstairs. There was no running water, and outhouses; really they were inside the woodshed. Every morning two older boys went to Mr. Hanscoms well and got a pail of water, it was stored in a stone crock with a spigot at the bottom, we all shared one tin cup that was chained to the counter; none of us died from it, and there was not a lot of sickness. The air raid drill comprised of getting under our desks which were screwed to the floor as were the chairs. The floor was wood and my grandfather oiled the floors every summer, I can still remember the pleasant odor. We did have electric lights although sparse, and the heat came from a wood stove that our teacher, Mrs. Pierce, lit every morning. For teaching four grades and being the custodian she earned $900.00 a year!

Gradually the air raid stuff was less common but town and cities still had signs pointing the Shelters, which were stocked with food, water and probably bandages and toilet supplies. I also no longer was afraid of airplanes. A couple of times we drove by the Sanford, Maine airport which was a Navy Facility until maybe 1950, there was an actual outline of a carrier deck and a fake ships superstructure, I remember the planes all in a line of rows, wings folded I thought they were really neat, later in life I became a U S Navy Enlisted Aircrewman; and I did visit Hiroshima in 1964.
By 1954 towns were building consolidated schools and all of the old one room schools closed, it was the first time Lebanon had a school bus, the driver and his wife rode with us and you damned well better behave, they kept the bus spotless, the driver owned a 1930 Ford Model A which he still drove and he swept it clean on the inside after every trip.

Back to rhymes tomorrow

I wonder if....... time has changed,
I'm up much later, it must be arranged;
for me to sleep almost 'til twelve,
sure I believe that! And Santa has elves.

Yesterday was a pretty good day,
only have a few things to say,
I was under some kind of attack,
deer flies were plenty while walking up and back.

I reached out to slap one,
and guess what got done;
a slight muscle pull, and to boot,
the muscle that pulled, it was a glute.

But it worked out, doesn't hurt a bit,
so I can keep walking, trying to be fit.
Went to a meeting, it was so good,
to be with some people who understood.

Have you pushed a purple button today?
You can do it, and you don't have to pay.
Go to,
push the big button, and move right along.

And please don't forget you're not alone,
there are others out there, and some at home.
Treat everyone like you wish they did you,
Live and Let Live, it will come true.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Maybe I'm.....

........getting lazy, sleeping in I mean
you might think that I am a sleeping machine.
Slept right until midnight, that's twelve AM!
Holy Cow and other stuff, how surprised I am.

It's be a while since I last did that,
and all this time I'm thinking, Midnight is just a cat.
She was black and tiny when Rhonda brought her home,
she moved with us two times, and had a need to roam.

Yesterday was awesome, I got my walking fix,
had gone five miles before the clock struck six.
After walking one more mile, it was meeting time,
always something gotten there, a regular gold mine.

So today I am going to repeat that stuff above,
don't give a good thing up, stuff you really love.
But, then of course, there's Peggy after that,
and don't you just know it, that stuff is old hat.

So today I ask you to Live and Let Live,
and to all the critters, who need a meal, please give.
Being kind to our neighbors isn't much to ask,
and I am sure that all of you are up to that small task.

Another nice day, enjoy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not again??

...Seems there's no answer as when to awake,
I think my hours must take the cake.
Thinking I would wake up at ten,
just goes to prove that I'm wrong again.

Up at eleven to even the score,
guess those tens have been shown the door.
Anyway it all comes to pass;
when I realize I'm on the right side of the grass!

Yesterday wasn't boring, nor was it busy, and who do we thank
took Peggy for lab work, shopping, and to the bank,
so a lot of time waiting, not my favorite thing,
then I went home to wait for the phone to ring.

I'm trying to get an appointment for hearing,
but governments ugly side keeps up rearing,
I call and leave the info they need,
never to hear from them; do you have a lead?

Maybe I will have to go there,
and see if they'll listen to a man with no hair.
Or, maybe just maybe, they'll call today,
ha, ha, I got you. What did I say?

But today is for going on an early walk,
out of doors, no need to talk,
and enjoyable past time, I'm willing to say,
why don't you go for a walk today.

And while you're at it, please don't forget,
feeding the pets like that little rabbit.
and feed hungry people, you know from this blog,
you just need to go to

So on with your life, please live it well,
Live and Let Live, on the past don't dwell,
forgive and forget, after you tell,
those that you've hurt that you wish them well.

Have a great day! The sun will rise again!

Monday, August 3, 2009


...I'm back on whatever time I'm on,
there's nothing to do but yawn;
from time to time and that's just fine,
a long as sleep I get is mine.

Yesterday turned out nice,
it was quiet around our house;
I got in some walking, four and a half miles,
back to small hills now, changing styles.

I spent the afternoon with TV;
the Red Sox were nice to me,
they won the game in great fashion,
it was nice to see them play with passion.

Today promises to be quiet to,
if Linda take Peggy to do,
to shopping and lab work, and the bank too,
while I sit a home, oh, boo hoo!

But I'll miss going to my meeting,
of which Monday attendance is fleeting,
but there is hope for going tomorrow for sure,
after all it's not like there's a cure.

So I have to remember to live in today,
that's the best we can do anyway,
Live and Let Live, is one golden rule,
more than that it's a useful tool.

Push the big purple button to feed,
all the dogs and the cats that are in need.
Push it and do them a favor,
you have what it takes, good neighbor.

Have a great day!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Everything is.......

........back to normal, sleeping stuff I mean,
I know that normal is a cycle on a machine.
Sleeping until ten thirty, is the new time for me,
so I guess as far as sleeping, what will be will be.

Yesterday was a fun day, spending time with my wife,
had a nice breakfast, at Governors, it was nice.
Then we walked the Art Show in Bangor downtown,
saw some things that were really nice, and some that made me frown.

Today is going to be, somewhat slow I think,
Hope that the Red Sox don't fall down the brink.
Walking in the morning, maybe a couple miles,
that will bring us all, some hard earned smiles.

Don't forget the critters, they really need us to,
push the purple button, do it now please do.
And, of course, people do get hungry, so in advance I thank,
all of you, and anybody, who helps at a food bank.

Remember to Keep it Simple, and be kind to all,
you meet or are your neighbors, love them one and all.
Live and Let Live is a simple theme,
practice it daily and your life could be a dream.

Have a wonderful day!