Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not again??

...Seems there's no answer as when to awake,
I think my hours must take the cake.
Thinking I would wake up at ten,
just goes to prove that I'm wrong again.

Up at eleven to even the score,
guess those tens have been shown the door.
Anyway it all comes to pass;
when I realize I'm on the right side of the grass!

Yesterday wasn't boring, nor was it busy, and who do we thank
took Peggy for lab work, shopping, and to the bank,
so a lot of time waiting, not my favorite thing,
then I went home to wait for the phone to ring.

I'm trying to get an appointment for hearing,
but governments ugly side keeps up rearing,
I call and leave the info they need,
never to hear from them; do you have a lead?

Maybe I will have to go there,
and see if they'll listen to a man with no hair.
Or, maybe just maybe, they'll call today,
ha, ha, I got you. What did I say?

But today is for going on an early walk,
out of doors, no need to talk,
and enjoyable past time, I'm willing to say,
why don't you go for a walk today.

And while you're at it, please don't forget,
feeding the pets like that little rabbit.
and feed hungry people, you know from this blog,
you just need to go to www.gsfb.org.

So on with your life, please live it well,
Live and Let Live, on the past don't dwell,
forgive and forget, after you tell,
those that you've hurt that you wish them well.

Have a great day! The sun will rise again!

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