Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sleeping in....... good for you, phrase that as a question,
roll it around in your brain, give it some reflection;
what causes this to happen, does anybody know,
is it some weird thing, does it help you grow?

Well, I don't know the answer either,
maybe I'm a deep breather,
but, anyhow, I slept in 'til twelve,
that's as deep as I will delve.

Today's a Hollie day, oh she of great anxiety,
well, I'll take a risk, introduce her to society;
probably it'll go okay, but you never know,
just what will happen - tomorrow - blow by blow.

Yesterday turned out so good, it's gotten to be old hat,
the morning was all routine, walk, meeting and all that.
quiet afternoon, basketball on the TV;
it's March Madness, there is a lot to see.

But I did press the buttons we all know about,
so, I guess, today I'll give them a workout.
It's important to help some other folks, who need a helping hand,
so let's go and push to help them now, here or another land.

Smile (and start the coffee!)

Friday, March 19, 2010

On this....

....last day of winter, calendar wise at least,
it's been really nice lately, it wasn't such a beast;
but is it really over, is the snow and ice gone for good?
I'll keep my eyes open, and I think you should.

Yesterday morning could not have been more nice,
Forty-four degrees, no wind, and there was no ice.
This morning may be different, little cooler, little wind,
but they all add up, don't they?  In the very end.

So I'm eager for the Spring, tomorrow, 1:32PM,
hope I'm there to greet her, ahhh! my springtime friend,
now I'll have to keep an eye out for the little striped one,
Ol' Stinky will be out there - watch out everyone!

And then, of course, there's tomorrow, to look forward to,
it's going to be a Hollie day, in her mind changing to do,
of course that's one thing always subject to change,
whatever does she think of? We can only guess her range.

So, today a little walking, and a meeting for sure,
that's all that I can hope for, there's really not much more;
so with that send off, let's push buttons for a change., hope it's within YOUR range.

And let's not forget, that weird guy down the street,
is he really different? Or, maybe much too sweet?
You can befriend him, a handshake you can give,
after all the motto is, Live and Let Live.

Time to make some coffee!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Thursday...

...morning, the rooster's not up yet,
how lazy can that old bird get?
Oh! We don't have a rooster, so now that I know;
I don't have to listen to the old fella crow.

Yesterday was quiet and that felt good,
the Red Sox afternoon game was sure to be good,
so I sat down to watch, well, I misunderstood,
down to the Mets, didn't play like they should.

Of course the games in the Spring really don't count,
but it's still nice to see how they work things out;
but the rookies and minors all play a part,
I guess they need some place to start.

Today looks like kind of a regular day,
walking, coffee and meeting - all that's okay;
but then the old girl Peggy needs a short ride,
but there could'nt be more to take into stride.

And, oh by the way, the new shoes work good,
so maybe my feet will fell as they should,
yesterday morning I took things slow,
it was one of those things - test as you go.

So now I'm going, through for today,
but we still have that game to play,
pushing the buttons blue, green and red,
I'm going to do it, that's what I said.

Don't be discouraged if at first try you fail,
isn't that better than going to jail?
Try it again and I'll understand,
and say well done, it's all part of the plan.

Coffee time!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've got...

...a cup of coffee here and it's piping hot,
tastes good too, I like it, but won't make another pot;
three cups is my limit, until it's time to walk,
then I have another, on break while I talk.

Yesterday was warm, after the sun was up,
the temperture set a record, mercury was up;
today holds the same promise, sixty degrees again,
don't know how I can stand it, but then.....

It's still cool in the mornings while I walk along,
but the lack of wind, ah, I love that song;
wind is almost an enemy for me when I walk,
but it's better than having, to set ahead my clock.

And, lest I forget, I finally found new shoes,
we took back the others that I couldn't use;
nice and light and comfortable, that's what I like,
so I'll try them out before the sun's first strike.

But later on this morning, after this is done,
I'm going to push buttons, hmmm, all or just one?
Push them all! It's easy! Right up at the top,
right to left, or otherwise, keep going 'til you stop.

Is something more important, that the other stuff,
is there somthing to be doing, have you had enough?
Take good care of your body, mind and spirit too,
Come down to the meeting, there's a chair for you.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I made it.... Tuesday, and the coffee is just great,
I know it's decaf, but I drink it straight;
someone told me it's like having sex in a canoe,
it's pretty close to water, what's that do for you?

Well, enough of that silly stuff, this is a serious post here,
we can't be telling jokes, we're puritans over here,
starched collars and pressed cuffs are the way we dress,
how we get out of 'here' is anybodies guess!

Walked along yesterday, just above six miles,
and it felt pretty good my face was all just smiles,
it was warm and windy, little too much in one direction,
all I did was turn a corner, instant correction.

Today I need to go back to Skowheagan and return those shoes,
they don't feel right, and on my feet that's news,
I've written down the models that I'd like to see,
someday those folks up there, will get tired of me.

Rhonda is coming along for the ride,
she has only one more week, with us to abide,
then she returns, to the place that she calls home,
back down in Florida never more to roam.

So? What do we do now?
Oh, yes! The buttons! Please don't have a cow,
I'll go and push them, every single one,
you please do the same, and tell me when you're done.


Monday, March 15, 2010


for the weather, is it going to rain?
I sure hope not, that's such a pain.
Waiting for the coffee, what takes so long?
Well I'll settle on it, if it's nice and strong.

Waiting for the clock to turn, every single hour,
sometimes it turns real slow, sometimes stops - no power,
waiting is a curse of life, when you keep my hours,
but, really it's no difference in yours or ours.

Up at eleven, yes, the bed is made,
there's no sun out, so no need for shade;
and there's no moon or stars tonight,
to light a single path without a flashlight.

I think the coffee's almost done in just the nick of time,
you see, I want the stuff, have some and it's time of dine;
a breakfast of oatmeal, done up in grand style,
chopped dates and walnuts in it, that ought to last a while.

And while I have my first cup of joe,
and where do you think my mouse and fingers go?
Ah, Yes! Of course, it's button pushing time,
go ahead and do yours, do that match mine?

It's not always easy to understand each other,
it's not like everyone is just like our mother,
or dad or siblings or even friends, the lives some people live,
aren't at all like ours, we must Live and Let Live.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


...dreamed up Daylight Savings Time, wether for science or just to get rich,
ought to be hung at midnight , what a miserable son of a b..tch!
This little experiment in mind altering junk,
somehow ends up with the smell of a skunk.

I think there should be one system or other,
there's no reason to fool natures mother;
it makes little difference which one you choose,
just let one of them easy to lose.

One hour of darkness or one hour of light,
at one end of the day, which one is right?
I really don't know, nor do I care,
I'm mad about it, here in my chair.

We really don't need any mind altering junk,
it stinks, it don't matter, it makes me a punk;
so we'll go about our usual chores,
wether or not it's light or dark outdoors.

Let's take a break from the subject at hand,
and do something good, right here in our land,
let's go push buttons, you've got that down good;
is it the purple first or the yellow, which one should..

DST sucks!