Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's see...

... how this went. This Hollie Day we had,
or, we could call it "rush",  and it's not too bad.
Starting with the lab work, and that was over fast,
and a small breakfast, which quickly became the past.

The projects were already, eleven in all,
we had a ten dollar coupon, so why not have a ball?
And she did one extra, a prize for blood drawn,
paper into plastic, Eric labors on!

Then off we went to Wal-Mart, there's no need to run,
but they had a sale, on Maine T-shirts, son of a gun!
She bought one for four dollars, not to bad a deal;
some gum, a sandwich for lunch - ohhh, what a steal.

Then we did some walking, over in the Mall,
no danger of spending, the stores were closed and all,
but it was nine and Borders opened, we had to take a look,
wanted an item, decided no, bought magazine not the book.

Trapse over to Target, of Minnesota fame,
some plastic envelopes, glue too, right here in Maine;
then back to the Mall, it's open time was soon,
something there at Claires, in, sale, out, BOOM!

She had four items, all were on sale,
she takes pride in checking prices,
speaks of 'comparason shopping', which she does with pride,
then it's all over, gone to program, a short ride.

I want to note that we walked three miles overall,
got some in a Wal-Mart, Target and the Mall.
she doesn't mind the walking, not in the sun, but shade,
afterall she's getting ready to join me in the parade. (Memorial Day)

So, that's how the morning went, it was over fast,
(yes, that's a repeat.  My mind is in the past.)
Today won't be to difficult, starting with a walk,
maybe I'll see something, to give reason to talk.

So, there you have, a slice of life in time,
now let's push buttons, you yours, and me mine,
let's start with the pink one, it's the second from the left,
at least that how I see it, it's really just a guessth.

Smile today!

Friday, April 23, 2010


...sleeping hours have finally done me in,
when I go to bed, I don't know when I'll be up again;
last night I got up it was just after eight,
I may have been confused, went back to bed and got up late.

I have no idea what made me think,
or, do you suppose, I've gone over the brink?
I'll be darned, if I have a clue,
so I'll just live with it, it's all I can do.

Other than my "sleep" things everythings okay,
so...I'll take a little walk, and it's a Hollie Day;
I did the list she gave me, got things up to snuff,
but there are only 4 things - you know that's not enough.

Now the coffees ready, I'm really need a cup,
maybe that will help me know which end is up.
But, alas, it decaf, no brain jarring drug;
so what good does it do, to chug-a-lug?

Well, it tastes like coffee, I guess that's okay,
and I'll have a "real" cup, later on today.
So I'll go and look up the game score,
wondering if the Red Sox can win anymore.

No, they lost, three to one's the final,
left the pitcher in too long, his arm turned to vinyl.
They let him throw too many times,
and the Texas bats just rung his chimes.

It didn't help that the team, only had six hits, out of thirty-one at bats;
kind of makes me wonder, what they've got beneath their hats,
but baseball is a game - that often goes astray,
or maybe, just maybe, they have to learn to play.

I think I'll start the day off right, I have buttons on my mind,
yes, you know the ones of the electronic kind;
push each different tab, they can easily be seen,
and you know and I do, second in on the right is green.

Please don't turn your back if a stranger comes, please break the ice,
maybe he needs to shake a hand, say hello and be nice.
There's no need to shut them out, do your "duty chores",
simply welcome them and say this chair is yours!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Today is Earth Day; it’s the fortieth year,
but, things are still happening that give no cause to cheer,
while I’m on my morning walks I see a lot of trash,
some that puts my nerves on edge, who could be so brash.

People need to learn some things like proper disposal,
it shouldn’t be so hard, to put forth a proposal,
waste can and basket are usually in sight,
but stuff still goes on the ground, it simply is not right.

When someone is buying gas, wastes cans are quite near,
you can put stuff in them, with no need to fear,
a car window is not the place to throw things out,
but it’s done here every day. What’s that all about?

Its pains me to have to write, about something we all know,
we could teach some others, with a tender blow,
ask them if they dropped something, when you see them toss;
maybe they’ll understand that they make you a little cross.

You can e-mail this piece to people that you know,
maybe they’ll help out as well, use a tender blow.
If we could convince just a few, there’s a difference you can make,
Just let them know those cans out there, are always on the take.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is it....

....Wednesday already? Boy, time flies fast,
it doesn't seem that long ago, but it's way back in the past;
I notice as I grow older that time don't last,
it seems almost like magic, things happen so fast.

Nothing much remarkable today to write about,
I guess I need to explore some stuff that has a lot of clout,
but where would I find that, silly me would ask,
why not try the Red Sox, are they up to the task?

They were on when I got up tonight/today,
boldly going in the ninth, waiting for a double play,
the some new kid came up, pinch hitter with two outs,
he banged it high up on the wall, the crown broke out in shouts.

He drove in the winning run, this kid,
and the team expressed it's joy, for what the kid did,
now he has a memory that will last for life,
pinch hitter in the ninth, ended days of strife.

So, thank you kid, I don't know your name,
but I'll find it out today, about your fleeting fame,
maybe now the team will settle down a bit,
you're the man of the hour, with that single hit!

Now let's not forget, it button pushing time,
I hope you'll do that, I'm going to do mine,
and then I'll be thankful, for lots of different things,
and grateful for each day I have, whatever it brings.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Patriots Day in Boston

Monday in Maine, and one other state,
it was a holiday, it's their common trait,
when the Red Sox stepped into the fray;
helping the Rays celebrate - Patriots day.

A pop up fly I watched unfurl
the outfielder worked the play like second grade girl
it was inviting for the Rays batter appeal,
because no one was working in the outfield.

The game had almost just begun,
the Rays scored run after run,
six runs at the end of the third inning,
I have a feeling they’re just beginning.

It’s embarrassing watching this team,
or, maybe I’m just having a really bad dream
Francona could hide in his office kind of like a shield,
he doesn't seem to care what goes on in the field.

Well, I'll be a son of a gun,
Hermida just hit a home run,
it must be some kind of mistake,
who knows what punishment he'll take?

There's a NESN promo, that's right off the wall,
they show David Ortiz, hitting a ball,
I don't know how they fabricate that,
but I guess when you work with the Sox, it must be old hat.

Now, at the end, the game is done,
Rays 8 Sox 2 - series four to none;
in the ninth it was Ortiz, Beltre and Drew,
I guess I'll stand and give a loud BOOO!

Cheer on your team.

Monday, April 19, 2010


...ain't for sissies, if you're a Red Sox fan,
because what they're doing can't be in the plan,
but if they had a hitting coach that knew what to do,
maybe they could hit the ball, at least a time or two.

If pitchers could pitch the way the should,
and strike out batters, if only they could;
maybe they could win a game,
the present product is terribly lame!

Enough about those Beantown clowns,
but it stresses me out watching their ups and downs;
knowing there's nothing that I can do,
and knowing that you can't do too.

It's kind of chilly outdoors and in,
our thermostat has taken a whim,
to not perform it's single task,
a little heat is all I ask.

And so life goes on, and rightfully so,
batters can't bat, and pitchers can't throw;
and now I'm sitting in a chilly room,
but I know things will get better soon.

So, I guess, while in that frame of mind,
I'll think less of me and do something kind,
push a few buttons, and look what it's for;
a few short seconds - can mend a war.

There's a recommended approach to take,
when trying to overcome lifes rough wake;
don't try to do stuff in a backwards fashion,
First Things First - an importand lesson.

Smile! - we didn't bet money on that team!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

It was....

...little different than other Hollie Days,
she was herself, in all of her ways;
she had a new book, received as a gift,
Presidents, the subject, did not cause a rift.

She need only two, Nixon and Ford,
on red paper for Republicans, good lord!
And the needed snack, which really wasn't much,
just the iced coffee, yogurt, a muffin and such.

The, what's next? Wal-Mart of course,
out of the car, outrunning a horse,
get that new CD, or the first one, I don't know,
Miranda Lambert, sings country, there you go.

Projects all mounted, waiting for the heat,
but Staples opens a nine, got some time to beat,
let's go over to Target, take a look around,
oh! My goodness! Look what I've found!...

..Miranda's second CD! Of course it's round!
so we just walked up and down, around,
and then there's the dryboard, it only cost a buck,
then some snack bars- strawberry pomogranate, oh, what luck.

Then it's time! It's nine o'clock and Erics ready,
the machine is heated up, the temp is high and steady,
projects are out, all eight of them, through the heat,
until each one, encased in plastic, ain't that neat?

Then some walking, over in the mall,
all the way around, no stooping, standing tall,
it's hard to slow her down, so I can go my pace,
one thing about Hollie - she's always in a race.

Then over to A C Moore, got a magnet and a pin,
let's go to Old Navy - I need a "flag shirt" again,
finally time for lunch, in Old Town this time,
stopped in to Wendy's, fine food for the fine.

Well, Dad, just a minute, I've got two more,
can I do them please? In the Airport Mall Store?
So on we go, typical as can be,
let's do the two, no more, get ready!

Then, those done, Job Lots is very near,
no much she wanted, got out, free and clear.
Time to go home, it's been a busy day,
no, not much difference, just the same old way.

But, Sunday, today, I get out to walk alone,
and, oh, I didn't tell you -- this dog got the bone!
What time did I get up? Oh, you won't believe!
One in the morning! I ain't kiddin'! Geeze!

I must have been tired, all that running 'round,
but, energy renewed, I'll push the buttons around,
I'll do them all, one color than the next,
push buttons fast, like a teen can text.

Walking will be fine, the weather's still cool,
but today's not as cold, so I won't look a fool,
maybe five miles is in the plan today,
and I'm going to make it, I'll go all the way.