Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm waiting...

....for my coffee, it isn't even done,
how come I get to be - the lucky one?
The Celtics have a game tonight, they shouldn't even play;
three important players are out with injury.

It snowed here yesterday, and today there's even more,
plus if we wait until tomorrow, there is more in store;
but it's January here in Maine, what would we expect?
Except to be buried - up to our neck!

It's going to be a quiet day, if the coffee's ever done,
and I might do nothing, nada, not even one.
or I could get busy, and fix my mistakes,
on the "sheep painting", that may be what it takes.

Well that's enough ranting, to hurt you in the brain,
please don't think it matters, it's just tempory pain;
or maybe that's not the answer, let's keep it real plain,
maybe the blogger, has really gone insane.

Na! I'm okay, really I am, I just want the coffee done,
so in a minute things will be okay - and I'll be one...
...of those "happy campers" that you hear about,
all joyous and free, with no need to be devout.

That's my way of saying, I feel better now,
guess it helps a little - to go online and have a cow!
Take that as a reminder to go and push, a lot,
on those "helpful" websites. Give it all you've got!

And if you know some people, that you wouldn't want as friends,
remember they're still you neighbors, that stuff never ends;
so take another look around, see what they may give,
and always remember to Live and Let Live!

Coffees on!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


....New Year, two thousand ten is finally here,
and I wish you all, whole bundles of cheer.
Should I go out, get in the car and blow the horn?
or just be content that the other one's gone?

I'm sure I won't be driving anywhere soon,
lots' of drunk drivers and a full moon,
oh year, the full moon is blue,
that will happen again in a year or two.

The next blue moon on New Years eve night,
will be in two thousand twenty eight, wait for the sight,
or if you're in a big hurry to have one again,
go sit outside, and I'll tell you when.

Going to make it a New Year that's right,
hanging in there, putting up a good fight,
pushing the buttons, all colors in sight,
and I'll do it, on New Years Eve night!

Enjoy 2010!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

They have...

....done it again! The Celtics have lost three in a row,
they need to get back in the gym, practice is good I know;
but to recover from their miserable ways it would work,
and maybe make me less of a jerk!

Enough of that stuff, it's a game after all,
maybe I'll wait 'til the bat hits the ball;
and while I'm waiting, I'll be useful as well,
time won't be wasted, I'll answer the bell.

Yesterday was downright cold, and the wind!
I stayed mostly indoors, today will be safe, once again.
This year seems colder but I can't remember the others,
my memory is shot, and so is my brothers!

Tonight is the night we may see a blue moon,
try to get a look at it, there won't be another real soon,
May thirty-first of two thousand and seven,
was the last time, a blue moon was in heaven.

While you wait for the moon, and a new year,
please take time for the critters so dear;
they don't need to be hungry if we do our part,
help them all out, it's good for your heart.

And a Happy New Year, to you and yours,
make a good effort to finish your chores;
it is good to accomplish and "impossible" task,
if you need help, find a group you can ask.

Happy New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's a wonder....

....I've not been locked up in a room,
last nights pre-bedtime routine, will have me there soon,
my hearing aids each have a box - left and right,
the left one went into it's box, that night.

So, next, I opened the right aid's box, and surprise,
the damn thing was empty, by my own eyes,
I wondered where the hearing aid went;
it was still in my ear!! Does that make a dent?

It's fun, this aging thing, it's a hoot,
an empty box empty, the point is moot,
but I got a big laugh, at my own expense;
wondering where I might go wrong next.

This night/morning I got up at ten thirty,
don't know why - it's a fact, down and dirty;
so I guess it'll be quite a long day,
maybe I'll take a nap, but that's hard to say.

One things for certain - and I won't forget,
to push a button, foor for someones next pet;
those critters need us, they depend on us too,
we'll need to show care, yes, me and you.

Most things are quite simple, if you think them through,
some times there's an answer, an easy one too;
you can reduce a mountain to a pimple,
you just need to: Keep It Simple!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


... times they've fallen, just in this week,
oh the horrors, I've witnessed, don't dare to peek;
is it worth getting up for, this ornerous task,
what are you talking about, do you dare ask.

What have I witnessed that was so horribly wrong?
Was it the murder of a singer of song?
Was it the act of a whole motley gang?
Was it the way the Anthem was sang?

Well, it's so much simpler than that,
what comes from Boston, and wears a green hat?
Why it's the Celtics', a "former" basketball team,
played two of the worst looking games that I've seen.

I guess there's always hope, that we can cling to,
maybe they'll start winning after the loss of two,
it really doesn't matter in the great scheme of things,
wether or not they get championship rings.

It's much more important for us to act,
and push more buttons, and that's a fact;
those little critters won't mind if we do,
in fact it'll give them some food to chew.

If something needs doing, then do it right,
think once about it, keep it real light,
then you just do it, and it's over and done;
Easy Does It: but do it, you are the one.

Enjoy - shovels here!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Looks.... a busy day, there won't be much time to fool around,
because it looks like the weathers okay, to be Presque Isle bound,
taking a nice lady, who needs a ride, to get her great-granddaughter,
not my family but that doesn't matter, doing what I oughta'.

I'll miss a meeting and so will the wife,
that should'nt cause much trouble and strife,
but I'll have to admit, it might be good to get home,
but, of course, I still have the phone.

Yesterday it was going to rain,
I walked early morning, without any pain,
then we ran errands, stuff has to get done,
so when went and did them, every one.

Don't forget the purple button place,
this provides food for the non-human race,
without our help the outlook's not good,
so let's push the buttons, do what we should.

And when you see people, different than you,
there's only one thing that you need to do,
make them feel welcome, we get and we give,
therefore the motto: Live and Let Live!


Sunday, December 27, 2009


...for the coffee to boil,
give my brain it's needed oil,
then I may remember all of the events,
of yesterday and the toils of parents.

Yesterday was, after all, a Hollie Day,
she was in her Eureka College shirt I must say,
and a new lime green fuzzy jacket,
and her voice made sense in the racket.

She had some pages from magazines,
that, when laminated, made up her dreams,
six of them yesterday, wrapped by the heat,
melted into the hot plastic sheet.

We went for a walk in the Bangor Mall,
most stores were still closed, but not all,
we just walked around the whole thing inside,
it was an accomplishment that gave her pride.

The it was lunchtime, an early one yes,
drove to the Governors, an easy guess,
the place was crowded, there was a line,
but we needed two seats, we got in just fine.

After we finished out quick lunch,
we started for home, her stuff in a bunch,
when we arrived no one was there,
we were early so we drove here.

Please go and push buttons, purple and pink,
you can do it all on one page, it's easier than you think,
just look for the tabs at the top of the page,
select one at a time, click, it's al the rage.