Saturday, January 23, 2010


....we have the weekend, and here we go again,
maybe off to a good start, the Celtics finally win;
I won't get too excited about a game like that,
proably more concerned with finding my wool hat.

It's a really cold morning, about one degree,
it'll make fog on your glasses so you can't see;
it was cold yesterday, in the morning too,
and I still managed to get five miles through.

Today is a Hollie Day, she already has a list,
not that it matters, it changes, that's the gist;
nothing is ever settled, until it has been done,
what really matters is looking out for number one.

We'll have a good time, with lunch and all,
just keep in perspective what's the best thing of all,
take care of those pictures, in plastic encase;
and then be ready for the going home chase.

But First Things First, we have buttons to push,
it's very easy to do, you don't need to make a fuss,
just click on one after the other, as you go across the top,
there isn't any reason to delay, you won't need to stop.

I'll do a little walking, up and down the road,
there isn't much traffic, no truck over load;
the Snowplow got's the snow pushed right back,
and I know that makes it almost like a track.

I just finished mile one and it's 4:30am,
colder than you know what, but no traffic jam,
two degrees and a wind chill of minus eight,
must have used up all the calories that I ate.


Friday, January 22, 2010


...wonders never cease?  I slept in,
until eleven forty, ain't that a sin?
Sloth is going to catch up with me,
maybe I'll just roll over. Let me be!

It was a bit of unusual twist,
how can I go living like this,
old and decreped, lazy and tired,
oh! What ever am I in, that I'm mired?

Not really, I woke up refreshed,
not even in a hurry, to get ready and dressed,
but I didn't want to lose the day,
so now I'm ready to get under way.

It's kind of cold out here this morning,
but I'm going walking, let this be a warning,
I have one foot, thats feels kind of bruised,
but regardless, it's going to be used.

Then I can go and visit with friends,
the happly life just never ends;
then some more walking, a meeting might do,
and I've got to get busy, my sheep's overdue.

I've worked on that painting, just a few times,
and not happy with it, it don't ring my chimes;
but I can 'fix it', try to make it all right,
but I have a feeling it'll put up a fight.

So! That's my plan! I'm sticking to it,
but there's probably a chance I'll let the 'sheep' sit,
it might be time for one of those relaxes,
waiting for stuff to finish the taxes.

Have a good day, but please don't forget,
food for the dog that may have been someones pet,
and all of the other buttons, importand too,
I'll push mine, will you do it too?

Sometimes a person can be overcome,
with a list of lot's of things to be done;
it's easy to lose track, are we losing our mind?
Just take it easy, it's One Day At A Time!


A bird came down the walk;
he did not know I saw,
He bit an angle-worm in halves,
and ate the fellow raw.
             Emily Dickinson

Smile, again

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Thursday, January 21, 2010


....that's much better, uninterrupted sleep,
nodding off without "counting sheep";
it made for at get-up at ten thirty five,
at least now I know I'm alive.

But, wait there's more', I just saw the Celtics score,
three games in a row, lost at home, didn't hear the crowd roar!
Things may get better, Kevin will be back,
but we don't know what else they lack.

I'll get out today, nice little walk,
yesterday was all...just talk;
no place to walk in a foot of snow,
today will be sunny, that's nice to know.

Please remember the button push thing,
you can't do it by phone, so don't give a ring;
once you have found the appropriate place,
you can join me, want to race?

Some people are difficult, even to like,
don't you feel like saying "go take a hike!",
But even if we don't understand,
they're here on earth, it's part of the plan.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It has...

....come to my attention, someone has things mixed up,
not to mention any names, but Larry is no pup,
he has just finished Tehachapi Pete for the day,
and then had to delete it or save it for another day.

He, somehow, got in to the wrong state, don't know how,
but I'm beginning to wonder if he'd recognize a cow.
Let's not be pointing fingers, he hadn't read the map,
but instead of doing that, is this a good time for a nap?

We appear to be snowed in, maybe for the day,
now I wish it were spring, and didn't live this way,
how am I going to accomplish anything?
See all the misery, that damn snow can bring?

Well at least - I have things to do,
propably take an hour, or maybe even two;
now I have to find a way to stretch things out,
I wish the TV weatherman, had a little clout!

Last night I robbed a bank, well - in my dreams,
but it wasn't as sinister, as the whole thing seems;
I don't think I participated in any active way,
but we were trapped inside - kind of like today.

Hid beneath a counter, hoping to find a way out,
that was the time, I should have listened as a 'Scout.
We never did find a way, the police were there, guns drawn;
that's when I woke up, now it's "Larry's Dawn"!

I'll take time to stop and push some buttons, during this busy day;
maybe it'll change the weather, send this stuff some other way,
or maybe, the buttons aren't magic, that would be a shame;
guess I'll go and press them to see if they're the same.   (

Was that enough questions? No! Well then, here's on more;
if winning isn't everything, then why do they keep score?
See, there's always something more to think about,
ask a friend or neighbor if they can help you out.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The devil's....

... in the details, but I think it's figured out,
my sleep has been disrupted from within and without!
Last night wasn't much different than how it has been,
it started out the same, deja vu all over again.

My brain is always busy, it does lots of stuff,
the past, present and future makes it kind of rough,
I was dreaming about "the place" that is the where I'll be,
my dreams all take place in, "the place", not known to me.

It seems made up of places that I've been,
but it's always different, but then again...'s almost the same, streets, stores and such,
one thing about it, the stores don't have much!

So I was looking for a bag, plastic of a size,
that could not be found anywhere, even for a prize;
I saw one in a store display, but they didn't sell them there,
it ended up with just me, looking every where.

It ended when I woke up, I'd only slept an hour,
but it seemed it had been a long time "sweet and sour",
so then I had some other stuff, same place again,
but the content was different, my wife, friends, and some men.

That one is not remembered here in the midlight time,
it's a lot like the others, but I don't know if they're mine;
so I'll just forget about it, I have things to do today,
get the ultra sound, eat, errand on the way.

But before I go and do all those things,
let's open up the web site and push those button things,
this is so cheap and easy, you can breeze right through,
that is about the best thing you or I could do.

And let's not forget our neighbors, in the towns where we live,
don't let local charities fade, it's one place to give,
care for the hungry and homeless that we have,
but care about Haiti too, that's the extra that we gave.

Enjoy the day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh, What....

....a night I've had, it wasn't very good,
not able to roll over, and sleep like I should,
it'll be made up, later in the day,
like when it's noon, you'll hear me say "time to hit the hay"!

I don't get many like it, and should not complain,
after all it's much better, than walking in the rain.
And what does it really matter in the great scheme of things,
you have to roll with the punches, take what life brings.

But, for one, I'm glad it's Monday, we've waited for a week,
get out to a meeting, walk, talk, take a leak;
I'm not sure it's the stuff dreams from which are made,
but I do know, I'm lucky,  I've got it made in the shade.

Well, I'll go to work now, pushing buttons is my game,
open all those tabs up, punch every single name,
it's free and it's easy, you can do it too,
go, it's good for you.

Remember when Jesus, had to help someone get in,
because he was different, it's the way it's always been,
we don't have to act like that, shuting people out,
Live and Let Live, give it a shout!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

For the....

...first time since October, I have averaged five miles,
each day last week, enough to make some smiles,
hold on - the coffee's ready - I'll go get a cup;
nice coffee morning now - I'm ready to wake up.

Yesterday was quiet after my walk,
and I took Peggy shopping, she likes to talk,
but after eight thirty in the morning, that is;
not much was accomplished, just changing gears.

Today will be no different, at least that's what I think,
and I hope nothing happens - to cause a big stink.
I'll go do my walking and have some coffee too,
after I go five miles, that's what I do.

After all that excitement, I'll probably watch a game,
Dallas at Minnesota, they're pretty much the same,
I'll root for the Vikings, because I like them better,
so I guess today, I'm just a couch sitter.

But before I go on and relax,
I'll push a few buttons, for that there is no tax!
All those pretty colors, spread acrossed the top,
make it really easy, let's bring hunger to a stop!

Have you been in situations, and didn't know how to act?
To me it happens often, and that's a natural fact;
when I meet new people I'm stand offish at first,
but shake a hand and say hello and don't expect the worst.