Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's Saturday... the city, must be in the country too,
a Hollie Day for me, I don't know about you,
we're going to hang around pretty close to home,
holiday weekends are not the time to roam.

I don't like he heavy traffic on I-95,
if that's all there was, I don't think I'd drive;
they're all in a hurry, with no place to go,
so click it or ticket, don't be the average Joe.

so we'll just go to Bangor, not some othere place,
and just keep our car from being in the race,
we have things to do, Hollie has a list,
that means I'll need more money than I can hold in my fist.

So, good luck if you're driving, or some other travel way,
just remember the cops are out there, careful you don't have to pay;
and enjoy some good weather this Memorial Day,
and for the troops still serving, please take time to pray.

And we can remember those who served us well,
take some time to thank them, then rest for a spell,
you don't have to hurry, take it easy, that's the way;
enjoy life at it's fullest, at least I've had my say.

Be good to you neighbor, Live and Let Live;
and go push those buttons, you've a lot to give,
and it's free, it just involves some time;
so please take a minute, and I'll go do mine.

Enjoy! :}

day 380 of this blog

Friday, May 28, 2010

Some stuff...

...isn't easy, like the transfer of files,
it ofter causes stress, it's not the source of smiles,
you can see stuff you'd deleted, at least that's what we think,
and things you'd really need are gone, boy don't that stink!

So, life goes on, we ride or we don't,
that may be helpful, some things get my goat.
Or we can adjust, HEY!, that might be the thing,
files are just peons, we're the mighty king!

There are a lot of things more important to us,
so..just take those files, put them under the bus.
But, but, but there are files I used, day in, day out,
well, just make them over, give boredom a clout.

So... that's my whole story, or file moving day,
we're on day three, good days work, that's what I say;
noone said it'd be easy, of that we have proof,
useless photos, letters, files..piled up to the roof!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

And....(drum roll please) works!  Oh, happy day,
the "good one" is back! Hurray! Hurray!
And this Windows 7 is a learning experience too,
but I've learned enough for a blog or two.

Switching things over's not what you'd think,
some of the process is okay, while others stink!
Lost and found all of our picture files,
yes, it was good to recover the smiles.

Still lost are documents, spreadsheets and such,
some of them needed, others, well, not so much.
So I'll keep looking, and trying things out,
one things for sure, I'll be on the lookout.

Oh, and a couple of thing more,
e-mail is different, no like before,
it's all in Windows Live,
on a one to ten scale, I'd give that a five!

So, I'll get going, lot's of things to do,
but before I do that, I'd like to ask you... please remember the dogs and the cats,
learning awareness, breast cancer and that...

...rain forest to grow, and feed people too,
NOW, this is what guys like you can do:
go to and find, and then do,
the tabs at the top, click them, push buttons, thank you!

Please always remember that some things you hear,
you won't like at all, while others bring cheer,
take what you like, and please leave the rest;
and keep doing those things that you do the best!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's ready... pick up, the good computer is,
loaded with Windows 7, by Mark the wiz;
I'll pick it up today, but the meeting is first,
don't want to develop any kind of thrist.

Then we have to load, all the programs that we use,
but I'm up to the task, kindly light my fuze;
I'll take off like a rocket, just like Superman,
I'm up to the task, I can, I will, I am.

It's really pretty simple, there's no Superman stuff,
put the disk in the slot, simple enough,
answer a few questions, it's easy and it's done;
besides I really know I'm not fooling anyone.

The coffee's finally ready, it took 7 minutes to prepare,
but is it really made?  Will there be coffee there?
Yes! It was ready, it's really good too;
I prefer mine black, how about you?

So now I'll take the time, to give my advice,
how about doing something, something really nice?
It's quick and it's easy, just push a button or two,
I push them all, it helps them, and it!

I'll need to remember, when I do the computer work,
just to Keep It Simple, and don't act like a jerk,
taking one step at a time, will do the trick,
remember Easy Does It, and it'll be done pretty quick.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's alive...

...or reclaimed as the case may be,
pretty soon this old thing, will be history,
the good computer is being made ready,
it works with Windows 7. Please hold me steady!

The cussed thing wouldn't load the recue disks,
so they tried Windows 7, worked with no risks.
I've been told it will be ready this late afternoon;
maybe after my bedtime, wish it would be soon.

So maybe by Thursday I'll be writing this,
on a resurected PC in a state of bliss,
I'll keep you posted, as I progess along,
and no...I'm not ready to break out in song!

I've been up a while, watched the end of the game,
the Magic won, and the Celtics played lame.
The Red Sox won though, beating the Rays,
they're getting better, and making good plays.

Love one another, Live and Let Live,
each one of us has something  to give.
We all the same family, just a different name,
from different places, that are kind of the same.

And I hope you've not forgotten the button push thing,
I've been remiss, so this is your ring...
...go to, it's on the web,
don't just pick one, do them all instead.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Waiting..., to hear from Mark,
let's hope he's not gone on a lark,
he should be talking, with someone who knows,
how in the heck, the software goes.

If it's not fixed, it possibly can't,
I'll be on here with rages and rant;
It'll have to be a decision made,
buy new, wait more, ahhh - life in the shade.

So, retirement lives in my "golden years".
while I'm still wet, behind the ears;
must be a slow learner, at least that's my take,
I have lots to do, but I sit here and wait!

Have a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The wait... not over, but the end may be soon,
the computer will be fixed, or kicked over the moon!
The hard drive was "gone", missing in action;
now the tech is working hard, to give the new one direction.

Now he must wait, to talk to an expert,
that's how it's been, growth in a spurt,
so we'll try to continue with this thing I'm on,
and we'll wonder too, how long this thing holds on.

And so the story goes, on and on and on,
better than me, if something must be gone,
it could be replaced, if the need arises,
but then again, I don't like surprises.

Besides the cost that we've sunk into that,
better fix the thing, I think, it'll be old hat.
The backups that were done, could they be used?
In a new machine? And how would that be fused?

See what I mean? It's almost a no win,
that dad-blasted thing's go me mad again!
But I'll keep you posted, as things progress,
may soon we'll be over this stinking little mess!

Keep checking back, I'm hanging on,
and quite a ways, from being "real" gone;
I'll give it my best shot, for what's its worth,
until Mark the Tech, gives my PC a re-birth!

Smile, and enjoy.