Saturday, May 30, 2009


Runs, that is, that's what Tim Wakefield had given up before Francona relieved him. Do you know what to call a manager like that? There's only one name, IDIOT! Enough already!

Well yesterday was not a good walkday, I did a little over 3 miles, and not quite all at once. I had to have bathroom breaks and some time for shopping for something. I did get to the blood bank and, as always, they were glad to see me. They have changed the way a person answers all of the inane questions, for example; have you been to the UK since 1977?, Have you ever been to Africa?, Have you had sex, from 1986 to present with anyone who is HIV positive? Stuff like that, now you can sit at the computer and go through that all be yourself, and if you're like me, deaf, it's a lot easier. The paperwork takes about 30 minutes, the cafe after you donate is 20 minutes, preparation on your arm takes about 6 minutes and it take 5 minutes for me to bleed a pint. I bled faster than that, but that's another story.

Today is a Hollie Day, she's more than ready to go, there's a Taylor Swift "Life Story" at borders, lots of stuff to laminate in that! Well, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

Enjoy the day, Live and Let Live, and feed anyone who's hungry.

Friday, May 29, 2009

You bet your sweet bippy....

I'm a happy old geezer. TEN miles yesterday. The weather was perfect for it; I did 7 miles without stopping, except for walk lights, by walking Dirigo Drive twice and start and finish from Dirigo to the Hannaford parking lot. I finished a couple of hours later right here where we live, one hill up and down and on to the next hill and down. Of course after that I slept through a couple of innings of the Red Sox game. Oh, yeah they won; and it wasn't because they got man hits.

Well, plan for the day is a shorter walk, donate blood and go to Bank of America again. I closed an account in February and now a $5 charge for April and May are on it, they claim I owe $10.81, wanna bet?

Live and Let Live; feed the critters.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


miles, yesterday and in 4 hours with lots of breaks. My first mile yesterday was in 16 minutes, as a round number. I know that ten miles will be in the not too distant future!

I don't know how things will get done today; will have to keep a lookout on the weather map or go to the mall. The mall is another challenge, I used to go in at 6:30AM and now with "summer" hours it isn't open until 8:00AM - and for me that's afternoon already. Oh well, we'll just see what the weather is and go for it!

The Red Sox lost again; Matsuzaka is only able to pitch for Japanese teams I guess, he did fine in the WBC this spring and nothing since. Maybe the Sox could trade him for somebody that's good with a bat! Speaking of bats, when does Dave Magadan come back from vacation! He's the Sox batting coach; I guess he doesn't do a whole lot.

Easy Does It; feed the critters.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's Wednesday

Other than it's time to buy a Megabucks ticket, Wednesday is nothing special. Yesterday went pretty good and I was able to log six and three quarters miles :). Linda had to go to the doctor because she had a tick embedded on the inside of her elbow, right where it bends, it was large! The taking out was tricky and she got a one-time antibiotic, just in case. So my guess is everything is okay.

Going out early today because of the forecast, it doesn't look too good for the next few days, I don't like rain much but if I have to there's always the mall (yuk). Outdoors is best for walking and there is a lot more to see.

Live and Let Live, feed everybody.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Parade...

went as planned. Hollie was able to complete the entire parade, including a 40 minute wait, standing still, for it to start. There is always a long wait while everyone gets where they are supposed to be. It was hot, full sun and no shade, and she doesn't tolerate heat very well, but she was a trooper. She would wave once in a while at the crowd, she told me it was her "presidential wave". Once it was over we were both hungry and thirsty.

Today I HOPE to return to a normal walking routine, without interruptions or parades. I will be out there before 6AM.

Easy Does It. Feed the critters

Monday, May 25, 2009


Toady's weather looks great, and what's also nice are the results of yesterdays Sox game!
Today is parade day; I hope Hollie doesn't change her mind; but there are no surprises with her, she may have other plans.

Yesterday walking was interrupted a couple of times, seems like I was a 'magnet' for anyone that wanted to talk, or ramble on, I must have heard a dozen conspiracies, an imagined news articles from guys who used to come to the soup kitchen. One thing about working in a place like the Salvation Army is a lot of people remember you - and they all want to talk, I guess they feel safe with a familiar face. I did get a little over 4 miles :).

Easy Does It, feed everybody!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


It got a little cooler yesterday, I was able to complete 5+miles, 34 miles for the week. This will be a new week and I'm ready. Easy to say that now, the weather may hold some resistance, we'll see.

I also have a new project to start nice artwork (theirs not mine). Walking today though and throw in a tiny bit of shopping. The Red Sox are on this afternoon, hope I don't get sick watching; if there were ever a coach that needed to find a new job (or retire) it's Dave Magadan the Sox batting coach, all this time and they still can't hit the ball and drive home a run. Of course most of those multi-million dollar paid bozos wouldn't listen to a coach anyway, they already know everything (except how to play baseball).

Easy Does It, feed the critters.