Saturday, July 17, 2010


..they're still at it! Lost another game!
Do they think we'll forget that they played the same?
Or, should we just be patient, wait for the return...
..of the injured players, while the bridges burn?

I don't have an answer, neither does the team,
fill in here or there, if you know what I mean;
there is no easy answer, just have to wait it out,
but, boy, don't those Texans have a lot of clout!

It's good that there are other things to occupy the mind,
there are a couple of good ones not to hard to find,
The British Open, what a time they had,
trying to control the ball, while the wind was blowing bad.

Meanwhile over there in France, the bicycles are in style,
on their way from Rotterdam to Paris, mile after mile;
climbing over the Alps, through country side too,
it's kind of fun to watch, and you get to travel too.

Of course you don't have to wait, for something to do,
just go to the web, pick a tab, start where you want to;
I'd suggest you pick them all, one at a time will do,
simply push the buttons, you did?, Well good for you.

And don't forget the motto, of this very day,
you can probably guess, what I'm going to say;
Live and Let Live...that's the way to go,
you don't have to fear, some things that you don't know.

Enjoy your weekend

Friday, July 16, 2010

I could...

...swear I heard, they were ahead by nine runs,
but Texas beat them, seven two, sons of a guns.
So I learn that what I hear while I'm asleep,
just plain isn't true, it's nothing I should keep.

With a list of injured players, longer than my arm,
manned with players good or bad, brought in from the farm,
the Red Sox have managed to stay in food stead,
and they are far from ready, to put this thing to bed.

In the meantime there are two things, worth watching on TV,
the Tour de France, is going strong, and it interests me,
or the British Open, at St. Andrews this year,
if you're watching that, there are reasons to cheer.

But, today's a Hollie Day, all morning long,
she'll be the one to put me back where I belong.
We have much to talk about, it'll be a busy time,
with her projects in her mind, and me left in mine.

I'll get a walk in before all that, something to look to,
as a form of exercised, with meditation in there too;
just a plain and simple walk, couple of miles or more,
then a cup of coffee, hot and black and pure.

Before all that can take place, there is coffee here,
what a welcome time it is, there's a reason to cheer;
and a little oatmeal, it'll start the day off right,
I should be walking, when it starts getting light.

Keep it simple.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This... is oppressive, with no end in sight,
or..if you like it, well then, it's just right;
I liken it to living in some southern dump,
where things are moldy, and food served in a clump.

But we have no choice, the weather isn't ours,
we can hope and pray, and maybe take some showers,
but the weather will prevail, in whimsey I suppose,
the only way to put it, is to call a rose a rose.

Damp, dark and dreary, or brilliant sun all day,
brood and sulk, an scream, or use it and make hay;
go fishing or stay home..or visit a beach somewhere,
lot's of people compain, me for one, and some don't care.

So - - let's take what we're given, and do so with thanks,
it our luck ever changes, well, it could be run by banks!

Enjoy - - Have you clicked to give today?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


...I don't know why I do things, the way I do,
every things in flux, just a hulla-baloo,
I simply want to mail, a hearing aid to the shop;
trying to find a box, and don't know when to stop.

It should be a simple project, not a drawn out thing,
maybe the bell, of common sense, will ring.
It should be fairly simple, no, it's not complex;
then, why, do I insist on causing such wrecks?

Shhh! I think the coffees ready, hot, over there,
please excuse me - see the empty chair?

Just now I had a brainstorm, Oh, I'm sly as a fox,
"remember, when you got them, they were in a box?",
Sure! There's the answer! Of course, I have the box,
no, I'm not crazy, it's just my brain that locks!

So, Linda, I'm sorry, that I made to look,
for little boxes, in every cranny and nook;
there is no excusing my taking this route.
Oh, wait a minute, what were we talking about?

Have a wonderful day.

Note: Why is that word "route" pronounced two ways?
We say take route (root) 9, or, I took the wrong route (r-out).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well,..... wasn't terrible, there was some relief,
just not as much, as my original belief;
the wind didn't change, the direction from which it blew,
so the cooling never came, fooled me, did it fool you?

So, here we are, stuck in summers heat,
but, some people like it, say it can't be beat;
my opinion differs, don't like it at all,
so, God, if you're up there, please expect my call.

Today looks no different, we're stuck, we're in a bind,
but, I'll walk it anyway, that's what's on my mind;
it will take a little longer, this stuff slows me down,
and, right now, it looks, like all the wind has blown.

Complain about the weather, you can't win this fight,
hope and pray for changes, use all your might;
but it never differs, it was always this way!
Blowin' in the Wind? No, not today.

So...let's push some buttons, let's do it right,, the correct web-site;
see those tabs? All across the top?
click and push the buttons, then you can stop.


Monday, July 12, 2010

I can...

...hardly wait, I'm chomping at the bit,
open up the gate! The weather is a hit!
No more rainey days, no more cloudless skies,
if we can believe reports that are full of lies.

I'm have hope that the weather gods smile on us,
send the bad stuff home on the first Greyhound bus;
we are sick and tired of this gol-durned rain,
don't those gods know, that it causes pain?

Ah! But! I do think we got a break,
those weather gods eased up on the brake,
maybe it's still too warm, I'd call it hot;
maybe there's a northwest breeze, that'll help a lot.

And the Red Sox won, now it's All-Star time,
all the big guys show up in Anahiem;
for me it's a break, there are other things to do,
the "old girl" wants a list, so I'll pay my due.

Over in France, the alpine climb begun,
Lance fell three times, so he hardly won,
it would have been his day, he excels at these,
so Tuesday's a day to watch, he'll take the cheese.

The World Cup Final was a dad-blasted joke,
I've never seen a game, where both teams choke!
Falling on the gound, fake injuries were everywhere,
no wonder "Yanks" don't watch, or don't even care.

Well, that's enough from me, tune in tomorrow,
there'll be wisdom here, or absolute sorrow;
one never knows, what the day will bring,
I'm going for a walk, and hear the birdies sing!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

They LOST....

..again, it's awful to sit and watch,
Lackey trying to think, and the same time scratch his crotch;
if he'd put that effort in to throwing, maybe even once,
the Sox would've won, just maybe, and he wouldn't be a dunce!

I think, today, that I'll watch instead, the final World Cup game,
then, if the Red Sox lose, I won't know who to blame;
there are so many injured players, eleven as we speak,
it's too bad the All-Star break, is not one whole week.

The Tour de France is interesting, and it's nice to see...
...some of the country while they tour, nice enough for me,
I think they work extremely hard, and on some awful roads,
cobble stones, and narrow too, it's good they have light loads.

This is a photo of that cobble road,
for 18 miles on this they rode,
at 24 miles an hour, that seems really fast,
and they expressed relief, to put it in the past.

Yesterday were small mountains, 3700 feet,
today the first in French Alps, it's quite a feat,
it starts at seven-thirty AM, that's eastern daylight time,
but's it's almost afternoon in France, they're probly drinking wine.

So, I have my day planned, if it all works out,
get a little walking in, yesterday not much time out;
I took it easy, some healing on my knees,
it would have been good walking too, there was a little breeze.

So, this morning, if the rain stops, I'll try a few miles,
guaranteed today, for me to break out in smiles!
I'm not crazy about, missing days like that,
it gives my body extra time - to store 5 pounds of fat.

Before all that gets started, you know where I'll go,
over to that web site with tabs, across the top row;
take time to look it over, there's no need to speed,
every tab is different, and fills a special need.

And I'll be kind and pleasant to everyone I meet,
even if they're not like me, we're all different and unique,
but, also, we're all the same, us human family,
in a way we're all related, you, them, and me.

Smile (pray for cooler weather, too)