Saturday, August 15, 2009

What a bunch of........

....runs in the ninth inning,
just as I, and many others, were beginning,
to think the game was over, then;
thing started happening again.

Well, it was exciting, to say the very least,
Ortiz finally hit one, he became a beast.
And when it was all over and was done,
who told Bucholtz it was okay to run?

'Nuff of that baseball thing,
it was starting to sting.
Yesterday was different for me,
I stood right at home you see.

Oh, I did walked Hampden in a whirl,
before I went to get "the girl";
but it was home to stay after that.
I think I need a meeting, so this is where we start,

talking about things, right from the heart,
this is not difficult or hard, it's the easy part.
Walking is for exercise, it also clears the head;
makes things a little easier and simple instead.

things like Easy Does It, sounds easy doesn't it?
but you have to work it through, have to make it fit.
it's a easy little saying, buts only half of it.
it's Easy Does It, and then But Do It.

And remember the part about the purple button,
no little dogs or cats need to be forgotten.
Treat your neighbors, like you want them to treat you,
"you'll be amazed, before you're halfway through."

Friday, August 14, 2009

It was...

...a good, maybe better than some,
but in the end what matters most is that we won.
Talking about the Red Sox game, before we begin?
No, this time it was the meeting, oh yeah, it won again.

The walking was good too,
it was early and still cool.
I'd hate to have to start at seven,
or worse yet eleven.

Today it's going to get very hot,
I'm going out early, to walk and not to trot.
Take advantage of the early morning,
so the heat don't catch up with no warning.

I've already heard the call to feed the pets,
got it all warmed up for you, try it now, that's as good as it gets.
And don't forget, people are hungry too,
maybe they're waiting, waiting for you.

It's what life is all about, it feels good to give,
and get this good advice, Live and Let Live.
Those are simple slogans, all have a common purpose,
live by them and you will find that life is not a circus!

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It was...

...a very long ride,
I went faster than an incoming tide,
down the road to New Hampshire, that's a state;
I made it there at any rate.

Short visit with brother and his wife,
then I let them get on with life.
Back in Maine, over to Springvale,
there was mother, healthy and hale. (in certain aspects)

Mom's gonna be the nine-six,
put that into the mix;
she's lived a long time, had a good life,
as a mom, grandmother and wife.

It was good to see everyone,
but it was time to be one the run,
made it home with time to spare,
it was good to sit down in my "retirement" chair.

Today there will be walking, so,
can't wait, I'm ready to go.
Up Dirigo Drive, I'm ready for it,
back down again, I'm keeping fit.

Then to a meeting, I'm ready for one,
oh, the battles that need to be won;
but going to meetings is a good choice,
listen to those who have a voice.

But before you get all busy and such,
why not push purple buttons, before you rush,
out of your door, you are so busy,
I wonder how you keep from being dizzy.

And while you're at it, remember this please,
Live and Let Live, you can do it with ease.
It's a good thing to care about others,
some of us would choose ourselves given our 'druthers.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby it's,,,, outside, misery abounds,
but I still did my walk, made my rounds.
Went to the meeting too,
it was good for me, was it good for you?

Golly this is short today,
guess there's not a lot to say.
But while we're at make it clear,
Push the purple button, dear.

And remember Easy Does It, it's a simple thing,
into your life, simplicity that saying will bring.
Learn to love your neighbors, they will love you too,
that's the way to live your life, it's what's best for you.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh yesss...

....that meeting was good,
I'd do it twice if I could.
There are times when they're really needed,
so I'm glad there was one call heeded.

I did manage to walk five miles,
it was fun, brought lots of smiles,
Maybe today I'll do it again,
since that's the way it's always been.

I have errands to run and things to do,
and I'll have a good time doing it too.
Always take time for a nice break,
you know I keep up with my coffee intake.

So if you happen on by,
why not give the purple button a try. (
and remember people need help too,
maybe some of them are counting on you!

Live and Let Live, now that's a sure thing,
try to live by it and it's sure to bring,
peace and contentment, happiness too,
those would be the rewards for you!

Have a great day!

Monday, August 10, 2009


...was different, it didn't start that way, but after I was done with walk number one, we headed off to Belfast. We were planning on walking on the foot bridge, but decided instead to check out the little cobble beach in Lincolnville. It's called Ducktrap something or other, of course I can't remember now! Then we decided since we were "close", we'd head to Damariscotta to visit with Lindas friend Yvette. Yvette has Alzhiemers and is at a facility on the Miles Hospital Campus (which is quite large and has a lot of other units too.). The building is especially built for those patients and is very secure, very nice and quite pleasant. We visited Yvetts Son Steve in Camden on the way down - he has a lot of work ahead of him.

After that visit we went down to Pemaquid Beach, walked around some, it's difficult on sand, and then headed home. Up to Waldoboro to route 220, at some point I gave Linda, who was driving, the wrong way to turn, and we kind of backtracked from Knox (which is near where we wanted to end up) almost all the way to Belfast. Then we took 137 to 7 and came out in Dixmont, up route 9 and home. It made for a long day, but the visits were nice and the walking and stuff to see were good too. It's nice to be home! Meeting today is a sure bet!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

There is no....

....way of knowing what you will find,
if you keep your eyes open as well as your mind.
But I never thought I'd see a reason,
for the Sox to just end the season.

I was up at eleven fifteen,
and that score was the first thing seen.
The Sox have to learn to bat again,
and it won't happen with Magadan.

Yesterday with Hollie went very well,
she was happy and I could tell,
she had things to encase and more,
wait 'til you hear, that final score.

There were six project at the beginning,
but wait there's more, must be a big inning.
Two more pages, and a very large poster;
might as well put my wallet in a toaster.

The total bill for doing all that,
could put your brain right through you hat,
but if you just stop and reason,
you'd know Hollie is getting ready for the season.

And, oh yes, before I forget,
one more thing she has to get.
It's a bag, it has Kermit and peace signs to boot,
and lots of room to put her loot.

So she was happy as we headed for home,
with plans for next Friday when she wants to roam,
over to Target and WalMart we'll look,
for some thing she saw in some book.

But while we were busy thinking of that,
you know, maybe, she could use a new hat.
one from New Hampshire, sure would look nice;
oh Dad! I'll just put the others on ice.

Just one more thing, before I go,
go click that big purple button, and you will know,
that you have made a difference today,
then you can take off and play.

Be sure to remember, that there are those,
who need your help with food and with clothes.
Recycle, reuse take care of the earth,
and exercise is important to your girth.

Be always watchful as well as kind,
it will bring you much peace of mind.
Just Keep It Simple, that's a good rule,
it'll keep your mind open, while giving you fuel.

Have a great day!