Saturday, September 25, 2010


...was I thinking, what went on in my head,
for all of those years, when I was almost dead;
playing Russian Roulette with a fatal disease,
may I have the answer to that one please.
See this guy?  Very well could have been me,
either down on my luck, or waiting to see..
..if you'd buy me a 'free one', well free for me,
who far down on my luck, did I need to be?

See that up there, I'd have thought that was a deal and if I needed the money, why I'd just as soon steal,
you see there's no morals for a low bottom drunk,
watch me go by, say : "that guys drunk as a skunk"!
Well, I finally found the sign shown here,
I was no longer open, no place to buy beer;
it came to an end, well...crashing down,
2/6/81 was the end, for a drunken clown.

Live free!

Friday, September 24, 2010

We won't...

...take this as a warning, signs are everywhere,
daring you to do things, or, saying don't you dare;
we could live without them, they're not of much use,
and some of them have meanings that are obtuse.
This one has a meaning, but, it's a little over done,
I wouldn't dare with this one, the owner has a gun!
My guess is..hmmm. a hermit or a recluse of some kind,
but it's really possible, it's an NRA guy that has lost his mind.
This one refers to Hogwarts, a place that don't exist,
I might not ought to say that, someone could get pi__ed;
it's the home of Harry Potter, the little wizard guy,
and judging from the 'mailmen' it's in the sky.
This one appears to be funny, but doesn't do the job,
it's a sign of no smoking, or a note to a slob;
and who would care if cockroaches got cancer anyway,
we all want them to die, so if it's by cigarette, I, for one, won't cry.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

If you....

...look at the rear of my car, you can see.... "I Love my Granddogs" sticker easily;
I like all domestic animals, including cats and dogs,
followed up by horses, chickens, cows and hogs.
And, as we see, most dogs can read,
in fact some people, just let them take the lead,
dogs are capable and smart, and if you were blind;
they'd take good care of you, not leave you in a bind.

I think it would be, a very long ride,
to put myself in a place where a penguin could hide;
but, again, you never know, they may be everywhere,
so...don't run over penguins...keep the pavement bare!

If you care for animals, or about them I should say,
here's a way for you to help, put kindness in your day;
go to, press the button that you see,
you'd be doing yourself a favor, to say nothing of me.

On that site, there are tabs, all across the top,
so please go to everyone, there's no need to stop;
and if you should happen on a 'new' friend today,
don't be shy, shake a hand, and then go on your way.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well I....

...think the issue may be resolved,
one more appointment, the case can be solved;
but that's on Monday, we we'll just wait,
and have some answers, if they take the bait.
This is part of the solution, it's one you probably know,
something is needed, so something is done, it's all part of the show;
of course people looking for answers try a lot of stuff,
you'll never know the answer until:  Finally you've had enough.
And this is the way a "stress test" is solved,
sometimes the patient is the more evolved;
I may know the answer, again I may not,
and I don't want to gamble with the only body I've got.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Well I....

...went and done it, the stress test that is,
there's not a lot about it, that would produce any fizz,
but it was quite a process, and some laying around,
and then the treadmill started, it'll make your heart pound.
This is what it feels like before the treadmill stops,
and I was out of breath, ready to call the cops;
I thought I was abused, but that's not the case,
it was all just a part of the whole damn chase.

So, now I'm radioactive, will be for a week,
but I don't glow in the dark, or seem strong or weak;
and I can't walk faster than a speeding car,
so much for atomic power, it didn't get me too far!

So I hope to get my schedule, such as it is,
more back to normal, let me mind my biz..
..and get back to walking, a mile at a time,
anyone know where I can get coffee for a dime?

So, that's my story of September twenty,
not much accomplished, or maybe there was plenty;
nobody knows, and most people don't care,
I won't do a test today, even on a dare!


Monday, September 20, 2010


...the day, the stress test is nigh,
one things for sure, I'm not gonna do it high.
They will inject me with radio-active dye,
and take photos with a 'plug-in' robotic eye.

Oh, the fun we get, as we grow old,
but the test is better than be covered with mold;
before I go to get that, I'm going to take a walk,
just a short three miles, at that I won't balk.
So, as I tread the mill, I will have happy thoughts,
like shooting the operator, with some double-aughts!
No, that's not right, it may be an innocent,
so...I won't show up, they'll wonder where I went.

Enjoy you day!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I havn't...

...decided, yet, what to do,
use other photos, or continue to stew;
I guess I need to think, put my mind a rest,
as soon as I finish that nuclear test.

I wonder about being up on a treadmill...
..shot full of dye, what in the world will... the results?  I still think it's not my heart,
but some other thing, that stops my start.

Well, tomorrow's not here yet, imagine that,
but this waiting around stuff is getting old hat.
So when the time comes to take the damn test,
I'll just get on, and give it my best.

Then I think, we'll find something new,
challenging opportunity for me and you;
find a way to get pictures from;
and get back to doing a blog, that you people "love".