Saturday, February 26, 2011

National Aviation Heritage Area...

Where it all started (click to enlarge)
...Ohio, from the bicycle shop where the first step was made,
to super fast Blackbirds that really need shade,
they're all here within a few miles of each other,
and, of course, what came in between, that's here to discover.

It may take a couple of days to go 'round,
check out these planes, pound by pound,
so why not settle in, come along for the ride,
at this great source of national pride.

A Wright Flyer, worlds first mass produced airplane

An SR-71 Blackbird (click to enlarge)

Records set by the Blackbird

Friday, February 25, 2011

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site....

In the silo..
...South Dakota, this missile is no longer coming to a place near you,
the Salt Treaties have closed the site, and the remainders aren't new;
but in the "Cold War" these were ready to launch, from here,
there still are sites that are 'open', but we need not fear.

The Iron Curtain has been torn to shreds,
and children sleep safe, all night in their beds,
our country stills keeps it's eyes in the sky,
but there'll be a day when only birds fly.

A wall in the Control Room

The Control Center buildings

The areas in black are closed, the red 'bases' are still active

Monday, February 21, 2011

In memory...

Mother and I about 1944
...of my mother, Geneva Grant.  She died Sunday February 20th, at 97 years old.  She was old and tired and ready to reunite with Dad.  I love you mom.

Motor Cities National Heritage Sites...

Walter Chrysler Museum, part of the exhibits (click to enlarge)
...Michigan, where else would it be,
the place that put the USA in to world history;
the cars that were built, or rolled of the line,
most were great, but some were left behind.

When the US was in World War Two,
they built things that rolled, and some that flew;
assembly lines were converted real fast,
they did it then, and still make cars that last.

An exhibit that shows work flow - start to finish(click to enlarge)

The Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant
A personal note:  There will be no postings on Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 23,24). I will be
attending the funeral for my mother.  She was 97 and finally gets to be with Dad again.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Manzanar National Historic Site....

Manzanar in 1943
...California, sometimes we need to be reminded, and it's today,
this became home to 110,000 people, it's was a shame, what can I say;
put behind wire to wait out a war, Japanese Americas who lost it all,
because of their ancestry, their property seized, FDR made the call.

So here we are out in the desert sand,
just to remember what once was on this land,
a huge mistake that America made, it was a bad day,
when American citizens were locked away.

A scale model of the camp

A guard post

A shrine at the cemetery