Saturday, January 30, 2010


..., how you been Dad", I've heard it a lot,
the pharse should be trademarked, it could be bought;
that's how the day started, yesterday that is,
start with a bang, end with a fizz.

She was wound up, ready to spring...
...into her prime action, cash registers ring!
but "pretty" good to her word, she set a limit,
then had to work hard to keep herself in it.

So did six 'projects' oh, what a time,
she's out of her mind and I'm out of mine,
No, it's not that bad, no, not at all,
if she made her mind up, we could have a ball.

She had five things coated with plastic,
the corners trimmed, looking fantastic!
But, she wanted to do one more,
I could tell by her actions, we were in a store.

So, I agreed to let her go on,
as we headed across town, and beyond,
she changed here mind seven times, that I counted,
during the two mile ride for the sixth one to be mounted.

Then she was happy, but still kind of nuts,
that would be Hollie, no ands, ifs, or buts.
She went to her program all happy and proud,
she'd gotten away with more projects than I had allowed.

Today she goes on a trip to a larger place,
that's why she was in a frantic pace.
She get's excited over what she will do,
I think we all have some of that too.

And me, well I got up at eleven,
and my first cup of coffee, I am having;
I'll take time to go press six buttons to give,
Rain Forest awareness, and food needed to live.

Stay out of the hot sun!!
(wind chill here fourteen below)

Friday, January 29, 2010

I can't...

...believe it! I got up TODAY!
it feels so odd when it happens that way,
I'm not used to it, it's a conceptual thing,
things won't be different, I'll do the same thing.

So up at twelve twenty to start my day,
my idle time half withered away,
but in the end I find it's okay,
I'll be all rested on this Hollie Day.

She'll have big plans and ideas that are grand,
I'll be awake enough as I try to understand,
or will she be calm with stuff all ready,
then I'd need someone to hold me up steady.

My walking programs had a great week,
I think I may be hitting a new peak,
average of over five miles a day,
and if it all works out, I'll keep it that way.

It doesn't matter what time I get up,
there's still a chance to feed a hungry pup,
or help an adult learn how to read,
or fight world hunger, people to feed.

Go on the net,
it'll leave you feeling fuzzy and warm,
it's so easy you don't need a plan;
go tab to tab: Come on be a man!  (or woman)

Isn't it great we're not all the same,
celebrate diversity, get in the game;
everyone deserves a seat at the table,
Live and Let Live, be kind, you are able.

Enjoy! It's cold out today!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The coffee..

....was ready, so I had one cup,
then proceeded to heat breakfast up,
I got up hungry at ten thirty last morning/night,
now I feel better, I'll be all right.

Yesterdays weather was still pretty good,
so I went for some walking, I knew I should;
seven and a half miles in weather like that,
a piece of cake, but I needed a hat.

Today will be pretty much the same,
snow coming tonight - Oh, what a shame,
it'll bury the sidewalks that I use in town,
it'll take more than that to shut my walking down.

How about giving - a lot of thought,
to helping your neighbors, or pets that've been brought,
into the shelters, now over crowded and not free;
we need to push buttons to help. Don't you see?

Say please and thank you, pick up after yourself too,
good words and deeds will work better for you,
simple acts of kindness and smiles,
will help you along, life will have less trials.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


...the rain was over, the snow was half gone,
the tempretures were above normal right where they belong;
but todays it's back to winter - for a while anyway,
can't tell about tomorrow, it's too far away.

It was a kind reprive from the freezing days,
but, or course, the fog just hung in a haze;
this morning it's still above the freezing mark,
ought to make my morning walk - just a little lark.

But before the walking, there a few things,
stuff that's just like clock work, stuff that brings...
...running around and fixing, or buying, stuff like that,
maybe time for coffee, and a friendly little chat.

After, of course, the buttons are all touched, like the mouse that roared,
go to and get on board,
see that line of tabs, all across the top,
click on each one, push buttons 'til you stop!

Time to make the coffee....
good day everyone.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Singing... the rain!  What a rainy night it's been,
almost over now, the wind is almost a has been,
I slept in late, eleven thirty to be exact,
waiting for my coffee, and that's a fact.

I've hot the pot started, now I sit and wait,
do you suppose it was intended, that this is my fate?
That's not important, the thought's a waste of time,
but when that pot's done brewing the coffee is all mine.

Yesterday to Togus, home of the VA,
the visit was a good one, that's what I say,
got my new ear pieces for my hearing aids,
drove back in the rain, didn't need my shades.

So no big plans for my day, just the way I like it,
meeting, coffee, errands and time to get fit,
by walking somewhere if the rain will quit,
it's getting tiresome, but I won't have a fit.

Time now for my daily button pushes,
and you don't I don't have to beat the bushes,
it's simple and it's easy - they both mean the same,
so no redundancy has crept into the game.

Oh boy! The coffees ready, I'll get some right away,
and drink it up, while I plan my day.
If I see someone new, I'll go shake his hand,
maybe it's someone who will learn the lay of the land.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

The weather....

...outside is frightful, this ain't no Christmas song,
the whole thing coming today, that's just plain wrong.
Starts with some sleet and ice, turning into rain,
at this time of year that increases the flood plain.

And, besides, I have to travel, only sixty miles,
but you can believe me, it won't produce any smiles.
But there's an appointment that I want to keep,
it's for my hearing aids, they'll be fixed, hope I'm not in deep.

But it's a Monday, and the games have been played,
we know who's Super and who's games are now delayed;
I didn't watch much, because I had to sleep,
but they'll show them over..and over...the rest of the week!

The weather won't stop me from doing certain things,
push a couple buttons, see if a bell rings;
there are five, or is six, to press,
all on one page, you won't need to rest.

Go ahead! Do it! Get 'er done, I say!
Looks like you'll have to, there ain't no other way;
things are not impossible so don't have a fit;
Easy Does It, but make sure you do it.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Yesterday was Pie Day, I found out too late,
why did I never remember to keep track of that date,
I should have known as a faithful pie-crust roller,
and long time devotee of the Goddess Pomona.

I started the scared chant, I'll know 'til I die,
it's just plain and simple, I love pie, I love pie!
Repeat it over and over and a couple times more,
heat the Royal oven, we'll even up the score!

The Godess is good, the Godess is great,
and I hear she just sealed my fate,
she gave me the grand salute,
and named me the next Big Fruit!

Well yesterday was Hollie Day,
some surprises too, along the way;
I told her we had to cut back,
the laminants had us under attack!

She has agreed, my reasoning jive,
to keep the projects to the number five;
now that's an improvment and that's a fact,
her and I have made a keepable pact.

And she agreed, no more books on hold,
we're going broke, is the story I told,
she didn't put up a fight,
and has agreed to do it right.

So much progress in so little time,
how did it happen without whimper or whine,
don't ask me because I was prepared,
for all of those "horrors" to be aired.

That being said, what time is it now?
Time to push buttons, and you know how,
it's easy, it's simple and doing good too,
it goes a long way to put a good feeling in you.

Live and Let Live; lo and behold,
a mottos whose time, never grows old;
it's a lesson to practice and follow too,
you can like those who are different than you.