Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just imagine....

...and you can hear,
some good news, some cheer;
just yesterday, if I can remember,
oh yeah, hearing aids in December.

It was really good news,
that I can use, if I choose;
hearing aids, brand spanking new,
now I'll be able to hear, even you!

I didn't go walking, or not very much,
my feet get so sore, even to touch.
I still am looking for kind of a cure,
if there is one at all, and I'm not sure.

Today is going to be Hollie day,
she will, as always, have plenty to say;
even though I don't understand every word,
sometimes I just make believe that I heard.

I am sure we'll have a good time,
we always enjoy spending, hers then mine.
It all doesn't matter, in the great scheme of things,
but into our lives, her love to she us brings.

Go push the big purple thing,
and why not give your good friend a ring,
and always remember, don't have a fit;
It Works, If You Work.......It!

Have a great day!

Friday, August 21, 2009


There are boxes at the end of each post, so you can grade me.

And then... was Thursday, all in a flash,
and all I could do was make a small splash;
that's how it happened to me you know,
all dressed up and no place to go.

Whats written above makes little sense,
because it's not true, it's not what I meant.
I e-mailed my doctor with a whole bunch of clues,
and what did I get? Well it was "no news".

My face feels numb when I wake up or before,
and that doesn't change for an hour or more;
really, in part, it stays all day,
but what do I know? I guess there's no way,

that I could know what these symptoms are,
after I didn't go to med school, too far,
actually I didn't go at all, but somebody should,
then there'd be some answers, and they better be good.

I really suspect, and my wife says it's so,
that neuropathy is on the go.
I guess it could be, maybe, something else,
there's no way to know, no professional help.

So, take this advice, it's yours for the keeping,
Stick With The Winners, it's better than weeping.
Those winners know, and they're willing to share,
all that they've learned, in those meetings. There!

Have a great day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

For the third straight.... it was near ninety degrees,
and there was no hint of any breeze,
but walking five miles in a sweat,
sure does make a T-shirt wet!

Yesterday the blog was skipped,
please understand I haven't slipped.
The server that's connected here,
was having trouble shifting a gear.

I any case that isn't much,
to write about, the weather and such,
I do not like the scorching heat,
and I'll be glad when it is beat.

I have pushed the button today,
please go to that site and say;
I want to keep the critters fed,
so I can sleep when I'm in bed.

And to others please be kind,
you can help a troubled mind,
or you can even help yourself,
just Keep It Simple (on the shelf).

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's hot...

...and I don't like it, but we have no choice,
never was it promised that in weather we had voice,
so no matter what I use as reason,
I can not control the season.

My feet are sore and those shoe don't fit,
today will be an off day because of it.
I did walk five miles yesterday,
and it won't be repeated if I have a say.

So, today it's errands with Peggy, it's my lucky day,
you see there's a reason I spend time this way,
it's a way of volunteering and to help someone out,
it's pretty simple isn't it, to figure this out.

And I'll push the purple button, I haven't done it yet,
I went right by the place on favorites, how could I forget?
But it's not too late, so I will get to it,
give those critters something good, so that they can chew it.

Live and Let Live, a simple little ditty,
it's works out in the country and it works in the city,
if you take time to practice, you will get it right,
accept the things you cannot change and give up the fight.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's hotter.... the summer, than it is in the city,
someone taught me that little ditty.
Yesterday was as hot as that too;
and I wore out my shoe(s).

Walked about 6 miles in that shoe,
and a ride to Skowheagan too.
Bought some new shoes at the tent sale,
wouldn't do that again if threatened with jail.

So today I'll walk in all new shoes,
maybe then I won't be singing the blues,
but the other made my feet sore,
but they had six hundred miles or more.

And I'll go to a meeting, that would be nice,
and go right home, the cars going twice.
I will stay in most of the day,
it's too hot if I must say.

I have pushed the purple button today,
it's very easy in every way,
go the,
save it to favorites, and play along.

And for other humans out there,
why not take time to share,
food, words or actions you take,
may be good for somebodies sake.

Have a great day!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hot air... not a walkers best friend,
it's better to go in the early AM.
That's when I decided I had,
to go out at 4:30, that's not too bad.

It's the best time of day to go for a walk,
if you listen to me, but all I do is talk.
But I got in just over five miles,
to me that always bring smiles.

Now this morning early I'll go,
walking along the Dirigo,
it's good for four miles, if you go to the end,
then turn around and come back again.

I've pushed the purple button today,
have you done yours? That's all I can say.
And you might think of your neighbors, sometime tonight,
and hope that all of them are all right.

It's important to you as a person, I guess,
to always do your personal best.
If your in deep and your brains in a loop,
why not try a good twelve step group!

Have a good day everybody.