Saturday, August 14, 2010

A mixture...

..or Clydesdale, Percheron and Belgian became,
the Australian Draught Horse, it's 'new' name;
large and muscular, it pulls it's weight,
the plow makes a furrow, neat and straight.

All colors are represented in this breed,
specially chosen to full Australia's need,
working on farms, in the gold mines too,
feet that are large, probably harder to shoe.

Not know for beauty, but for muscle and power,
celebrated now, the flag flies from the tower,
exhibitions are held every year,
many who watch have been known to cheer.
All colors of horses, shown up above,
pulling the tools of the past, that we love;
showing their 'stuff', and willing to pair...
...up in harness, a show at the fair.

When the need arises will we show up for view,
play fair and not judge, is that you?
We should always remember the lessons we learn,
"the way of the horse" in our memories burn.

Steadfast and loyal, will to work when required,
is that the way our brain are wired?
Will we be willing and up to the task?
Ready to go and work should a friend ask?

Enjoy your day.

Friday, August 13, 2010

In a....

..cave in France, long ago, someone drew,
a horse with spots, that old, who knew?
twenty thousand year later, up in Denmark,
someone liked horses with the spotted mark.

along came Flaebehoppen a spotted mare,
Spanish in nature, spots for a flare,
bred with a Danish ancestry horse,
Knabstrupper came from the union, nobody lost.
This horse has evolved into a favorite breed,
with those who love spots, oh yes indeed;
great to ride, and wonderful to see,
Knabstrupper horses, a favorite for me.

They all have spots, the colors all vary,
the spot is the common thing that they carry;
all of them have them, it's a wonderful thing,
it's a if the unusual name didn't have a ring.
Here is a Knabstrupper mom, and her beautiful child,
the foal was born, yep! Spots, though, quite mild,
these horses are brown, while some are black,
one thing's for certain, the spots keep coming back.

Human relations can become "spotty" too,
but that doesn't mean it can happen to me and you,
we have to be careful with others, and share,
the sort of friendship we have, and show that we care.

How about going to,
and show that friendship, and show we belong... a clan of those that care,
click every tab, push the buttons, do you dare?

Enjoy your day

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Over in....

Sweden they built their own horse,
one that was sturdy, for farms, of course,
the Swedish Ardennes was their choice,
generations of farmers and loggers rejoice.

Small and well muscled, with stamina too,
they can work or be ridden, by and for you;
still used on steep hills, going strong,
also for shows and pure good looks, you can't go wrong.
White, brown or roan, no black,
it's something all those genes lack,
short legs and large feet and thick neck,
mighty shoulders and oh, what the heck.

Just take a look, and like what you see,
one kind of horse, that pleases me;
I like the ones that were bred for work,
because I remember the time when the reins gave a jerk.
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

At times......'s important to have stamina and speed,
whether by car, plane or a trusty steed;
when that's the case, you may need a good horse,
choose the Arabian, as a matter of course.

Sleek, slim and just a bundle of good looks,
some folks race them, and put bets on the books;
they can run fast, and as a matter of fact, often win,
and sometimes it looks like, they'd do it again.
Usually brown, but there are a variety of color,
this one is roan, bits of white, good for the dollar,
there are some white one, grey and black too,
might be a hard choice, which one is you?

The up-lifted tail is a mark of the breed,
I don't know why, but there must be a need;
maybe way back in horse history,
lies the answer to that mystery.
Just look at the beauty! During a run for fun,
they're ready to go, at the starters gun,
then it's off to the races, how fast they can go,
always right there, win, place or show.

Beautiful horses, or ones built for work,
did you ever notice that not one is a jerk?
People could take a lesson from that,
what's important for us, is under the hat.

Like horses, we're not all the same,
some can run fast, while others are lame,
some take direction, and work with great care,
some are unable, and some don't dare.

It's up to us, yes, you and I,
to treat all the same, that's not a lie,
we shouldn't expect them, to be just like us,
and there's no reason, to point or to fuss.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

There are...

some things, that by and measure,
should be named a National Treasure;
one would be wild horses that roam the west,
which happen to be some that I like the best.

The Wild Mustang, a beautiful sight,
has been in our West, and they're in the midst of a fight;
some people want us to be rid of them,
but the horses have friends, ahem, ahem.

Just look at that! They're free to run,
shown here in Utah, just having fun.
Do they cause damage? Probably but,...
...if they go missing, we're in a hell of a rut.

The range is from Utah and Colorado in the east,
all the way west to California at least;
out in the scrub lands, and there are too many,
the thing that divides, is what is to become of any.

Put them up for adoption!, That's what I say,
don't shoot any, just let them play!
Round up the extras, and give them a home;
or they should be allowed to freely roam.
Look at this image!  What do you see?
Beauty or scavenger, in the land of the free,
or pest and an enemy, to rid the land of?
I hope they're all saved, in the land that they love.

There are people, who some see as pests,
but most of them, really, are doing their best;
they may not be like you, but you have to rely...
...on doing what's best, for them, you, or I.

Smile!  And don't forget to push the buttons.

Monday, August 9, 2010

There are...

...some horses that just don't look the same... other horses, Fjord is the name.
Small and compact, muscles they have plenty,
work or play are equal, small and mighty.

All are dun in color, with a few varying shades,
it's the main that's different, and the way it's laid;
still beautiful to look at, and marvel at the sight,
and watch with wonder, in any kind of light.

The breed hails from Norway, where it works a lot,
and there are plenty from there brought by import,
there are many of them in the USA,
pulling plows or ridden, and every one likes hay.
So, when you see a horse, and it looks like this,
you'll know you are seeing Norway's horsey bliss;
the hooves are light in color, and the hair is just right,
willing and able, these horses are bright.
Photos show the color variation, light, dark or in-between.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

If you....

go to a horse race here in Maine,
you'll see horses that have achieved fame,
for pulling sulkies or in dressage or rings,
American Standardbred horses do these things.

Slim, sleek and beautiful they strut their stuff,
asking their owners if they've done enough;
they pace and trot, or just plain run,
just so graceful, watching is fun.
And they're off!, The announcer said,
pulling the sulky, trying to get ahead,
they do this work all with great pride,
all the while trying not to break stride.

Raised on farms all across the land,
it all comes together just like it was planned;
horses for racing, the show ring and all,
and when they play, they have a ball.
The horses here are in Newburgh Maine,
North Star Farms, they have a good name;
in this field mother and child,
even temperament, modest and mild.

Do you like this breed? I know you would.
Now go do something considered as good,
like pushing buttons, after choosing a tab,
I knew it, I knew it, there's fun to be had.