Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Acadian Queen crosses the Saint John

A brief note:  I had no internet service yesterday morning, so no blog.
The replica Acadian Queen after crossing
Photo: Julia Bayly Bangor Daily News
  This year the 2014 World Acadian Congress is being held in Maine.  As a part of the festivities Gerald Soucy wanted to do something different.  The result is the replica Acadian Queen.  The real craft ferried goods and people back and forth from/to Riviere Verte, New Brunswick to Grand Isle, Maine about 100 years ago.
  A cable was strung across the Saint John River and the currents would move the barge or horses and oxen pulled it back and forth.
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  The well attended Congress of the French Canadians and French Americans is being very well attended this year as in years past.  It's mission is to promote the history of the Acadian peoples.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Songo River Locks

The Wooden gate of one of the locks
Photo: Troy R Bennett Bangor Daily News
Asst. Ranger Lauren Hillard opens a gate
Photo: Troy R Bennett Bangor Daily News
  The Locks on the Songo River in Naples, Maine are some of the remnants of  the Cumberland and Oxford Canal system.  The original canal system went from Portland to Harrison via the hand dug 20 mile long portion and Sebago and Long Lakes, Brandy Pond and the Songo River.
  Originally 45 foot long sailing barges carried goods between Portland and the interior of the State.  The barge would be pulled by horses through the canal and to the system of 27 locks to cover the 250 foot plus rise in elevation.  Now boaters use the remaining locks to travel for Sebago Lake up river through these locks.
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Boats leave the Lock to travel up river, water will leave the lock and the gates will be closed.
Photo: Troy R Bennett Bangor Daily News

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A worthwhile day

Mid-August apples
Photo: Mainely Apples, Dixmont, Maine

It was a worthwhile in August the twelfth day,
and it was an occasion with many words to say.
The "birthday" of a friend or two worthy of some praise;
not a day to do nothing else, among the busiest of days.

A happy anniversary for two outstanding men,
one I've known a short while, the other "remember when".
It was not a solemn occasion with moody faces, or…
…it was a time of joy for us, to sort of give them what for.

As a result, as it has been of late, no homework has been done,
'nor is there time to do it now, before the setting sun.
So here is, for your pleasure, some apples here in Maine,
that soon will become fatter.  The forecast is for rain.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Internet speed and employment

Green is tops, red sucks
Illustration: Broadview network
  Internet speed, or the lack of it, has an effect on employment.  States with the best rating are likely to have more high-paying jobs.  Maine is a rural state and increased bandwidth is important for business to transmit or receive data from/to customers.  It's especially important to small businesses or a business located in a home.
  While improvement is slow it is a challenge to fund the needed optical networks to reach the top.  There are federal and state grants and projects that are slowly pulling things together.
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Did you ever hit a deer with your car?

Odds of hitting a deer by State
click to enlarge
Source: ABC News
  I had an accident that involved a deer a couple of years ago, actually the deer ran in to the side of the drivers door.  It was expensive about $3000.00 and was covered by my insurance as a comprehensive claim.
  All told about one and a quarter million such crashes happen every year.  The damage cost about 4 billion dollars but the sad part is about 200 drivers or passengers lose their life.
  I don't really know how these accidents could be prevented.  I am "extra cautious" in the area where we collided but I've seen deer even "in town".  Just be alert and don't drive distracted.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

I bought a new machine.

  A Physical Therapist recommended a Paraffin Bath to be used to reduce pain in my hands, the hands are the point of most of my pain.  It heats paraffin and you did your hands about 6 times, the layers of wax warm your hands - the stuff is hot!  Here's what I think, so far:

This takes some getting used to, This seemingly high heat;
you put your hands in quickly and make a fast retreat.
The stuff begins to thicken, try not to move too much;
and when it cools you peel it off, put it back it costs ten bucks.

It helps the pain to lessen, and could become a treat,
but remember when your hands are wet it's best not to eat.
I'll get used to using this, the waxing takes the credit.
So I'll salute this machine, by waxing poetic.