Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A worthwhile day

Mid-August apples
Photo: Mainely Apples, Dixmont, Maine

It was a worthwhile in August the twelfth day,
and it was an occasion with many words to say.
The "birthday" of a friend or two worthy of some praise;
not a day to do nothing else, among the busiest of days.

A happy anniversary for two outstanding men,
one I've known a short while, the other "remember when".
It was not a solemn occasion with moody faces, or…
…it was a time of joy for us, to sort of give them what for.

As a result, as it has been of late, no homework has been done,
'nor is there time to do it now, before the setting sun.
So here is, for your pleasure, some apples here in Maine,
that soon will become fatter.  The forecast is for rain.

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