Saturday, July 31, 2010

I've heard...

...that heaven has streets of gold,
so I began to wonder how the story was told;
but what about streets high up in the sky,
I wondered what they'd look like, just between you and I.

I searched around and sort of have a clue,
and some remarkable streets, now, to show all of you,
yes, there are such things as streets in the sky;
so now you can believe, that whole things not a lie.
Take a look at that! There are the streets,
now you can wonder, and wonder out loud,
how can it be, this creation of a cloud,
how do things like this, seem to be allowed?

Well, here's the explanation, it's a complicated thing,
because we have learned, it's when conditions bring..
..everything together, in a certain sort of way,
so...let's just enjoy it! What do you say?

If you wanted to study, go and get a book,
at the local library, then you have to look... find the subject, in a catalog of cards,
or use your computer, your mind won't be in shards.

But some people have no books, we can take the lead,
with poor schooling they've never learned to read,
one of the tabs, has a button you can use,
to furnish books to kids, and no, it's not a ruse.

So you can help those kids, and lots of others too,
it's so simple and easy, and kind of fun to do,
so when you've read this blog, and pondered it a bit,
why not go and give, all those buttons a big hit!

Have a great day (clouds or not)

Friday, July 30, 2010


...would you think of "waves" in the sky?
Where there are mountains, oh very high,
where the wind blows, and moisture provides..
..clouds with waves, where nobody rides.
There! You have it, strange as it seems,
waves that look like a surfers dreams,
but you can't 'board' on these wonderful things,
just one surprise that nature brings.

How do they do that, one might ask,
make clouds like this is a rigid task,
wind over mountains, moisture just right,
and these great clouds, are given flight.
The sky is full of surprise without end,
always different 'round every bend,
you never know what you might view,
nature always has a surprise for you.

But, one thing is certain in our human race,
there are people who need a friendly face;
whether we help them, or just pass them by,
those are choices for you, or I.

Let's choose to help someone at risk,
a mammogram, or food with a whisk,
books for reading, maybe pet food too,
it's been made easy for us to do.

Go look at the sky, and smile.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I could...

...write a lot, about different types of clouds,
up there high or low, sometimes like shrouds;
there are many types, some I do not know,
but there they are, everywhere I go.

They're hard not to notice, at least for me,
I'm always looking up to see what I might see;
maybe I'm a dreamer, or just a downright jerk,
but looking at the clouds is, a very nice perk.
These are clouds, that I've never seen,
Nacreous clouds, a viewers dream,
found in Antarctica in the Austral Spring,
"mother of pearl" clouds like this, a welcome bring.

It's all in the wind, and moisture in the air,
some clouds are common, and some are rare;
one thing is for certain, they're always fun to watch,
from interesting shapes, to some that are a blotch.

It's very easy to learn about these things,
oh, the ease of using Google, what pleasure it brings,
simply type in "clouds" and you can find,
some plain and simple, some will blow your mind.

But before you mind is blown, slow down just a bit,, please remember it;
simply push the button, and please use each tab,
you can't believe the good that can be had.

And speaking of pushing, also please find a way,
to welcome 'different' people, don't push them away;
we're all in this together, we need each others too,
you be kind to them, and they'll be kind to you.

Smile (an learn)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I don't...

...know what to talk about, I haven't found a word,
and I laying off from baseball, at least that's what I heard;
there are days I have to think, of something to say,
and I guess that in my mind, that must be today.

We could discuss the weather, or formations of a cloud,
or maybe we'll keep secrets and not talk aloud,
but, just maybe, I'll show a photo, one I like a lot;
to see if you like it..careful..this might be a plot.

These are lenticular clouds, over Mount Rainier... Washington, how about that air?
When the wind flows over mountains, as it is prone to do,
the clouds are affected and twirl, a show just for you.

They look like a space ship, you know a UFO,
and if the sun was just right, they may even glow.
I have never seen one, it would be quite a sight,
but if I start right now, I'd have to drive all night ;-)

So, that's where I'll leave you, staring at the sky,
looking up at the clouds, and you wonder why;
why they have clouds like this, someplace far away,
and your chances of seeing one is unlikely today.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I just..

...finished watching the Boston Red Sox game,
they finally won, but watching causes pain;
because I have to see, the 'temps' and bullpen,
they keep screwing up, again and again.

That's not to say the regulars, sometimes do no good,
but overall they're better, play the game as they should.
So I'm going to try to lay off, baseball banter for a while;
which will cause reader relief, and maybe you can smile.

Let's take language for example, how about fun with that?
Here a couple of lines about a comma and a cat;
A cat has paws at the end of it's claws,
and a comma has a pause and the end of it's clause.

See how much fun English can be?
It's a difficult language, can cause misery;
we have so many words that pronounce just alike,
of words that have different meanings, like strike.

You can strike a ball and knock for a mile,
of you can you can swing the bat for a strike, smile!
If you swing the bat three times and don't hit the ball,
go and take your seat, three strikes, you're out after all.

Or, you can say the wind blew, across the blue sky,
while you're feeling blue, 'cause someone said goodbye.
How about cradle, you can sleep in one,
or, you can cradle a loved one, if they don't weigh a ton.

Speaking of "weigh", you know it sounds the same,
as saying "way", same word? You like this game?
There can be contractions of words, oh my lord,
go to buy a board, to fix a ship, and take it aboard.

Well that's enough of that, my brain is going numb,
there are many examples and some of them are dumb;
can you imagine how hard it is, for someone to try.. learn our language without having to cry?


Monday, July 26, 2010

I think...

...I should continue along yesterday's lines,
because players in Sunday's game ought to pay fines;
the (expletive deleted) players didn't even try,
they just let Dice K down, hung him out to dry!

A total of seven hits, five men left on base,
as far as I can tell, they don't want to be in the race;
but, I should change the subject, say something nice,
just as soon as I suggest putting Francoma on ice.

Yes, his real name is Francona, but you see,
he's been medically induced, according to me;
how else would he allow, those guys in the game,
he must have been asleep, that's why I changed his name.

Now, a different subject, hmmmm, let me think.
Oh, did I ever tell you that the Red Sox stink?
Yes? Oh well, I guess maybe I did,
but have I ever mentioned, just how far they've slid?

Well, then, maybe tomorrow they might win a game,
but I think that maybe, they'll play just the same.
You see, there are problems, they don't know how to hit,
put the bat on the ball, they get paid to do it.

Maybe it's hard to play for a brain dead coach,
or maybe, just maybe, it's one too many roach. (wink, wink)
Whatever is the matter, please figure it out,
somebody, somewhere, must have some clout.

So, let's go push our buttons, do out pick me ups,
from reading books to feeding playful pups.
Just choose a color, or someplace to start,
use your own approach, make it an art.

And be kind to you neighbor, and have it planned,
that the next time you wave, you'll use your whole hand;
maybe they're different than you perceive yourself,
but it doesn't mean you should put them on a shelf.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

(Expletive deleted)...

...that's the manner of this blog,
the game was played, I should've slept like a log,
the Sox played Seattle in a baseball game,
to the pitcher OK, to the bats go the blame!

The (expletive deleted) guys can't hit the ball,
for two million bucks a year, that can't be hard to call..
put the (expletive deleted) bat on the (expletive deleted) ball!
The (expletive deleted) game is finally over, that may be best of all.

Jon Lester pitched a jewel, the high point is that;
but the (expletive deleted) guys need to handle the bat!
For the money that they earn, it should not be a task,
hit the (expletive deleted) ball! Is that too much to ask?

Boy! They got me going, I can feel the boil,
if it was me I'd throw the bunch into red hot oil;
hit the (expletive deleted) ball, I know it's hard to do,
but you're making millions, you get paid for what you do.

And get rid of (expletive deleted) Del Carmen, get some one to pitch,
get him out and keep him out, that lousy (expletive deleted)!
So, there you have it, that's my take on the game;
and I'm sure there are others, who feel the same.

Now the (expletive deleted) game is over, it's time to eat,
I can't stand to watch, when that (expletive deleted) team gets beat;
but, let's understand, it's just a game,
and it (expletive deleted) me off just the same.

So - now I'll get on, with the rest of my day,
and be interested in what others say;
I can get their take on tonight's game,
and probably most of them, feel the same.

(Expletive deleted)
Have a great day!