Friday, June 19, 2009


It's the creepers over here, I got up at 10PM, was awake a little (half hour) before that! I could use a little more sleep:(.

Not much walking yesterday (Friday), it was raining, and Hollie doesn't usually want to do much of that, so we just did some projects, rode around a little and took her to program.

Today (Saturday) I really hope to get in a couple of miles, take Peggy her paper and go to a meeting (maybe I can sleep through that), some errands to run too. It's not really all that bad, I am used to it after all.

Little Frodo did get to go home, I hope he has a complete recovery. As for me the VA wrote to tell me that I am indeed entitled to a disability. It's ten percent but it means I will probably get my hearing aids FREE! The payment is $123.00 per month, BUT the Navy reduces my retirement by the same amount so there's really no money involved, except the VA part isn't taxable. I love this cartoon, and I believe that most "beauty" contestants are probably smarter than this, and then again, some may not be.

Anyway - Live and Let Live and feed the critters!

Just another.........

walk in the park, actually it was on the sidewalk on Dirigo Drive, so it's a wolf of a different color, or a horse in sheep's clothing, or something like that. I did go over four and a half miles.

I even made it to the meeting on time after I spent about 30 minutes in WalMart looking for something.

Today will be a Hollie Day or Hollie morning anyway, quick and easy most often.

Easy Does It, feed to the critters (it's free) just follow the link! If you want to feed humans will be glad to help.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not so good.......

....that's the news on Frodo Doggins, complications from a stitch that was torn out, so another nights stay at the vets, hopefully he will go home today!

I managed to get in almost 4 miles yesterday walking before the meeting, that seems to be the right time to go walk, start about 5:30AM, after all it's afternoon after getting up at 11PM.

Car is going to get new tires today, last week in heavy rain on the interstate I almost lost traction, the tires were due to be replace in about 2000 miles anyway, I bought 3 and get one free.

Live and Let Live, please push the "purple button".

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's fixed......

.....the car is, I think, fixed; at least no light came one, no ding from the bell, I guess it's okay. Also yesterday my little granddog, Frodo Doggins, had successful surgery for cataracts, I was told he was doing well.

Not much walking yesterday, about a mile, waiting for the car, my wife and I drove around looking at flower gardens for the rest of the morning, we did some groceries and then it was after noon, which is like 8PM for me, so not much else got done. Today I will be walking before my meeting and running errands after which means I'll get some foot time in.

Live and Let Live, feed the critters please.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Call me anything except late for supper........

........or breakfast, boy am I hungry. The dental stuff went okay, on July 2nd they'll fix me right up.

I was able to get in 3.5 miles during 3 walks, my legs are starting to feel good again. I am so very happy to get out again!

No baseball last night, well no Red Sox anyway, they remain in first place despite the loss and the Yankees' harsh treatment of the Mets.

Easy Does It, fee the critters today!!

Who Ray?

No! Hooray! I was able to get two miles in without any difficulty. I stayed on level ground, think my hill climbing is over for some time to come. It really felt good to be "out" again. I had a really bad cramp in my calf on Friday morning and could still feel it yesterday, the walking helped a lot, can barely feel it now.

Not a lot more than that going on, my teeth are going in the shop today for some maintenance, they're loose as all get out. Yukky stuff to talk about isn't it.

Hang loose, Live and Let Live, and feed the critters.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another day.......

........another couple of dollars (spent). Day with Hollie went pretty good, she had breakfast at Dunkin' in Brewer, a new CD by Pink, and about 4 things to laminate. Staples in Bangor have raised their price to the same in other parts of the state - $1.99 per "project". It's a good thing we have a rewards card and get 10% back! We drove down to Ellsworth and the traffic wasn't too bad, it's early in the season I guess, we went to Reny's and she got a new pair of sandals, Crocs, the she liked. We had lunch at KFC-Taco Bell that is new, she liked the grilled chicken a lot, she likes chicken anyway. We drove to Bucksport, over the "new" bridge and had her home by noon.

Today starts a new week on my "Walking Log" so I am going to try to make a mile, I have not walked for two weeks, the leg feels better and I want to try it out.

Easy Does It....feed the critters.