Saturday, August 28, 2010

In the.....

...heat of battle, someone is watching over you,
Arch Angel Michael looks out for public safety too.
He's the "Field Commander" in the Army of God,
and he made the devil sorry for on the land he trod.

He's looked at as a hero, in a religious sense,
took that old devil and said, get thee hence;
he put that old blister in a heated place,
but, I think he's still here, with a human face.
This is a card some carry, in their line of work,
soldiers, policemen, firemen, see it as a perk,
they know Satan is here among us now,
always on the lookout for someone to cause a row.

Out of all this we know some simple things,
if you're looking for trouble, it's what the devil brings,
but he can be defeated, if we try our best;
on the other hand, rest assured, the old bugger never rests.

So why not do something to help your fellow man,
here's something you can do, it's a simple plan;
go to and start from there,
open each tab on the top, push button, show you care.


Friday, August 27, 2010

You know….

......that indentation on your upper lip?
Go ahead, feel it, use your finger tip.
There's a reason that you have it, I'm going to tell you why,
you just have to promise that it won't make you cry.

It was put there by an Angel, one of the Malachi,
the name is Malakh (mal-ick) Laila, when in the womb you've got his eye,
he protects the unborn, teaches the Torah 'til it's known,
and when you're born you'll not remember, but it's there, it's you own.

When you take the first breath, he puts his finger, like shhhhh,
and the indentation's made on your lip at that time, a rush;
you won't remember what he's taught, but you will know,
right from wrong, and in trouble where to go.

Tomorrow:  An Angel who can stomp the Devils, without going to New Jersey (pun intended)
Enjoy the day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Who guards...

...the gates to the Garden of Eden, now?
Seraphim, is the answer.  You knew, wow!
ששׂרפים, Seraphim, the Hebrew word for sing(?),
they are the fifth order, who knew such a thing.

There are Greek words too, and Latin I am sure,
the one steady fact about Seraph is that they are pure.
They've been portrayed by artists over many years;
but if the Angels sing, are we the ones who hears?
Look at how many wings this portrayal has,
they represent flames, and whatever was;
literally translated Seraphim means burning,
so if there's flames is Eden returning?

T. S. Hansen shows us, a new sort of Seraphim,
it still has many wing, and a fire somewhere inside him;
some say the are ten orders of Angels all told,
it's hard to say because the research is centuries old.

This depiction looks more female, but wings are still there,
I guess all we really know, is that they all care.
Do they guard the gates, especially from us?
We will find the answer when dust returns to dust.

We can practice Angel things, right this very day,
we can solve hunger, I'll show you the way;
go to and you will find,
a tab for hunger, press the button - - you are kind.

But wait! There's more! There are tabs galore!
Don't just open one, there are other things in store;
Literacy, Rain Forest, Breast Cancer, and Pets too,
you wouldn't want to leave one out.  Would you?

Stay out of the hot sun!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Those... angels have been around a long, long time,
even Plato wrote about them in the auld lang syne.
They were to be a gift, to children only, when it began,
but adults need one too, we ain't no also ran.

So where do they come from, the winged beings that we love,
do they really come from heaven, some place up above;
or, maybe when we're born, one is assigned to us,
some people love theirs, and some give them the brush.

If there are guardian angels now, are they in prison too?
Or are they off to war?  Or all the dirty work we do?
Well, maybe those are the ones, to which we gave the brush;
and maybe they are waiting for us now, when we quit the rush.

Have you ever seen one?  I ask everyone with pleas,
are you really sure of their existence, if you please.
How do we know they're around us, even in daylight,
if we don't have good sense to use one in the dark of night.
From the 1930's
From Pieto Cordona in 1656

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This may... the last "horse story", I'll let you make a choice,
we're running out of easy "subjects", it's too soon to rejoice;
the "Horse-of-the-day", or Horse de-jour, if you will,
comes all the way from Hungary, over the Atlantic's chill.

The Girdan is a small horse, with muscles that are well formed,
they are smart and courageous, can race or just warmed,
hook one to your wagon, they can pull with ease,
ride one in the fields, your face into the breeze.
Horses love company too!
These are rare in number, but may be seen too,
people still raise them, you won't need a zoo;
too bad we can't keep every animal alive,
but, I guess, that's something to which we can all strive.
Gone to pasture
Maybe there's a lesson here, one we already know,
it's about horses, but...and I'm sure your mind won't blow...
...if I were to tell you, we can learn from this,
there is but one way, to live your life with bliss.

Be good to your neighbor, treat them better than they treat you,
and everyday be sure to practice, that good old Golden Rule;
and don't be scared of differences, we are not all the same,
but we can still be friendly, in whoever's holy name.


Note:  I may write about horses, dogs, National Parks, whatever: you decide,
simply leave a comment (in the comment space provided)and vote. No votes,
then I decide.  I'm glad you've been along for the ride.

Monday, August 23, 2010

One more...

...piece of the puzzle, or maybe just a hint,
on the origin of the Iceland horse, then again, off it went;
the Haflinger may have been somewhere in the mix,
or, just maybe, the other way around, just sticks.

Bred in Austria and Italy in the late eighteen hundreds, but...
..from what now we just aren't sure, or is it covered up?
No harm, no foul, no one can say now,
but this horse is beautiful, and it contains no cow.
Just take a look, what do you see?
beauty, muscle and variety,
harness, saddle make your choice,
or just look, relax, rejoice.
Running free or working, it's a gentle soul,
hook one to your wagon, and watch it roll;
there are still some of this breed, working as we say,
I wonder if I'll see one soon, or maybe just today.
Look at this! A Princess rides in among the flower,
on a horse so beautiful, and full of raw power.
This is a fine example, of a horses love,
to carry a small child, as in the scene above.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

They are....

...few in number, so their story must be told,
they number about three hundred, many of them are old,
a unique breed of horse, a line started when history turned on a dime;
they began when tractors replaced the horse, so, the wrong time.

These American Cream Draft horses are a different breed,
a medium type workhorse, most all are cream, and they fill a need;
they arrived as a union of Belgian and Percheron's, but had a gene...
..called Champagne, so the color, and they are what they seem.

Usually used with harness, but you can take a ride,
so few in number, owners have great pride,
let's hope that they continue, and have a lesson to teach,
we all have the need, to practice what we preach.
Top: At the Minnesota State Fair.
Bottom: They are used at Colonial Williamsburg, in Virginia.